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How to Be Lonely Forever and Never get laid?

How to be lonely forever and never get laid? Well, I know how. So I have this friend I lost touch with but recently reconnected on Facebook with. He’s very lonely and depressed. I could help him with but he will never take my advice. He’s too blinded by his situation that he has no self perception. And he’s unwilling […]

A Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend.

Believed having a girlfriend had no other alternatives? Think again! Sex-bots are already available.. Here’s a Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend, a tangible cost benefit analysis. To make things simple, we will compare the most popular choice of a Sexbot in 2023 the RealDollx by RealDoll with a human girlfriend. Weighing the pros and cons of a human girlfriend versus […]

Confidence is the ultimate panty dropper.

Confidence is the ultimate panty dropper. But over confidence and self-deluded arrogance is not. So how do you use self-confidence correctly to win women over? Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. Henry Ford But belief comes from knowledge. Your self-worth comes from hard work. That’s why it’s best to not chase women but […]

Keep Her Wanting More.

Nothing is harder than winning back a woman’s lust and attraction. It’s much easier to find a new woman and seduce her than to jump-start a love affair that has fizzled out. That’s why it’s important to keep her wanting more. You do this by moving things forward at a pace that keeps her interested and feeling comfortable and safe […]

How to get sexual with a woman?

So things are going well. How to get physical with a woman? You attracted her, and you made her feel safe and comfortable. How do you know when to move things forward sexually? “Knowing is half the battle.” GI-Joe Before we go into how, it’s important to know when. Let’s cover the basics for how. Sexual escalation is about building […]

Getting into a woman’s end zone.

Getting into a woman’s end zone means getting into the scoring range for sex with her. You want everything else working in your favor first. First you have to meet her, and secondly you should be attractive to her to start. And before we move past safety and comfort, let’s dive a little deeper. She wants a man who can […]

The path to making her want to take it all off.

As men, we all know that glorious moment. After one or several great dates, and everything has gone right; she is kissing you and giving you the green light. “The Panty Drop” may be the moment that she says: “I want to fuck,” or “Do you have a condom?” or she literally may just start taking off her clothes, including […]

Red-Pill Harem King by Nate Plissken.

Red-Pill Harem King by Nate Plissken, is about a guy named Harold. Harold Abercrombie’s life was falling apart, but somehow things all magically changed. Was it the hypnotist, or some magic tacos, or a mystical video game that changed his life? Now Harold is a Red-Pill Harem King with the world at his fingertips. He found the magical secret to […]

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you.

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you. Why build your Financial empire? Why would the women will find you? Most people will say things like; “Money can’t buy happiness,” and “Money isn’t everything,” or “Money can’t buy love.” But unfortunately most people who say that are broke. And being financially independent is one pillar of demonstrating high sexual […]

How to date hotter women internationally?

So how do you date hotter women internationally? There isn’t a faster life-hack in the dating world than dating in a different country, if that puts you in a higher social status and financial bracket. It would do you know good to visit a country where all United States citizens are hated or where the cost of living is higher. […]

Why do women love men with BDE?

Ever asked yourself: “Why do women love men with BDE?” They seem to be drawn to these confident secure men with swagger. Big dick energy—is it a real thing? And if so, what is it? For one, it is a calm confidence. Think about it? If you know you have the biggest dick in town, you don’t have to go […]

How to tell if you are Beta or Alpha in your relationships?

How to tell if you are Beta or Alpha in your relationships? Ask yourself what is a Beta Male or and Alpha Male? The Urban Dictionary defines a Beta Male as: “A Beta Male is a man who lacks masculine energy and adopts feminine characteristics, often faces problems or confrontations passive aggressively. A beta male is often taken advantage due to his “nice guy” persona. […]

Why do women always date up and men date down?

Why do women always date up and men date down? Because of social evolution, women want to be led. Cut all the feminist bullshit out of the equation and look at the world as it is and not as you wish it should be. In primitive tribal days, the most eligible females would go with the strongest hunters and mate […]

Do men want sex more than women?

Do men want sex more than women? Or do women want better sexual relationships? I recently watched a TikTok video where a grown man was explaining how demoralized it felt to have his girlfriend or wife stop wanting to have sex with him. This disturbed me. Do men want sex more than women? Or do women want better sexual relationships? […]

Girls just want to have fun with sex toys.

So girls just want to have fun with sex toys? The whole point is to dominate her in bed. Make the sex so good and so unpredictable that she craves it and wants you all the time. Dicking her down makes you the boss in bed. Why do girls want to have fun with sex toys? Firstly, if you look […]

10 Unexpected places to meet hot women.

Before we get into 10 unexpected places to meet hot women, you must know there is no shortage of beautiful women but beautiful women have no shortage of opportunities for attention from men. So one of the important reasons to have a real abundance mindset with women is that the opposite will destroy you. Scarcity mentality is not your friend. […]

Honest Review of Bathmate Penis Pumps.

This is an honest review of Bathmate Penis Pumps. I’ve personally used the product. I have found good results and can tell you about a few bad things about the product and experience. You can decide for yourself if it is worth it to try this product. BTW– Warning: seek a licensed medical professional, not a crazy blogger on the […]

Is being overweight ruining my sex life?

“Is being overweight ruining my sex life?”  If you are asking yourself, “Is being overweight is ruining your sex life?”. The answer is it ruining your sex life in proportion to how overweight you are. If you want to “Dick Her Down”, the goal is not to give your partner “OK Sex” but mindblowing and unforgettable sex. ADDRESSING THE ELEPHANT […]