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Why do women love men with BDE?

Why do women love men with BDE?

Ever asked yourself: “Why do women love men with BDE?” They seem to be drawn to these confident secure men with swagger.

Big dick energy—is it a real thing? And if so, what is it?

For one, it is a calm confidence. Think about it? If you know you have the biggest dick in town, you don’t have to go around screaming and telling everyone: “Hey I gotta big dick!”. Instead, word gets out on its own. But even if it didn’t, powerful people are calm; they know they have already won. Their calm confidence attracts women to them.

No man is an island, and it turns out neither is his penis. New research suggests that size does matter (sorry, guys), but the penis is only one (sometimes) small contributor to manly allure. A man’s overall attractiveness to a woman, researchers have found, depends in part on the trio of height, body shape, and penis size.

Matt Soniak–Science.org

What some women call it.

BDE to me is a man that doesn’t feel the need to prove himself. Not cocky-but secure in who he is.”—Angela

“Confidence with class.” — Amanda.

Women are experts at reading emotions.

That doesn’t mean they are experts at reading when a man is lying to them but they speak emotions fluently. Emotions are how women decipher the world. What this means is that when a man is genuinely confident, they know. When are you most confident? When you know you have already won the game.

When women start to get an idea that you have BDE, they will test you.

Some men do not get shit tested with their BDE because they have such social proof. But when a woman first meets you and starts to believe you have BDE, that you are calm and confident, she will test you.

Real Life Experience–Why do women love men with BDE? They pass the tests.

On one occasion, I was on a date with a woman 15 years younger than me. Let’s call her Lena for privacy purposes. We were having a great time and after about an hour and a half she said, “You know, we are not gonna have sex tonight.”

(How would that make you respond on a date that you thought was going really well? Would that make you want to ask why? I thought we were so compatible? Wrong Answer!)

Instead, I responded, “Wow, I wasn’t even thinking about that. I’m just here to have a good time. Honestly, I like you, but I don’t even know yet if we are compatible.” And that was an honest answer. I changed the subject ordered some more wine. We talked about our interest and later too the date to another location and we ended up at her apartment and we fucked.

Sometimes you just have to say fuck it! And smoke a cigar…

Nate Plissken

Why do they test your BDE?

Why did she ask that question? Because women test men to see if their confidence is real. Because they want to be safe and not with some psycho who is going to break when he is tested. Why do women like the calm, confident demeanor of men with BDE? 

It’s because of social evolution. Women have weaker bodies than men in general and in the past times depended on a husband to support them financially. A confident man gives a woman the impression that he can solve problems, he can protect me, I will be safe with him, he can provide for me.

Traits men with BDE show.

Here is a list of traits men with BDE show:

  • They are not frustrated easily.
  • They are easygoing.
  • They have an abundance mentality.
  • They do not brood emotionally over perceived rejection.
  • They are not overly emotional. FYI women want to be the emotional ones in the room.
  • They do not brag. They don’t have to.
  • They have options with women. We may see them with different beautiful women.
  • They appear to be enjoying life. Life is a secret that they know others don’t.
  • They value themselves. They do things they enjoy, rather than chase women.
  • They have friend with other men. Other men value them and want to be seen as high value like them.
  • They make plans and offer others an opportunity to them. Example: When asking a woman out, he won’t ask her where she wants to go exactly, but he will learn her interest and offer a fun plan of an adventure to go on.
  • They are never needy, bored or too available. Men with BDE are busy creating their empire.

Big Dick Energy in a relationship.

These are two important but different scenarios that BDE will play into you having a happier life from your involvement with females. Maybe you are happily single and just want to spin plates or possibly you have been married for 20 years. Obviously, if you have been married to your wife for 20 years and she does not view you as having BDE, it’s a problem and it’s not gonna be solved overnight.

BDE cannot be faked.

If you are in a relationship for any length of time, BDE cannot be faked! BDE in a relationship doesn’t just mean you have a big dick, that can help, but it’s not everything. BDE means you are calm and confident because you get shit done. You get it done in the bedroom, meaning you rock her socks off, you get it done with your bank account.

How are you going to be calm and confident, when the mortgage payment is behind two months, and when you take your wife out to dinner you have to order the chicken cause it’s all you can afford, and when you got a gut so big that you can’t see your dick any more? We all start some where and if you can see noticeable improvements every month, you can start to give off the BDE.

Are you the Alpha Male or Beta Male in your relationship?

If you have an Alpha Male vibe or BDE, women will break rules for you. They will want to cheat, lie, and steal for you because you bring something to the table they crave. But if you are Beta, they will make rules for you. I’ll be honest, I’m a son of a bitch when it comes to being in a relationship. I drink too much; I am polyamorous and talk up other women regardless of my relationship status. But my woman does things for me and with me that she wouldn’t do for or with any other guy. She told me the other morning. “Nate, in my past relationships, when I had sex, I would not have an orgasm most of the time and I just thought that was normal. Now I have an orgasm every time we have sex, sometimes multiple.”

Dominate her in the bedroom.

Why did I bring that up? Do you think that maybe that gives me some currency in my relationship? When I bring up that I want to have a threesome or date other women, do you think that makes it easier? Hell yes it does! But BDE, or being Alpha, is not just about rocking her world in bed. You also need to have it going on in your career, and in your bank account. If you want to have true BDE, you need to go to the gym and be healthy. 

Mom was wrong.

God bless your mothers, but when she said just love yourself the way you are, and just be yourself, she was dead wrong! Yes, be yourself, but be a dangerous beast version of yourself.

Hot women want men with BDE.

Go look at some very hot women you know. Think of a 9 or 10 hot girl. Guess what? She only wants to be with an Alpha or Beast mode man with BDE. Why does she only want a man with BDE? Because she’s at the top of the food chain rate now and she has a shot at one. Now men with low SMV will have to settle for nagging fat women who boss them around, as they drive their step children around in beat-up cars, children some other men already pumped and dumped their low value SMV woman when she was at her prime. 

Does this information make you mad?

Good or bad, there is only one thing that you can do: pursue excellence and success. Excellence in your finances and career and excellence taking care of your physique. Become a more interesting man. Develop your social circle. Find out how to make some dough and hustle to you get it. What area of your life do you need to increase your level of excellence and then confidence in? Money/Career, Physical/Sex Appeal, or Social Status?

Ever wondered how to make it bigger? If your penis was bigger maybe that would improve your BDE? Read my full blog here on how to make it bigger.

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