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Why do women always date up and men date down?

Why do women always date up and men date down?

Why do women always date up and men date down? Because of social evolution, women want to be led. Cut all the feminist bullshit out of the equation and look at the world as it is and not as you wish it should be. In primitive tribal days, the most eligible females would go with the strongest hunters and mate with the most politically influential in their tribe. Hot women want stronger, hotter men.

What do you bring to the tribe?

Throughout history females have never been looking for a man whom they can protect or take care of. All women give children and pets unconditional love. Ladies do not give unconditional love to men. The best hunters in prehistoric times would pick the women they wanted, sometimes just taking them. But now men offer other things besides brute strength and hunting ability. It is our income earning potential, and our dangerousness, can we fight and protect them?

20% of the men gets 80% of the eligible women as dating options.

The bottom 80% of men fight over the less desirable women or ones that the top 20% are not interested in. More than ever beautiful women are given constant validation on social media and attention from men.

Wikipedia’s definition of Hypergamy:

Wikipedia defines, Hypergamy as a term used in social Science for the act or practice of a person marrying a spouse of higher social status than themselves. It is mostly practiced by women. Also it is colloquially referred to as “marrying up

To the victor goes the spoils.

Look at biblical accounts of Kings in the B.C centuries. Some accounts say that King David had a total of 300 wives and concubines and his son Solomon had 1000 wives and concubines. Throughout history, the powerful men had their choice of wives and sexual partners aka FWB.

Want in one hand and shit in the other.

An old but true saying: “Want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster?” Just wanting a hot girlfriend or girlfriends doesn’t just make it happen. They are always looking for a man who tops them and leads them

If a woman settles.

If a woman settles for a man below her SMV she feels cheated. Think about it? She is a Lamborghini worth half a million dollars. The lamborgini was bought on credit. Instead of receiving the 500K she only got 45k. Just being driven by the new owner the Lambo is losing value but is still worth 400K easily. And so, the seller of the Lamborghini will repossess the luxury sports car and get a better offer.

Humans Settle.

Tending to settle for a man who is close to her SMV but lower when they are reaching the wall when they see their sexual value dropping. A man will get with a woman with far lower SMV than his own, because he couldn’t get with with the woman he wanted. Instead he decided to settle.

SMV means: Sexual Marketplace Value.

Settling causes dissatisfaction.

When men and women settle too far below their SMV there is usually a level of dissatisfaction. Most divorces are initiated with women. Men tend to deal with lower value SMV mates better than women. But also many of the problems they may face during a marriage is that the man settled with a woman who lost SMV considerably after they were married.

What is the solution to this horrible equation?

If women date above their SMV and men are forced to date below their SMV and women have a depreciating SMV as they get older? One solution for men is to never get married and spin plates. Marriage is the chief cause of divorce. Realizing that women want men above their own SMV, they will never be truly satisfied otherwise.

Oddly enough, men are typically happier in relationships. But if a man marries a woman who is at or above his SMV she may get dissatisfied and monkey branch away to higher SMV male. Although it is unlikely to have this happen because women date up primarily unless she settles and it won’t be a drastic inequality.

When a woman really wants a man.

A woman who really wants a man will do anything to get him and keep him. She’s dating up and she knows it. Trying hard to get his attention, she will initiate sex, she will dress up for him, she will put up with BS, she will forgive him for minor infractions. She will be flexible with her limits because he is a catch. And she will be more likely to be open to him having a mistress or at least threesomes and swinging type activity if she knows he is a catch.

The Sexual Market Place is Barbarism.

Don’t listen to the feminist and Disney and Lifetime movies, dating is barbaric still. Do you want a high-quality woman? If you want a high quality woman then you have to be a higher quality man! If you are warrior, like Conan the Barbarian, you will have your choice of women. Be a warrior! Firstly, by transforming yourself into an elite male, being interesting and excellent in your pursuits. You will attract hotter women when you have ab alpha male physical persona and when you’re and having an alpha-male physical persona and financially dominant will you attract hotter women.

You will always date down as a man but you can be ok with that.

Make sure you are a badass. Hit the gym. Learn how to make money, lots of it. Have interesting interests, be adventurous. Then you will attract a hot woman. But she will be and always should be one step behind you and then you will have a happy dynamic in a relationship however you choose to define it. Because when men don’t date down they are not happy. Trying to date up without putting in the work is a recipe for disappointment.

There is no free lunch! Something for nothing doesn’t exist.

Guys who don’t put in the work are disappointed. Read or listen to the audiobook of: “You can’t hurt me,” by David Goggins, to get some motivation on working to improve the following:

Areas to Level Up in:

  • Your Fitness – Physique.
  • Your Finances – Money – Net Worth.
  • Your Career- Mission- Purpose.
  • Your Style – Fashion-Sense – your look.
  • Your Adventurousness – Hobbies – Fun.
  • Your Relationship- With friend and family.

Become more attractive to women by doing the work and leveling up!

Level Up Your Finances.

One way you can level up your money is by learning how to invest and trade in the Stock Market with Webull.


Chase your dreams and goals not women. By being a badass at your purpose you will attract women. But to understand what women want, forget about what you want for a minutes and focusing on what she wants. But it’s your style, your career/ mission, fitness, finances, Adventurousness, family and friends you need to invest in. High-value women will always seek out the highest value men. Hot women will always seek out hot men.

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