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How to go down on a woman.

How to go down on a woman.

How to go down on a woman. Of course, I’ve never met a woman who didn’t like good oral sex. And what man doesn’t love it performed on himself too? But how do you become a punani eating master? Here’s your mini-master course on cunnilingus.

Don’t be scared.

I remember vividly the first time I got close up and personal with a vajayjay. It was my waking fantasy for years and then I finally got the chance to eat her peaches and cream. But putting my face to her lady bits was intimidating. I never expected to be a challenge, but it was the first time. Here’s why: My only experience prior to that night was what I saw in porn videos. Unlike most porn videos, some women don’t shave or wax their pussies. Most women will freshen up if given the chance before oral sex, but the lady bits can be a humid, sweaty place. But don’t be afraid. Her pink taco or even fur taco won’t bite, but is a kitten that wants love.

Every panty hamster is different.

It never fails to surprise me how unique and varied each woman’s vagina is. If you are going to get good at gobbling the lady garden, then you need to fall in love with the beauty of her uniqueness. Some women have puffy pussies, others have meat flaps, and some have oversized clitorises. If you go on a date with a woman and the date night leads to bedroom pleasures, be sure to curb your expectations about her flower. Later on if date her long term, she may ask you what your preferences are about personal grooming down there, but until then you are a guest. So be a courteous and polite guest. The polite guest eats what’s set before him… 😉

Easy does it at first.

Wo tiger, this is a marathon, not a sprint! Relax and make yourself comfortable, and the more comfortable you are, the more comfortable she will be. The vulva and the clitoris are a very sensitive parts of her body. Easy does it. Women liked to be teased. Her orgasm is something you must build up to. The anticipation of oral bliss can be intensely stimulating to her. Use your tongue to dance around her love button,

Think outside the box.

While your mouth, lips and tongue are busy on her coochie, don’t keep your hands to yourself. Use your free hands to explore her body, her breasts, inner thighs, her face and other erogenous zone. Kissing her inner thighs before going straight to her vertical smile is a good idea, too. Does she have a pubic bush? Some girls like their pubes teased and pulled while their vagina is being licked. Just be creative and pay attention to her cues.

If you love what you do, it’s never work.

Don’t be a robot. I’ve been told by multiple women that I am amazing at oral sex, and I think it’s because I genuinely love eating pussy. It turns me on completely to go down on an attractive woman I am with. Seriously, it makes me hard. I think this is why I am good at it. It’s not work, it’s fun. And looking back at the different lovers I have had through the years, the girls who gave me the best blow jobs seemed to be really into it. They enjoyed every minute of it. And so will your woman when you are in the moment loving her pussy.


  • The rapid tongue flick. This is what it sounds like. You flick your tongue as rapidly as you can over her clit and other parts of her vulva.
  • The long, slow up and down movement. Take your entire tongue and slowly lap at her vaginal lips up and back down. It’s very effective.
  • The spread and lick. Use your left hand to spread her vaginal lips with your index finger and thumb, while you lap at her inner pink with your mouth.
  • One finger in and lick. Finger her while you go down on her is a great way to escalate her towards orgasm. Remember, she has two very erogenous areas to target inside her vagina. The G-spot and the P-spot. If you know where the G-spot is up and inside her, the P-spot is smaller and opposite of the G-spot and not as deep. The p-spot is located inside her vaginal walls, going down towards her ass-hole and has small ridges like the g-spot. Both her G-spot and the P-spot are great areas to target when fingering her.
  • Hum and lick. The vibrations your mouth will make while humming on her hot box will drive her wild with lust. FYI, you are humming while you lick her vulva. What you hum is up to you.
  • Tounge insertion. Use your tongue to penetrate her. Some girls really love this.
  • The entire face sloppy grind. This is when she is already super worked up. Rub your entire face over her wet vajayjay. Use your nose too. It’s not a beginner technique.
  • The slurpy. Licking and sucking on her wet pussy and making a slurping sound when you do it. You had better like the taste of her juices because you will be drinking her fluids with this one.

These are a few techniques and we haven’t included 69-ing which deserves its own article. Add your own. Which ones have I left out?

Afterthoughts and best practices.

Know your partner and practice safe sex. It’s possible to get STDs while performing oral sex. Make good judgements. Personal hygiene is really important in making oral sex a fun experience for everyone involved. Guys and gals, remember to wash, shave, trim and wax. Hopefully, your partner will not need to drink a lot of whiskey before he or she goes down on you. Some like it hairy and some like it completely smooth, to each his or her own..

The great thing about being great at cunnilingus.

If you are great at oral sex, you know you will never leave her unsatisfied. As a man, we know we are going to cum, but many times we are left wondering if she really came? Get good at going down south and you will never leave a woman unsatisfied again.

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