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How To Hook Up Online with Hotter Women

How to Hook Up Online with Hotter Women.

Dating online for men can seem like a battlefield. Instead of a no-win situation, Nate Plissken gives you real world advice on how to Hook UP with Hotter Women online.Why does online dating sucks for most men?

  • Women are over-valuated online.
  • Men are too thirsty in general and overly needy.
  • Most men have no strategy.
  • They have no realistic expectations of the process.
  • They focus on the wrong things online.
  • They say things in messages that bore women to death.

The best method for making it through the online dating minefield is to follow someone who has already made it to the other side and avoid getting your foot blown off!

Nate Plissken has good news for you. Most men are boring women to death online and women want to date real quality men.

In “How to Hook Up Online with Hotter Women,” Nate Plissken gives you the real ammunition and strategy for a successful online campaign and he can help you Hook Up with Hotter Women Online.

How to Attract Hotter Women

What is holding you back from dating hotter women? This book will teach you the simple and practical strategies to attract beautiful women. You will never have to chase women again. This book show you a simple step-by-step formula on how to:

  1. Become highly attractive to women.
  2. Avoid wasting time and money on things that don’t help you get what you want with beautiful women.
  3. Have a more happy life!

This quick read will have you burning through the pages and open your mind up to simple strategies that can change your sex life and relationships with hot women forever!

FYI, this is a no-nonsense book written for men who want the fastest and most long-lasting success with dating beautiful women. For readers 18 and up.

Inflation Trades

Inflation Trades:

Nate Plissken breaks down how to beat Wallstreet and save your purchasing power during times of high-inflation, stagflation, and Hyper-inflation. Find out the strategies you can use to get wealthy during the coming market crash!

  • Why the U.S. is heading for a currency crisis?
  • How foreign countries will get richer with the fall of the dollar.
  • Commodity super-cycles and bull markets.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Gold and Silver trading strategies.
  • Diversified assets classes independent of Stock Markets.
  • How to grow rich with inflation.
  • How to protect your wealth from inflation.
  • What is inflation proof income?

Are you uncertain about your financial future? Nate Plissken will give you ideas and strategies that can put you ahead of the curve!

The Surest Way to Wealth

Forget about winning the Lottery or being the creator of the next “Facebook”! You can’t bank on being lucky or brilliant. But there is a sure way to wealth. Take the advice of Warren Buffett and Sir John Templeton go deep with the self-made millionaires and billionaires and discover “The Surest way to Wealth.”

This book will put you in the correct direction and frame of mind to build wealth. With references and biographical anecdotes from many of the giants in business and personal success. Unlike many books on the subject: “THE SUREST WAY TO WEALTH” speaks plainly. The principles and general concepts can easily be understood and implemented by anyone. Learn the strategies the rich use that the poor and middle class do not! Learn the habits of the wealthy. Learn some of the pitfalls to avoid failure to achieve wealth. Learn the secret principle all successful people use, whether they know it or not.

What readers are saying about “The Surest Way To Wealth” :

Valuable book to assist in our journey to wealth. The author clearly describes easy tips, habits, techniques, ideas and valuable insights that wealthy people have in order to assist us in our journey to wealth. I especially liked that he also has various interesting quotes throughout of the book.

The Coming Greater Depression.

The Greater Depression is what is looming ahead of the World and specifically the United States of America.
Nate Plissken delves into the causes of the U.S. Dollar Currency Crisis. Citing experts in business and economics, he pulls back the curtain on The Fed. The Federal Reserve System, which Robert Kiyosaki called: “A communist organization!”
How the Fed in full cooperation with our politicians is debasing our currency.

* Why The Fed’s way of fixing the problem is causing the problem.
* How to Prepare and Prosper.
* What Investments are Crash Proof!
* Is Capitalism to be blamed?
* Is Bitcoin the new Gold?
* Can The Fed and our politicians save us from this crisis?

Dan Bilzerian: Rich & Thick with Chicks: A candid Biography of a Rich and Famous modern day millionaire playboy

Dan Bilzerian is an interesting person that has made a name for himself. Even though he didn’t start from the bottom way up, he has created something significant with what he had. Not that many people can successfully build on their present possessions. In this book, we will uncover the life of Dan Bilzerian beneath the surface of what the media have portrayed him to be. This book, The Biography of Bilzerian, provides you with the following benefits: • Build the mindset needed to set your goals in motion. • Understand the secret of building successful relationships with ladies. • Comprehend the power of personal branding. • Learn to do what makes you happy without letting negative opinions get in the way. • Live a goal-driven life based on adaptability.

Ever want to know the secret question women give to let them know you have a green light with them? This book show you the how to’s of understanding women’s signals.