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A Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend.

A Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend.

Believed having a girlfriend had no other alternatives? Think again! Sex-bots are already available.. Here’s a Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend, a tangible cost benefit analysis. To make things simple, we will compare the most popular choice of a Sexbot in 2023 the RealDollx by RealDoll with a human girlfriend.

Weighing the pros and cons of a human girlfriend versus a sex-bot.

Maybe you have never weighed the pros and cons of having a human girlfriend. Probably because you never knew it was an option but now it is. As some males in western society have become disillusioned with dating real women, maybe Sexbots can give them an alternative to becoming Black-Pilled about women?

Pros of a Human Girlfriend.

  1. You don’t have to carry them around like a quadriplegic.
  2. They can get pregnant.
  3. They cost less to fuck upfront. Meaning you don’t have to pay over a $1000 to have sex with your girlfriend after the second date, but there are expenses of having a girlfriend that are ongoing.
  4. You do not have to clean them yourself (They clean their own vaginas).
  5. They come with their own natural lube.
  6. You usually don’t have to set them up in the position you want them in.
  7. Attractive one are very hard to please.

Cons of a Human Girlfriend:

  1. They are hypergamous.
  2. They can get pregnant.
  3. They are jealous and usually get upset if you are fucking someone else on the side.
  4. They age and getting a new one can be awkward.
  5. You can’t change their physical attributes easily. (Exceptions: you can pay for a boob job or facelift but it’s more expensive and you can’t change their vaginas or bodies completely.)
  6. They can be expensive to date. Usually as the man you have to pay for dinner and the movie.
  7. They can be hard to please sexually.
  8. You can’t get a hot one.
  9. Sometimes they snore.

A Sexbot vs a Human girlfriend.Weighing the pros and cons of a sex-bot.

Build your own perfect woman… sort of.

Cons of a Sexbot:

  1. You have to clean them yourself.
  2. They cannot bear your children.
  3. They can’t swim not yet and they may not be waterproof.
  4. Lubrication not included, you must apply it yourself.
  5. They can’t walk, you have to carry them around.
  6. They aren’t hard to please but they are faking it lol.

Pros of a Sexbot:

  1. They will not leave you for another man, no matter how rich or popular he is.
  2. You can order your sexbot exactly how you want her.
  3. They cannot get pregnant.
  4. They are not jealous. No matter how many women you screw on the side, they won’t get upset.
  5. They don’t age in appearance although their components may wear out, but they will not be upset when you upgrade them. They can keep their AI personality intact with their physical upgrades.
  6. You can program it to be interested in things you are already interested in.
  7. They won’t talk about their cats all day.
  8. You can change their physical attributes easily.
  9. They won’t get overweight or obese after you commit to them.
  10. You don’t have to buy them dinner before you fuck them.
  11. They don’t care if you play video games all day.
  12. They don’t care if you get drunk or go out with the boys.
  13. Unlike a real, attractive girlfriend, you can get one.
  14. They are not difficult to please.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, if sexbots become more advanced and popular. Is this the breakdown of society or the new normal? In human history the desire to have sex has been the greatest motivating factor to male achievment. What will happen if this motivating facotor has been

You could have Sex Doll that looks just like your favorite Porn Star.

There are Porn Stars like Samantha Saint, Asia Akira, Alektra and Stormy Daniels who have realistic Sex Dolls. How long will it be till all your favorite Porn Stars will license their likeness as Sex Dolls? I can’t wait to see the Lena Paul version. Is their a Jenna Jameson Sex doll or sexbot?

Are Sex-bots just for men?

We could change the question to weighing the pros and cons of a Sex-bot Vs a human boyfriend, but we haven’t figured out how to make a Sexbot get a job and pay for dinner. But in the “sex department” they maybe superior to their human counterparts, but only time will tell. And they do have Male RealDolls already with very functional parts. And they could be the perfect man to talk endlessly about your cats with. Or to watch all the seasons of your favorite shows on Netflix.

A quick warning about dating robots!

But how much is it going to cost?

The price of a fully AI Sexbot/Sexdoll could be considered high unless you consider the price of having sex with your favorite porn star one time, if it were legal in your state, of course 😉 Relatively it’s not unreasonable to have your own sexbot.

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