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How to Make Her Squirt.

How to Make Her Squirt.

How to make her squirt. Making Her Squirt and Female Ejaculation.

Do you want to make her squirt? First off, there are differing opinions on what female ejaculation is and what is squirting. The common consensus is when a woman squirts or ejaculates during an orgasm it is not urine. Secondly, female ejaculation and squirting are two different things.

When you make her squirt.

She gushes uncontrollable fluid from her urethra, it is basically watered-down urine. My experience is this is what is most common. While both female ejaculation and squirting have traces of urine from the bladder. In my experience, the fluid is a clear liquid and does not have a strong or bad smell. This is what has become very common in porn scenes.

When you make a woman have a female ejaculation.

Female ejaculation is a light milky-colored substance that is thicker than the clear squirting fluid but more like watered-down milk in color. This fluid comes from “the female prostate”, the Skene’s gland. They are located on the front wall of the vagina near the urethra and both have openings that can ejaculate fluid. They can ejaculate as much as a half quarter cup of fluid. Female ejaculation is rarer than squirting. But can be caused by stimulation of the “G-Spot”.

My experience with girls squirting in bed and elsewhere.

Women who squirt during orgasms are actually more common than you may think. It has been my experience that 30% or more women squirt almost every time they orgasm. This has its pros and cons in bed. We are talking about a lot of liquid in bed, sometimes gushers lol. But it is fun and exciting to know you made her cum.

My first experience with a woman who squirted in bed during sex surprised me a little; she was embarrassed, though she shouldn’t have been. The second time a woman squirted during sex with me, I told her she wasn’t my first squirter and she smiled, was a little surprised and think she felt relieved. Since then, several of the women I have slept with have been squirters. These women squirted almost every time they would cum. 

Once you get good at making her squirt…

You may find that your bed becomes a wet mess. It’s a fun problem to have.

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Women can squirt many times during sex.

The intensity of the squirting was based on the intensity of the orgasms but I found most women could squirt several times during sex. I think for some women it does make them feel more powerful and more like they are climaxing. For men, it can give us an ego boost making us feel like we have done something.

Squirters gonna squirt.

I had two semi-long-term relationships with women who were squirters. Both of them squirted after every orgasm, vaginal or clitoral. This made performing 69 more of a water sport. I started to think that some women squirt and some women do not. I’m certain most women orgasm fine without squirting. And if your woman squirts every time, the novelty does kind of wear off. 

But could I make a non-squirter squirt?

So I’m in a great relationship with an awesome woman and she told me she never squirted before. Granted, I never tried to make a woman squirt before, it just happened or it didn’t. But this time would be different. To attempt to make her squirt I read a few posts about it online and what I found was that most recommended stimulating her G-spot with my index and ring fingers while stimulating her clitoris.

The G-Spot.

Is found inside the vagina walls on the top layer above the clit. Your partner’s vaginal wall has very rigid sensitive flesh inside the vaginal wall. If you reach inside her, with your fingers, you can feel it curve. At the top of the curve is the G-spot. They even make vibrators especially for reaching the G-spot but you can use your fingers.

Ways to stimulate the G-Spot.

Try circular motions with the tips of your fingers on the G-spot and steady thrusting motions with both the index and ring fingers slightly curved. Trim your fingernails well and keep your hands washed before beginning this experiment. Gentlemen, it’s only common courtesy. You can use your arm strength if your wrist gets tired.

Stimulate the Clit while you stimulate the G-Spot.

Use both hands – but not in the same hole but you may stimulate her G-Spt with your right-hand index finger and ring finger curved and stimulate her clitoris with your left hand. This technique seemed all it took and this non-squirter was squirting like a pro.

More important keys!

When you are attempting to make your woman squirt, remember the goal is to give her pleasure. Going through the motions is boring. What arouses her? Listen to your partner. Be aware and connected to her. Find out what she likes and do more of that. Start slow and not too rough. She may like it rough and ramp-up to that. The more aroused she is, the more likely it will be that she will have a tremendous orgasm and end it in squirting or multiple orgasms.

Get in her head.

This means being great at foreplay and making her feel beautiful, relaxed and engaged in sex.

Her words.

After I made her squirt for the first time, we continued to have sex and I finally came, and she had another orgasm, too. She was embarrassed that she squirted because she had never done it before. Consequently, she said she was horny all day afterward. And her reasoning behind how I made her squirt was less technical than mine; my stimulation of her G-spot and clit at the same time. She said I brought her so close to orgasm so many times, then changed techniques again and again and she eventually built up a huge overpowering orgasm. 

I think it’s all of those things. Don’t be too rigid in your sex techniques. It’s about love and expression and pleasure. Giving and receiving pleasure. I think it’s possible that any woman can squirt and it’s not necessary that every woman should need to squirt to be fully satisfied in bed. But it’s fun to make her squirt 😉

My dating, hook up and seduction techniques really work.

This works so well that I probably need to write a book about why you don’t want to get in a relationship too easily when you have so many options with these skills. Read my books for more detailed strategies.

More tips for making her squirt.

Another thing I have been told by the occasional squirter is that it’s the teasing. The starting and stopping that causes her to squirt. When you get her so close to an orgasm and then stop, redirect her so that her orgasm is denied. Then slowly build her up to orgasm again and stop again before she climaxes.

How do you do this? Suppose you are giving her oral sex and fingering her at the same time. If you pay attention, you will begin to know when she is close to orgasm. At this time, stop giving her head and fingering her and instead spank her. Or you could direct her to suck your penis. She may moan in protest, but it’s okay. Just talk dirty to her. Give her a breather, then apply a Hitachi vibrator to her clit, or begin fucking her from behind. Start and stop builds the anticipation of an orgasm so high many times this results in her squirting.

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      My wife is a natural squirter and always has been. She can soak the bed. All I have to do is enter her and she is off to the races,

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        Yes that’s awesome. I have found the most women either are or aren’t squirters. I have had two past girlfriends who were and my current one has squirted for me on occasion. But it takes finessing with her. The others it was a sexual waterpark every time. Fo r women who do not usually squirt they can become squirters or or squirt on occasion if they are brought to an extreme climax by edging them back and forth till their orgasm is huge. I know this because I have experimented and it worked.

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