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What holds most men back from dating hotter women?

What holds most men back from dating hotter women?

Do you have a longing to date and or have a desirable woman in your life? Most men do. What holds most men back from dating hotter women? You see these very attractive females but have little hope or chance of getting them. When I say little chance, you may dream of the stars aligning, fate causing you to bump into one, but your results are slim to none. Why, what is holding you back?

Save yourself some time and pain.

You may have read pick up artist books like “The Game,” or “The Mystery Method” but none of that seems to work for you. I’m going to save you some frustration; it’s probably not your script or pick up lines that aren’t working. None of the strategies of player game will work for you if you are invisible to hot women.

You are invisible to hot women if you…

Yes, you are invisible to highly attractive women if you score low in any one of these categories.

  1. Physical Appearance—AKA Sex Appeal.
  2. Financial Opportunity—Financial Status or Probability of Future Earnings.
  3. Exciting and or Adventurous Interest and lifestyle.


If these things are not self evident in your life, you are invisible. Here’s why, a high value woman, 9-10 SMV rating, knows she has value and she wants to get the best trade for her diminishing value. Her sexual market place value peaks at 23 and in most cases more dramatically when she is in her late 30s. She has plenty of direct messages on her Facebook and Instagram. Guys are constantly hitting her up. Because of this, she is always eliminating men who do not qualify from her potential pool of partners.


But what do most men do?

We look for short-cuts, “Life Hacks”, to gaming women into bed. These short cuts can work in some scenarios but have a low return on investment. Maybe you have tried “Peacock-ing” to attract a woman’s attention or pickup game. But these gimmicks will have a much lower ROI for someone with a low physical appearance if you are flabby and overweight and dressed poorly with old shoes and drive a vehicle without air conditioning. It’s not that they don’t work at all, but they don’t work well for a man with low SMV.

Save yourself some pain!

In the book the Mystery Method by Erik Von Markovik, he recommends practicing his formula for picking up attractive women by going out 3-4 nights a week and approaching “sets” of women 5 times a night or more. If you are struggling financially, that is a recipe for disaster! Dates, even less expensive ones, cost money and gas, and time spent chasing women is usually very wasted time.

Attract hotter women by becoming a more attractive man.

Maybe you are not trying to date or bed a “10”. Maybe you would be perfectly happy dating and having sex with a “7”. But let’s break this down or you average or less than average in physical appearance? Are you average or less than average in your financial status? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you are a “4-5” at best in SMV and you are invisible to a “7”.

Don’t take the black pill yet.

A growing number of men have given up on the idea of getting what they want and have taken the black pill. The black pill is a metaphor for giving up on dating attractive women. And you can easily lower your standards and pick up overweight women or single mothers in need or older women desperate for a man. But you don’t have to. It is possible to level up.

Leveling up.

You can level up by putting in the work on yourself and becoming more attractive. By learning about working out and nutrition, you can change your physical appearance. You can find out how to advance your career or start a business. You can research ways to make your money grow. The thing that separates the men from the boys is the ability to put in the work consistently. No, it will not happen overnight. But if you really want the truth, that is what it takes.


All “leveling-up” in any category feed into each other.

When you level up in your finances, you have more money to buy fitness equipment and a wardrobe that shows you are a high value male. A man who has leveled-up in the gym will have more energy and mental clarity in business, you become sharper.

The author of the “Unplugged Alpha,”Richard Cooper, has said “Don’t chase women chase excellence.” that is a very true statement.


Everyone can point to that one guy who is ugly and fat but has a hot girlfriend. The exceptions to this rule usually have top levels in some other category that boost their lack in one category. An example could be a fat nerdy professional poker player who makes 2 million a year in poker earnings. In that example, the guy scores low on physical attraction but because his life is so interesting and because he has social proof of financial success that he has opportunities with hot women that another man with low physical appearance do not. Another example could be a broke working musician who gets lots of action with beautiful women because he is physically attractive and has such an interesting and adventurous lifestyle. He attracts hot women at his shows as he demonstrates high value on stage.

Financial Opportunity– what holds most men back from dating hotter women…

Some men are not financially set but demonstrate a high level of potential for future income. This is enough to attract high-value women sometimes. Examples of this could be the medical or law student, the performing artist, the entrepreneur type. All of these could show potential for high incomes later and for some women, that is enough, but the warning is when a man is over 30 women want to see proof of financial value and not potential alone. The other warning I would give men is this: a woman may initially consider you a sexual candidate if you show high income potential, but if that potential drops off, she may drop off too.

The 11th Commandment “Thou shall not be boring to hot women.”

Women forgive a lot of things, but being boring is not one of them. Some men may be rocking a great career or business and be physically fit, but if they have a boring lifestyle, it will not attract hot women. Unfortunately, putting in the work is boring, success is boring, but that’s not enough. Rockstars get laid. Women want to join a man on his personal adventure. This is the fun part. If you have worked on your fitness and your income, and the more the better, you can do something you want to do. Is it boating, is it hunting with your friends, or camping, mountain climbing, or driving exotic cars, playing in a rock band? It could be any number or combination of interest, but find ones that you love and create that set up for attracting hotter women.

If you aren’t willing to level up in your physical appearance and financial status, you may as well stop reading and save yourself some pain. You can take the black pill and drink beer, get fat and date fat women. Or you can join the warriors, the beast in the making. If so, let me say “Welcome to the jungle.”

Here’s some help.

Read my blog post, Four easy things to do to get wealthy systematically. Leveling-up your personal wealth is very important to your SMV.

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