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Getting into a woman’s end zone.

Getting into a woman’s end zone.

Getting into a woman’s end zone means getting into the scoring range for sex with her. You want everything else working in your favor first. First you have to meet her, and secondly you should be attractive to her to start. And before we move past safety and comfort, let’s dive a little deeper.

She wants a man who can protect her from danger and provide for her and her offspring. Protection is not only from physical attacks but economic hardships.

The best way to show potential for protection from these things is competence. A competent man is going to be able to navigate many situations of violence. That could be economic or social violence. Competence is what she wants in all areas, not just one. When a woman feels like you need her, she sees you as less competent.

One of the things that makes a woman feel safe around you is that she feels that you do not need her. It’s not that you don’t like her or do not find her attractive, but only that you treat her as a beautiful option but not necessary for your life’s fulfillment.

The word want in old English is the same as lack or being in need of.

So you don’t want her to think you her. You desire her, but she isn’t the last woman on earth. It’s these obsessive types she fears. When amateur guys try to hit on her, they show their vampire fangs immediately. This puts up her red-flags immediately. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t direct. A guy who doesn’t care, or isn’t needy, may say crazy things like: I want you in my bed now.

The reason he can say that is that because he shows he doesn’t care if she is repulsed or worried, that she will not respond favorably. He cares most about a result is often is the one who is the neediest.

And then there is Negging…

Negging, what it means in the pickup artist community:

Negging, often referred to as “negging” or “negs” in the pickup artist community, is a controversial tactic used by some pickup artists (PUAs) to attract and engage with women. It involves making comments that are designed to be flattering, yet slightly negative or challenging. Sometimes they are even backhanded-compliments.

They coined this technique in pickup artist books like “The Mystery Method” and “The Game.”

The idea is that women who are top-tier beautiful are used to getting compliments from men and do not try hard for a man’s attention usually. So ion theory you drop her confidence with negs and make her work for your attention.

Nothing with Negging works that simply in real life for everyone.

For example, an older guy negging a younger woman might say, “You look really good for your age.” This statement is designed to both flatter her and make her feel slightly insecure.

Negging is controversial because it’s seen as manipulative by some, while others view it as playful teasing that can be used to increase attraction. While negging has been around for decades, it gained prominence in the 90s.

Negging may have its place in a guy’s tool box for getting women into his bed, but it has drawbacks.

  1. It can, when used wrong, make a guy look insincere. Negging has been around for a long time and some girls can pick up on it. Being fake is never a good look,and there is nothing wrong with letting a girl know you find her attractive or that you like her, just don’t be needy.
  2. Negging can make you look desperate. Women tend to be attracted to men who are confident and self-assured. If you try too hard with your negging tactics, it could come off as trying
  3. You can cross the line into just being rude. Some guys can’t pull off negging well. They just end up pissing off women who make them look like petty black-pill jerks.

The Definition of Black-Pill is: A pessimistic attitude that views love and relationships as a zero-sum game in which one person, themselves, will always end up getting hurt. Basically, it’s men who have given up on relationships entirely. They believe that women have such unrealistic expectations of men that they no longer try anymore.

But “Black-Pill” is not for you because you are reading this book.

And if you decide to use negging, keep it light and playful. Here is an example of playful neg to use on a super hot girl:

“When you laugh, your nose makes this funny little movement. It’s so cute.”

“I would so date you if you weren’t so mean, but I don’t date mean girls.”

“Did you fall from heaven? Because you remind me of the devil.”

Negging is not for punching down. Never make fun of anyone who has an obvious handicap or physical defect.

Negging is not for everyone and it should be used with caution. It can backfire and make a guy look needy or desperate or like a complete jerk. The key is to stay confident in yourself and never let your compliments become insults.

The Art of Bantering.

So what is bantering, and how can you use it to flirt and make her want you? Bantering is essentially a playful conversation, where you exchange witty comments and jokes back and forth. It can be used as a flirting technique in order to make yourself seem more attractive, have fun with the conversation, and create an overall enjoyable atmosphere.

It’s worth noting, if you have a hot female, you want to win over don’t focus all your time trying to impress her. Is she with a group of friends? Banter with them, make them laugh. By doing this, you display that you have value to her group.

Social proof is a big deal to women. The basic definition of social proof is that if other people like you, then there is proof that she should like you too.

Another key element to bantering is creativity. Girls love guys who can come up with fun and interesting stories, jokes, or ideas that they’ve never heard before. If she’s seen the same thing a million times, it will soon become boring for her. Instead, be interesting and creative so that you have exciting and funny stories to tell.

Ahh hmm… cough, read my book: How to attract Hotter Women. One thing I encourage men to do is to live interesting lives that don’t revolve around women. They should want to be a part of your adventure. But having your own adventures will give you ammunition for funny stories and interesting tales.

Bantering should not be bragging and one upmanship. Remember the famous line by Ron Burgandy.

I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal. People know me. I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” -Ron Burgandy.

Do you know why bragging about your accomplishments doesn’t work well with women? Because it signals insecurity. Women don’t like insecure men, they want confident guys who can stand on their own two feet.

If you want to flirt with her and make a good impression, remember to banter by keeping the conversation lighthearted, be creative and stay away from bragging about your achievements. It’s much more attractive to display confidence without talking about your new car. Your ability to play guitar may impress her or that you drive a very expensive car but don’t be the one to bring it up.

Find your own style of banter. I have not always seen eye to eye with my brother. Brothers can be competitive, but he is an expert at bantering. He makes people feel at ease and comfortable around him and he entertains people, too. When he was younger, he memorized movie lines from Jim Carrey’s Pet Detective movie or Ernest movie lines and had people cracking up. Later it was Will Ferrell movie lines. But it’s important to note that mimicking famous comedic actors came naturally to him. You must develop your own style of bantering.

Banter is not asking her a bunch of questions. It’s not about interrogating her or trying to prove something. It’s about being playful, goofy, and having a good time. Women love guys who can make them laugh and keep the conversation going! So use banter to your advantage and watch as she gets attracted to you more and more. Good Luck!

Finally, the most important element to bantering is timing. You need to know when to drop a joke or an interesting story in order to make the atmosphere light and fun. If you time your jokes right and have creative conversations, you can easily flirt with someone without making it too obvious or ever awkward.

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