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How to Micro-Farm like a Samurai.

How to Micro-Farm like a Samurai means having a clear focus and making decisions with your garden. But most amateur gardeners get very little yield out of their gardens when they grow a little of everything. Instead, recognise what you like to eat and plan your crops accordingly. Grow what you like to eat—schedule your crops. I would rather grow […]

Space To Grow In-Survival Gardening Part 2

Space To Grow In. For many finding “Space to Grow in”, is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Because of your economic status and housing situation. Perhaps you are part of the working poor. Consequently you do not own your own home and have a small backyard or none at all, perhaps you live in an apartment or duplex. This part […]

Survival Gardening

Survival Gardening Have you looked at the world lately? Have you asked yourself? “Does the government have my best interest at heart?” On New Year’s Eve December 31st, 2019 did you envision what would end up happening to the entire world in 2020? 2020 saw supply chain shortages all over the U.S. and people were told to stay inside their […]