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Is The Federal Reserve Lying About Inflation?

In this blog we are going to look into the Federal Reserve Bank. Are they lying about Inflation? In other words are statements like the following lies? “Inflation is transitory,” “Covid related supply chain issues,” “If inflation runs hot the Fed will use our tools to curb inflation.” These statements have been made by The Federal Reserve Chairman. But when […]

10 Unexpected places to meet hot women.

Before we get into 10 unexpected places to meet hot women, you must know there is no shortage of beautiful women but beautiful women have no shortage of opportunities for attention from men. So one of the important reasons to have a real abundance mindset with women is that the opposite will destroy you. Scarcity mentality is not your friend. […]

How to Make Her Squirt.

How to make her squirt. Making Her Squirt and Female Ejaculation. Do you want to make her squirt? First off, there are differing opinions on what female ejaculation is and what is squirting. The common consensus is when a woman squirts or ejaculates during an orgasm it is not urine. Secondly, female ejaculation and squirting are two different things. When […]

Black-Gold Investing in hated energy sectors.

Learning how to invest in Black-Gold, hated energy sectors, this is value investing 101. Firstly it will challenge you to buy when the market seems to hate this energy sector and wait for the blackness of the sector to turn to gold as the real demand and profits compound. Supply and Demand Two factors that move the price of any […]

Honest Review of Bathmate Penis Pumps.

This is an honest review of Bathmate Penis Pumps. I’ve personally used the product. I have found good results and can tell you about a few bad things about the product and experience. You can decide for yourself if it is worth it to try this product. BTW– Warning: seek a licensed medical professional, not a crazy blogger on the […]

Is being overweight ruining my sex life?

“Is being overweight ruining my sex life?”  If you are asking yourself, “Is being overweight is ruining your sex life?”. The answer is it ruining your sex life in proportion to how overweight you are. If you want to “Dick Her Down”, the goal is not to give your partner “OK Sex” but mindblowing and unforgettable sex. ADDRESSING THE ELEPHANT […]

Cash is King or is it?

Cash is King, or is it? When during times of inflation is having cash reserves a good thing? “Cash is trash.” – Ray Dalio Inflation is itself an increase of the money supply and a devaluing of the currency. So in the long run over the years holding cash is like being the last one to not get a seat […]

Attract Hotter Women By Leveling Up.

Become more attractive to women by doing the work and leveling up! Remember in a previous blog, when I talked about forgetting about what you want (Momentarily) and focusing on what she wants. This is not a contradiction from being on purpose and not chasing women and having an abundance mentality with women. But merely awareness of reality. High-value women […]

The Gold and Silver Inflation Trade

The Gold and Silver Inflation Trade Strategy Investing in Gold and Silver to profit off of the coming inflation crisis or to protect yourself from the risk of losing everything. Buy Gold and Silver Low and Sell it High.  The basic rule in investing and speculating is to buy low and sell high. When the cost of everything you want […]

Develop an Abundance Mentality to hot women.

Develop an Abundance Mentality when it comes to hot women. Because there is no shortage of beautiful women in this world. Have an abundance mentality about beautiful women. Never think that there is a shortage of beautiful women. The universe and nature do not respond to need. Nature responds to cause and effect. Because the fact that you need something […]