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Girls just want to have fun with sex toys.

Girls just want to have fun with sex toys.

So girls just want to have fun with sex toys? The whole point is to dominate her in bed. Make the sex so good and so unpredictable that she craves it and wants you all the time. Dicking her down makes you the boss in bed.

Why do girls want to have fun with sex toys? Firstly, if you look at what most women fantasies about sexually you will find a lot of things that involve mild BDSM. Every woman is different but if you look at the average woman you will find this to be true.

Secondly, you will find that if you use a large variety of sex toys, it keeps things interesting in bed. Consequently, it’s important to never get routine with this. Do not just use the same toy as a crutch. It’s okay to have favorite toys based on what your partner likes but do not overuse them.

Thirdly, surprise her, by not asking her what toys to buy but by building a sex toy box and experimenting with her. Women do want men to lead, they do not want to teach a man. But by relaxed trial and error, you can find out what she likes.

Things are popular for a reason. Some things are simple and do not have to cost a lot of money. You should simply have a variety of things at your disposal. Toys can include sex furniture and buying her bondage and fetish wear that is only appropriate in the bedroom or a strip club or fetish ball. Here’s a shortlist of the most popular and useful sex toys.


This one is so simple and inexpensive but it cannot be understated. Because to “Dick Her Down,” you are dominating her sexually and to do this you will be relieving her of control. By blindfolding her you leave her mind to wander. This is because she will not know what is coming next. And it heightens her sense of kinesthetic touch. You should have a variety of different varieties of blindfolds.


Handcuffs are a great go-to. I prefer real ones or handcuffs that really restrain her. But be mindful of her pain tolerance. That being said do not clamp her wrist too tight with handcuffs. You can use padded handcuffs or wrap her wrist before cuffing her. Rope play is more advanced but they are a great restraint but you need to do your research and study knots and how to use them safely if you are getting into rope-play. But there are so many variations of restraints. Some are just more useful for role playing. Some are very confining which does eliminate her ability to resist or control the situation and this is a form of dom/sub play.


No, not pranks or practical jokes! Typical ball-gags to shut her up lol. Remember, this is a form of consensual non-consent. When she puts on the ball-gag she is giving up her ability to verbally say no. This is a big submissive role for her.  Why is this a big turn-on? She is used to having to make decisions all the time but now you are taking that responsibility off her shoulders.  Combining a ball-gag and a blindfold and using restraints on her puts her in a very submissive role.


Here is where variety comes into play. Do not rely on toys all the time, just use them to keep things unpredictable. But just as you do not want to use toys every time, it’s more fun to use different kinds.

  1. Wand Massager Vibrator, plugin, or wireless. Wireless are easy to use and sometimes water-resistant and the plugin ones with cords tend to be more powerful.
  2. Remote Control Bullet Vibrator. There are so many variations of this. Some of these can be remote controlled with your smartphone or an external wireless controller. Can be fun for kinky public sex play or just in the bedroom.
  3. Classic Dildo/Vibrator. Some of these are waterproof which makes for fun playing in the shower. Different sizes and shapes.
  4. Realistic Vibrators. These are vibrators that look like a real penis and have soft skin features. Many of them are warming vibrators.
  5. Rabbit Vibrators, are a play on the classic vibrators but offer clit stimulation and sometimes thrusting action to or advanced stimulation devices like rating pearls on some.
  6. Clit stimulators are vibrators that offer suction or vibration for the clitoris.
  • 7. Vibrating cock rings can be great because it stimulates her but delays your climax
  • 8.Compact and Waterproof Vibrators, this can be great for spontaneous sex and shower sex, sex in the bathtub or your private pool or hot tub.

That being said there are still plenty that I did not list I am sure. You just have to experiment with your partner, Because lol girls just want to have fun with sex toys.


Because she likes her pleasure spiked with pain. This is perfect for mild BDSM. most women like to take BDSM slowly. Find out what her pain tolerance and turn-ons are. But this can include leather whips, paddles, riding crops. You may be surprised what percentage of women want to be spanked in bed.

“62 percent of women enjoy rough sex”

-Ok Cupid Pole

Sex Furniture.

This may be more advanced for some but if you get into kink you can find all kinds of sex furniture online. Sex swings, inflatable play sheet for squirters, sex position enhancement chairs, BDSM horsebench, Bondage tables, milking stations, bondage beds, and much more.

Dressing up is fun

How can we have a chapter, “Girls Just Want to have Fun with Sextoys,” without mentioning lingerie and role play costumes? Even if you plan to take it off her, having the right kinky lingerie for your woman can do a lot to heighten the mood. Some bedroom kink wear is made for sex, crotchless panties and fishnet stockings come to mind.

Some things to consider.

What level of kink are you and your partner comfortable with? Are you the leader in your sex life with your woman. Are you pushing her boundaries? Does she feel stimulated and sexually fulfilled?

Nothing is right for everyone.

It’s not all or nothing or either or it’s whatever is right for you and your partners. Certain women will appreciate your initiative in adding a unique kink into your relationship with toys. In my humble opinion, most will enjoy it, especially if you are relaxed and confident about it.

Practice makes perfect.

In initiating new sex toys in the bedroom, the more you do it the more confident you will be and the more relaxed you will be. Remember it’s about fun and excitement. If you and your partner are not having fun, then what is the point?

Be Practical.

It’s just good sense to wash every toy before and after every use. Remember to charge and or change the battery for your toys so you are not let down when something is not powered. Be flexible. She may not be into the 12” dildo you bought to try on her. Give it a shot but don’t be upset if she isn’t into everything you are into right away.

A Personal Story.

This may not always be true for every woman. But I have found many women who reach their thirties and forties, even beautiful women, feel like they have missed out on kinky sex. Many because they spent 10-20 years in bad marriages and were only concerned with being mothers.

The 50 Shades of Grey books gave women ample things to fantasize about. When a man is confident enough to use toys on her she notices. One of my biggest concerns as a single guy buying sex toys to try out on my flavor of the month was that my new partner would say, “Who have you used this on before?”

But so far none have asked me that question. Then I thought about it. I’ve used my dick on a lot of other women but rarely is that an objection. I wash and take care of my dick and keep it clean, so why would a sex toy be an objection with a new partner, if wash and keep it clean?

It has been my experience that women want to be objectified and be the object of my affection. I want to share one example in particular but it seems now that every woman I have slept with within the last 20 years loves role play and the use of props and toys.

The current woman I am now dating, the love of my life, said her sisters call me Mr. Grey, because of what she says about our sex life. I watched a video on TikTok about a man talking about how women stop giving their men sex after 6-12 months in the relationship but I have not found this to be true for me.

I did find that true with my first wife. And that was because I sucked at sex back then. Meaning I was lousy in bed. The only reason a woman doesn’t have lots of sex with you in a relationship is that you do not turn her on, and you are not good at sex. That can be hard to hear, but it’s true.

The whole point of this blog is to enlighten men who want to be enlightened. Women love sex. If they don’t love sex with you, it’s because you are doing something wrong or they aren’t right for you to begin with.

Find your play partner.

You should do things that you love to do. If using toys is not fun for you, then don’t fake it. Find out what you think is fun and exciting in bed and life. And Find a woman who is excited by that. There is no shortage of horny women in this world. read my other blog post like “Make Her Squirt.” or “Is being over weight ruining my sex life?” Click the links now!

Where to Buy Sex Toys?

My two favorite places are Amazon and Eden Fantasy.com Also I have been wanting to try the thin waterproof vibrator from Hims in the shower on my girlfriend.

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