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How to tell if you are Beta or Alpha in your relationships?

How to tell if you are Beta or Alpha in your relationships?

How to tell if you are Beta or Alpha in your relationships? Ask yourself what is a Beta Male or and Alpha Male?

The Urban Dictionary defines a Beta Male as:

“A Beta Male is a man who lacks masculine energy and adopts feminine characteristics, often faces problems or confrontations passive aggressively. A beta male is often taken advantage due to his “nice guy” persona. Only a Beta Male apologizes to his wife after she cheats on him.” -WolfCola October 12th 2018.


How to tell if you are a Beta Male or Alpha male in your relationships?

This is the easiest thing to discover; if you want to know if you are an Alpha Male or Beta Male in your relationship, ask yourself these questions.

  • Am I being denied sex in my relationship? Yes or no?
  • Am I getting enough sex in the relationship or not as much as I want?
  • Does she break rules for me? For example: She said “I would never be with a man who smokes, but you do and she got over it.” or “I would never be with a man who goes out with his friends regularly but you do and she got over it.” or “I would never let a man fuck my asshole.” But she lets’s you. Or any number of rules that she breaks for you. She may agree to having a threesome or swinging with you because you are Alpha. She breaks her old rules.
  • Does she make up rules for me? “No drinking on a weeknight, sex only twice a week, you can’t go out to a bar without me, you have to go shopping with me on Saturdays, you do the dishes.”

What to do If you are perceived as a Beta Male?

If you are a perceived as a Beta male, she will make rules for you and if you are an Alpha, she will break rules for you. I said perceived because this is a spectrum. To one woman, a man might seem Alpha, but to another, he may seem a little Beta. This is because of the SMV. Your Sexual Marketplace Value in relation to hers will determine how she sees you. If she feels like you have a higher SMV than she does you will be the Alpha in the relationship period. But if she perceives you to be much lower in SMV, she will tend to see you as Beta.

What determines SMV for men in relationships with women?

1. Money/ Career Potential.

2. Physical Apperance.

3. Social Proof/Social Status

4. Charisma/Confidence

5. Relationship Skills/Parenting Skills

But when you boil all these things down, what it means is that these high quality Alpha males are good at leading and the first person they lead are themselves. They work on themselves; they pursue excellence in their careers and physique, which garners them social status and social proof. Women want to follow but most men are so unstable and unreliable, women cannot follow them.

How to tell if you are a Beta or Alpha in your relationships?–A man you would go to hell and back with.

Those are the men that other men look up to and women want to fuck. These leaders are the no bullshit real achievers. They are fighters, warriors, commando survivors, pioneers, visionaries and dare devils. An Alpha man will never have a lack of options with women. He may choose to settle down with one woman or keep a dozen on rotation, but he has options.

Real Alpha Males are in high demand!

Honestly, most women have given up on finding a real alpha male because they are so rare. Many men have given up on being an Alpha, a John Wayne, a James Bond, a Conor McGregor, because it is difficult. Like wise many women have given up on finding one because they score low on the SMV. A low scoring SMV couple could make good life partners if they accepted each other and always stayed at the same level. But what usually happens is at some point one of these slackers get’s his or her shit together and they send the other one packing.

A little known secret…

Women always date up, and men date down. Why is this? Read my other blog post on this subject to learn why.

A lesson learned too late.

Usually when a man or woman gets his or her shit together, it’s after a major life disturbing event. A break-up of a 10 year marriage, or a spouse found cheating, or when his wife stops having sex with him entirely, would be an example of this. This happened to Robert Kiyosaki.

Life Lesson from Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Cooper.

“Can we talk about the whole Beta-tization through a 1000 concessions?” asked Rich Cooper. “The process you went through with your marriage because you’ve been pretty open about it. I mean you called yourself a big fat beta and you know you loved to death, you didn’t do anything outside of the marriage and you just kinda you know , the knot just sort of untied itself over time…But it sounds like it’s because you kind of relaxed in the marriage, right? Did you go through Beta-tization through 1000 concessions?”

Robert Kiyosaki from Beta to Alpha Male again…

“Yes, it was,” said Robert Kiyosaki. “I was still in love with my wife. I’m very happily married. (Direct Quote) And I was I was building a feathered nest, if you know what I mean. And then one day, exactly as you guys said, it was about four years ago, she said I’m out of here. And it’s not not cheating that counts, it’s that I stopped chasing excellence. She never did.”

“So what I am saying here,” said Kiyosaki. “Is just what you guys talk about. It’s over. I was pushing you know double XL Polo-shirts and 40 inch waist. And I’m a Marine. You don’t do that shit.”

“So today, I’m down to a 32 inch waist, and 40 inch chest. And I’m making more money. And I’m working harder. I’m focusing on this business here. (Kiyosaki points to a dry erase board with a 4 point diamond shape with the words *Mental, *Spiritual, * Emotional, *Physical.) What can I do? That makes me want to pursue excellence. And when I do, the rest falls in place. A lot of people say, Oh yeah, I’m actually going to go on a diet or workout. And they don’t do anything and the reason is emotionally, it get’s in the way.”

“And it’s not not cheating that counts, it’s that I stopped chasing excellence. She never did.”

Robert Kiyosaki

The Lesson is…

The lesson is don’t be Beta. It’s not too difficult to find out… How to tell if you are Beta or Alpha in your relationships? But you have to do something about it. Being Alpha may be difficult, but being Beta is more miserable in the long run. Level up by working on yourself. Chase excellence and you will have a more happy, fulfilling life.

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