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$$$- Life

Your $$$- Life Money Mindset is crucial it is all about positioning yourself to be free. Take The money question off the table first. What would you do with your life if money was not finite?

So learn about Investing and owning your own Business, and Multiple Streams of Income, and Money Mindset.

$$$-Life Money Mindset is all about increasing your prosperity, financial freedom and independence.

$$$- Life Money Mindset for Tradings and Investing

$$$-Life Money Mindset
$$$-Life Money Mindset

Webull- Trading and Investing

I use Webull as my online Broker for Trading and Investing in Stocks and ETFs and Crypto Currencies.

The features that I like are:

  1. Free trades, meaning no brokerage fee for making the trade. This allows me to buy and sell stock in low volume without getting killed on the load or brokerage commission.
  2. Before and After Hour Trading. The NYSE and Nasdaq Stock Markets are only open during set times usually 9:30 AM- 4:00 PM ES, but with Webull you will be able to make some additional trades before the market opens and after it clothes it is another way to make profitable trades.
  3. Great Charts and Analytics, Webull offers very in-depth charting and analytics of all the companies listed for trading or investing. Years ago access to these charts would have cost a lot of money but now, with websites like Webull and the Internet they are available for free.
  4. Smart Phone and Desktop Access, I love that when I am away from my home office during the week, that I can get updates on my iPhone and make trades from my iPhone when necessary. You literally have access at your finger tips. Access to pick up good trades when the price is right and to sell at your finger tips. Their website is very user friendly too in my opinion.
  5. Free Stocks, this is a nice bonus. I earn more money trading than I do getting free stocks but I have gotten free stocks from Webull before. Who doesn’t like free? How it works is you get two free stocks just for signing up and funding your account with $100* (*Disclaimer that’s how it worked when I signed up, I’m not sure if they will raise the minimum or not.) You also get free stocks for referring friends too. And They have new promotions for free stocks often.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me or just click the link below to take action and change your financial future!

$$$-Life Money Mindset

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P.S. I am not a Financial Planner or Advisor nor Licensed by the Government. All I am is guy who’s helped himself and hopes to help others on their financial journey, so do your research and don’t sue me lol!