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Confidence is the ultimate panty dropper.

Confidence is the ultimate panty dropper.

Confidence is the ultimate panty dropper. But over confidence and self-deluded arrogance is not. So how do you use self-confidence correctly to win women over?

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.

Henry Ford

But belief comes from knowledge. Your self-worth comes from hard work. That’s why it’s best to not chase women but chase excellence in your life. Women are attracted to men who are going somewhere. I wrote in my book, How to attract Hotter women, about leveling up as a man. Your SMV matters. But you do not need to have achieved all your goals to attract hotter women now. Instead, you must believe that you are on a path to achieving your goals.

Why is Confidence — the ultimate panty dropper?

People, women especially, do not want to be wrong. What confidence portrays is certainty. If you want a woman to be certain that you are her best choice, how will she do that if you aren’t certain that you are her best choice? Women do not want to make a mistake. They have more to lose in some respects. They care about social proof and worry about getting an unwanted pregnancy. If a man is un-confident, or un-certain, this will make her uncertain about him. All sales are a transfer of certainty. You have to feel so certain about you that she feels it, too. Perception is reality.

Your certainty is better fixed on reality, be we all need help along the way.

Three basic things to work on to develop confidence.

  1. Your value to the marketplace.
  2. Your physical fitness.
  3. Making your life a fun adventure.

I have touched on all these things in my previous books. But there are other small things less important and superficial to develop self-confidence. And mostly they come down to self-care.

Self-Care to develop confidence—the ultimate panty dropper.

Confidence—the ultimate panty dropper — starts small. Do you use good hygiene? Are you proud of the way you smell and how you style your hair, or the clothes you wear? All of these small things give you small levels of confidence. But everything starts small. It has taken me twenty-five years of adult life to develop a hairstyle that I love and do not want to change. I modify it from time to time, but it works and I know it is awesome. My girlfriend looks at old pictures of me and says I look younger now, because of my hairstyle.

Self-Care to develop confidence–the ultimate panty dropper.

It’s not just about using the right soap, but ironically, I have found the best soap, lol. It’s Duke Cannon. My girlfriend and her daughters started stealing my soap, but I digress. By taking care of yourself first, you can lift others up. This is also about having your own hobbies and life. Doing things you enjoy makes you a more cheerful person and makes you more desirable. Self-care is about getting your hair cut, getting enough sleep, taking care of your needs. Make friends with other guys. By having guy friends, this also makes you less needy for women’s attention; which is essential for attracting women.

Confidence is a byproduct.

Confidence is what everyone else can see. The hard work, mentally, emotionally and physically, cannot be seen. What they can see is the relaxed confidence in a man who has patiently put in the work. Work is hard, but what is more difficult is faking confidence. Faking confidence is actually degrading. You do not have to have attained your goals, but you need to be in pursuit.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

Earl Nightingale

That just means you are moving in that direction and furthermore:

Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

Sir Winston Churchill

But if you are not going after a worthy ideal, you cannot claim either quotes.

Tips for becoming more confident.

  • Stand up straight. Work on your posture.
  • Workout.
  • Walk faster. People who walk faster are more confident and more certain.
  • Stop judging yourself. Reflect on your mistakes. Make changes and move on.
  • Invest in your wardrobe. Find at least one set of clothes for a date night that you feel good about, really good about.
  • Remember your victories. We are so focused on our embarrassing moments, but what about the times you excelled?
  • Be a kind friend. Those who sow in kindness will reap in mercy. Be kind to others so you can get comfortable being kind to yourself. Forgive others so you can forgive yourself.

What to do when she tests you or asks can we just be friends?

Yes! Please be my friend. When girls put you in the friend zone, make them own it. It doesn’ have to be awkward but if you can put them there first.

You should have had some personal self-awareness. Ask her to be your wing-woman before she can put you in the friend zone. This will keep her guessing. But also if she is cool, she will put you on some good pussy.

This goes into the opposite of confidence that is not sexy. The opposite of confidence is insecurity. How you react when someone puts you down or test you show your level of confidence in yourself. If you it let it bother you, that shows, women, that you are not confident. But if you know your own self-worth, then other people’s opinions don’t phase you as much.

What other people think about me is none of my business.



A man with Big Dick Energy is a relaxed man. Comfortable with himself not over compensating all the time, and not needing the approval of others. So it’s really insecure people who don’t listen and talk too much about their own accomplishments. It’s one of my firm beliefs about dating hotter women is don’t talk about yourself and your accomplishments too much. Let them figure that stuff out on their own.

Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.

Proverbs 27:2

Interesting thought King Solomon wrote Proverbs 27, and was noted as being one of the wisest men who ever lived and he had a harem of beautiful women. But think of the men who you know who have confidence with women. They are relaxed, and easy to talk to usually.

In summary–Confidence is the ultimate panty dropper.

It takes confidence to approach women; it takes confidence to attract women, and it takes confidence to seduce women. Develop confidence by being a high-quality person and living your life to the fullest.

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