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Keep Her Wanting More.

Keep Her Wanting More.

Nothing is harder than winning back a woman’s lust and attraction. It’s much easier to find a new woman and seduce her than to jump-start a love affair that has fizzled out. That’s why it’s important to keep her wanting more. You do this by moving things forward at a pace that keeps her interested and feeling comfortable and safe at the same time.

The Biggest Mistake Most Men Make to Keep Her Wanting More.

It’s so basic and predictable. A rookie in the game of seduction will get so excited that he has a beautiful woman’s attention that he will begin to over-communicate. What do I mean by over-communicate? It’s when you over-text her, give too much information about your emotions, feeling, plans and or life history. This could be done over the phone or on messenger, but it’s usually over-texting these days that gets a woman to lose interest.

But wait… We have a connection!

That is usually the thought process that makes a guy over communicate. And to be clear, we are talking about before the first date. If you feel you have a great connection with her and she is so interested in your life, then look at your text messages — who is doing most of the texting? If she is so into you and connected to you already, she should be texting you more than you are texting her.

The purpose of it all.

Women on Tinder or in person want to meet a man in real life that will turn them on and make them feel feminine. Sure, there are some women who just want validation on Tinder or Social Media like Instagram, weed through them. But most women get frustrated by the lack of action men take.

Women get texted into boredom if you are just texting her all the time. If one of the fifty other guys who she swiped right on gets her on a date and doesn’t blow it, you are toast. The purpose of getting her phone number is to text her just enough to make her feel good and comfortable about scheduling the date.

The purpose of the date is to move closer to her emotionally until she feels so close that she wants to drop her panties and fuck you. But many times guys lose that focus and waste time texting till the moment has passed. Until you have actually gone out in person, you are just a picture on a screen. How the hell does she know you are a real person or a loser or a faker? She doesn’t really until you engage her in person.

Save some words for the date.

If you have already told her your life story, what do you really have to talk about? On one occasion that played out really well for me in the recent past was I was on my second date and she realized I was a musician and had played in bands. She was really excited and turned on that I was a musician, but I didn’t lead with that. It turns most people off when people tout their accomplishments randomly. Since it does nothing for you to brag about your achievements, let someone else praise you, or let her figure it out on her own. A successful person doesn’t have to brag they can just live. Life gives clues about what kind of person you are.

Best practices for not over communicating.

  • Don’t just talk to one girl. One reason guys over-communicate is because they are only talking to one woman and get too excited to get a little positive response. They aren’t getting DMs from only you. They aren’t entertaining the thought of just being with you. So why should you get stuck on one girl who you haven’t even had sex with yet? When you are responding to multiple-women’s text, you won’t have time to be boring. It goes back to not chasing women. Have a good time and see what happens.
  • Have a life outside of your phone. Don’t keep your phone notifications on all the time. You do not need to respond to every text message immediately. She won’t be turned off that you text her hours later if you haven’t even gone on the first date yet. If she is upset that you took a few hours to message her back before the first date, this is a red flag.
  • Don’t sign up for a dating site or Tinder till you are ready to go on dates. This sounds obvious, but if you are over communicating through text because you can’t go on dates right now, because you are not single or you have car problems or are broke, texting matches is gonna go nowhere. Although I have a funny story. Once I wrecked my car and was out of a vehicle for almost two months! It was a terrible situation, but I had messaged some girls on Tinder who wanted to meet up and I just told them the truth. I told them separately that my car was wrecked and that I could pay for the date if they could pick me up. In both cases, I went on dates and I got laid. In one case, I became her bootie call when she was drunk. She came over to my house for sex on multiple occasions.
  • Make your texting about planning your date. After you have made a connection, your next question should be: So what are you doing this weekend? Or What is your work schedule like? When are you free? Then when she gives you a response of: Nothing or IDK, you should say: I am doing XYZ why don’t you join me?
  • Keep the conversation light-hearted. There is no need to tell a woman you have never met in person your life story. And be a food listener, not an inquisitor, a constant question asker. Beware of questions that are close ended that require a yes or no response. It’s okay of she wants to text you a lot but move things forward to the date. You have the date to talk more detailed about your life and interests.

Keep her wanting more by not being needy.

You can keep her wanting more by not being needy. This goes for after you get the girl’s attention. Even if she is a 10 and you bed her on the first date. You will not grow her attraction to you by smothering her with attention or messages. Leave some mystery. Do fun things with her, be charming but never needy.

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