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Who is Nate Plissken? He is…

Who is Nate Plissken? An Author, blogger and Podcaster focused on adding value for all people and especially men desiring better sex lives and achieving financial freedom, liberty and the pursuits of happiness.

Nate also is an avid gardener and propionate of survival gardening. He has worked in horticulture and loved sharing tips and knowledge that he has gathered along the way.

Topics of interest can be broken down to 3 categories, XXX-Life (Sex life dating and relationships for men), $$$-Life (Investing, Trading, Business Growth and Wealth accumulation Strategies). Green-Life (All things Gardening and growing your own source of food.)


Check out my blog post at nateplissken.com entitled “Is being overweight ruining my sex life?”#sex #datingadviceformen #dothework #attraction

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A very broad scope of topics:


Life including your SEX-Life, is important. How many decisions in life have been based on the desire to get the affection of the opposite sex? In his books and blogs and future podcast, Nate list a wealth of information that could be classified in the wish I knew then what I know now category.

Are you dating the beautiful, loving woman of your dreams? Do you feel like you are missing out on your dream girl? If you desire a beautiful soul-mate, then something side your soul knows you are capable of having one. Learn the strategies that you may be missing to become attractive to beautiful women.

How to attract the right woman or women in your life, how to blow their minds in bed and how to have a happy relationship. Read more here and start with, “Is having great sex important to women?”


“Money is in’t everything but it is right up there with oxygen” -Zig Ziglar.

Are you stuck in a dead end job, working paycheck to paycheck? Most jobs are not designed to make you rich. Unless you have a bunch of letters infant of your name at work, here are the magic letters, MD, DDS, CFO, J.D., LL.M., Ph.D., CEO.

But if you don’t have this magical alphabet soup in front or behind your name, have you thought about minding your own business? As in be in business. Or have you thought of making your money work for you? As in become and Investor or Trader.

How to be a Rock-Star Financially and be free financially free, Nate explore this too. Multiple Streams of income and Money Mindset as well as Trading and Investing.

Read more here… starting with Cash is King or is it?


Gardening is Nate Plissken’s pet project and his topics like Survival Gardening, delve into the soil of Urban-Gardening and Micro-Farming. Read more here … start with Space to Grow in.

$$$, everyone wants more lasting love and financially abundance.

Liberty, because what good is life if you have no freedom or liberty. and what the heck is liberty?

And the Pursuit of Happiness… what makes you happy?