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Honest Review of Bathmate Penis Pumps.

Honest Review of Bathmate Penis Pumps.

This is an honest review of Bathmate Penis Pumps. I’ve personally used the product. I have found good results and can tell you about a few bad things about the product and experience. You can decide for yourself if it is worth it to try this product. BTW– Warning: seek a licensed medical professional, not a crazy blogger on the internet before you start a new program to improve the size and quality of your erections.

I honestly didn’t think Bathmate Penis Pumps would work!

I’ve never thought I had a small penis, maybe average or slightly above. But after watching porn and seeing monster cocks on screen. Since then I always fantasized about having a huge cock and shocking the ladies in bed. Unfortunately, penis pumps seemed like a gimmick and scam to me.

But YouTube.

After watching a YouTuber I trusted, interview a male pornstar he trusted. The guy claimed that he used Bathmate as well as jelqing techniques to make his penis bigger by 1.5 inches in length and a little more in width, after like a year of use.

I tried it.

So I ordered it. I ordered the HydroMax series pump, Just the middle-of-the-road pump on their website, not the cheapest and not the most expensive. Looking back I wish I had ordered the Hydromax Xtreme and will probably order that next.

Bathmate offers custom Sizes.

Yes, not every size fits all, you get to pick the size Bathmate Penis Pump that fits your package. I’m not gonna mention what size I ordered but comment in the comments below on which size you think I ordered and I may tell you if you are right. They boast that they use medical-grade plastic that is safe for humans lol.

My Experience.

It works, my simplified honest review of Bathmate penis pumps is that it actually works. It added measurable thickness and some length that my girl and I noticed. Much harder and firmer erections after use and bigger erections. Now, some factors that make this product more complicated.

The Cons

Like working out and building bigger muscles it takes an investment of time. I spent an extra 20-30 minutes in the bath or shower every time I used this product. That’s a lot of extra time in the bathroom. 

Bathmate Penis Pumps can leave temporary marks on your penis. They go away, but because of all the suction and stretching on the head and shaft of your penis. I was getting tiny hickey marks on the head of my “Johnson”. And the suction ring around the base of my shaft. It goes away, but it’s pretty pronounced for a few minutes after use.

The pump I ordered still works, but I feel like it is difficult to get the level of suction I first got from it originally and my best results have come from the suction stretching my penis the furthest. I can’t wait to try the Hydromax Xtreme and see if it is even better.

Results are temporary. I found the gains stayed with me, but diminished over time. Especially if I did not keep with the routine for a week or two. The immediate results are amazing and I do feel like the residual results of using it regularly made my penis thicker and longer but if I discontinued using it, it would eventually go back down to the original size.

You must clean It after every use.

I don’t know if this is a “Con” or common sense? But you must take time to clean the pump, or bacteria and grime from the water will form. Also, you will need that strap thing to use it standing up in the shower.

The Pro’s

It made it bigger! It’s not rocket science, I saw noticeable gains in width primarily and in length for the head and shaft of my penis. My erections were harder and firmer, and I didn’t have a problem to start with. It just made it better.

Personal Story

I used the HydroMax 7, for about a year off and on. The gains to my penis size would come and go depending on the regular uses. One night, I had my girlfriend at the time over to spend the night and had a kinky idea for planned sex.

The Set Up.

I told her I was going to take a long bath, and I told her to put on some lingerie and wait for me on my bed. I also told her to take her time getting ready because I would be in the bath for a while. I laid out the lingerie I had bought her on the bed. Also, I left a shiny stainless steel butt plug with a light purple costume jewel in the base part that would peer out from her asshole after it was inserted. Also I provided lube from Eden Fantasys.

Don’t do this at home. I’m a trained professional.

Before I got into the bathtub, I took some bluechew. I like to use it recreational to make my cock super. Then I put some porn on my phone and got into the bathtub and as I got hard, I used my Bathmate pump to stretch my penis to extreme length and girth. I probably used it over the recommended time and I DO NOT recommend you doing that for safety sake but it’s my life,

So I stretched my cock length over 2 inches and my girth equally thick. It felt incredible to feel my cock so girthy fat, long and big. My penis was a pinkish red color from the stretching.

Good Sex to Amazing Sex…

I met my girlfriend in my bedroom. First, I handcuffed her to my headboard as she rested on all fours. Then I began going down on her lick her delicate vulva and driving her crazy. Before long, she was dripping wet and gyrating her hips towards me. Finally, I slowly inserted the head of my cock inside her. Immediately, her pussy responded to my cock, gripping it tightly like never before.

I could tell I was inside her, deeper than ever before. And I was stretching her pussy out more than I had before. She moaned and shook as we fucked. I loved the feeling of dominating her completely. We had always had good sex, but this was next level.

I fucked her hard, and she moaned and leaned into my thrust. Finally, we came together. She moaned loudly, and I felt her pussy clinch and contract on my dick tightly. I pulled out, and she squirted a huge blast. Rubbing my fingers over her clit, she moaned and squirted again. It was some of the most amazing sex we had ever had. Her legs shook uncontrolably, and she cried real tears. I uncuffed her and held her and asked her why she was crying. She said because she was so happy and felt so good.

It was some of the best sex I can remember. We fucked again and again that night.

Women will never tell you.

Women never come out and say that they would enjoy your penis being thicker and longer, but they do. I could tell noticeable reactions from the women I slept with during periods I used the Bathmate Penis Pump.

“Keep using it!,”  said One Happy Woman.

Is it safe?

Honestly, long-term I don’t know. I do not know what the long-term effects on your penis will be in 2-5 or 10 years of using the Bathmate Penis Pump. There is an experimental MNRA treatment being taken by billions of people right now and we as a society don’t know the long term effects of that either. All I know is it works from an experimental level, consult your doctor, make your own judgment call.

Full Disclosure.

I have added affiliate links. It helps me to keep blogging and writing other content. But I only add  links to products that I see value in.

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