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How to date hotter women internationally?

How to date hotter women internationally?

So how do you date hotter women internationally? There isn’t a faster life-hack in the dating world than dating in a different country, if that puts you in a higher social status and financial bracket. It would do you know good to visit a country where all United States citizens are hated or where the cost of living is higher. But there are beautiful women all over the world who live in cultures with far less cash than in North America. That makes your stack of cash bigger in comparison and women are hypergamous by nature and this could benefit you.

Word of Caution—Avoid Online Match Makers.

This means don’t date try to date international women online and get catfished, instead travel. Also, I would think long and hard before getting into a LTR with a woman from another country. Never send them money just because they ask you online because of whatever emergency. Don’t even bother trying to meet one online. That’s a waste of time.

Dating international women long distance eliminates all the benefits of dating one in the first place. If you can’t afford to travel to their country right now, and meet them organically, then put this strategy on the shelf for later.

Think long and hard before marrying a foreign woman from a third world country and bringing her back to the USA. The United States has very punitive divorce laws. A woman may marry you from the Philippines or Eastern Europe but could easily divorce you and take half of your wealth, making her a very rich woman by her standards. And this is just too much temptation. And there is too much historical evidence of this happening over and over. Instead, if you fall in love with a woman in Thailand or The Philippians and you absolutely have to marry her, then live there in her native country. You can live quite luxuriously on much less in those countries and she won’t be tempted to divorce you and take all your money.

An instant SMV Level Up.

Traveling to a foreign country where the cost of living and the standard of living is much lower going to that country as a semi-successful American or Canadian gives you status. First, they know you are traveling abroad and that signals you are a man of means. Second, there are some very nice locations and apartments and lofts available on Airbnb in these countries for far less than you would pay in rent here. And some locations are aesthetically beautiful and so are the women.

Many women will see you as their possible meat ticket and way out of poverty, but do not get one-itis. No need to lie to these women, but offer them a good time and see where it goes.

What are the top counties that your dating dollar could go farther? Nate Plissken’s personal picks—Not listed in any order of importance.

The Philippines-How to date Hotter women internationally?

  • The Philippines, Philippine women, are very feminine and treat their men with a lot of affection. The cost of living in the Philippines is very lower compared to the USA. Using the hypergamous nature of women in your favor, you could have a lot of fun there because of this. Reportedly, the average price of a prostitute in The Philippines is $20 USD. I am not saying yo should engage in illegal activity, but the ability for an average guy to be a high roller there is real. Again, the Divorce rate of American men who marry women from the Philippines is terrible. They will most likely want to move their whole family to the United States if you move them here because they are very family orientated. It’s just a bad idea. So if you fall in love with one; just move there. But traveling there to have some fun could be the time of your life. I met one Philippine girl. She was super pretty; they speak English and love western music.

Thailand-How to date Hotter women internationally?

  • Thailand, for years, Thailand has been known as a sex trade capital of the world. I think human trafficking is evil and should be stopped. But that aside, Thailand is a beautiful country and Thai women are very beautiful. Bangkok is considered to be a party capital of the world. Meeting European women on holidays in Bangkok offers amazing opportunities for Caucasian men. Being in Bangkok, it’s almost certain North American men will be solicited by prostitutes. But you may find European women on holiday much more promiscuous. It’s something about being away from they do seem to let their inhibitions down. Also, the cost of vacationing at amazing locations like Phuket, Thailand for $25 a night on Airbnb, is ridiculously affordable.

Poland-How to date Hotter women internationally?

  • Poland, Dating gurus have said that Polish women are less attractive than Russian women are but more attractive than German women. That statement is definitely subjective rather than objective, but there are rationales for that opinion. But if you find Eastern European women attractive, you will see your options more limited for travel; recently with Ukraine and Russia at war. United States citizens arr not traveling to either country in the immediate future. But Polish women consider themselves Central European, not Eastern European. When looking at women to date internationally, I am looking for beautiful women who are open to dating short term or quickly. Polish women are very sincere and conservative. They are open sexually, but they are family oriented and conservative. Birth-control, keep in mind most polish women are not on birth control unless they are already in a serious relationship, as always practice safe-sex. Polish women like to drink and party at night clubs. They are less materialistic than some women from other countries. The history of Poland is important to Polish women; the struggle the country has had against communism. They feel a strong connection to the culture, which includes the food. And their family is important to them. But most polish women would be open to dating a man from the United States. The cost of living in Poland is lower than the United States; you can rent a very nice Airbnb there for under $90 USD. It’s obviously not as inexpensive as Asia or South America, but still there is a boost to your SMV dollar in Poland.

Hungary-How to date Hotter women internationally?

  • Hungary, Hungarian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are family oriented and most Hungarian women want to be married and have children by age 30. Hard working, ambitious, and straightforward; if you say something they do not agree with, they most likely will tell you to your face. Perfectionist about their personal appearance they tend to be critical of themselves. Hungarian women are not shy about having fun and like to party. They will not likely turn down shots of palinka. Many men say that Hungarian women are superficial and will be easily attracted to high-value men who demonstrate a great physique or some level of financial status. Becaus they are perfectionist about their appearance, it’s easy to find examples of beautiful Hungarian women who are in their thirties and forties who are still single but monkey branching to find a higher value man. Budapest makes for a great location to meet attractive European women and the cost of a nice Airbnb there is only around $100 USD.

Colombia-How to date Hotter women internationally?

  • Colombia, it’s no secret that Colombian women are some of the most beautiful women in South America. The cost of living is so much lower than the US and with some of the economic factors in the country, it has made life so much harder in the country. Fleeing refugees from Venezuela has lowered the standard of living in Colombia. Medellin, Colombia, is one of the best-kept secrets for beautiful mountain locations to visit. One person could stay at an Airbnb with a very nice view and a pool for under $60 a night. I dated a Colombian woman. She was sexually open and was well aware that Colombian women were very attractive. She was pretty but didn’t consider herself to be pretty because of the competition in her home country. Actually, I dated 2 Colombian women and yes; they are looking for men from the United States.

Brazil-How to date Hotter women internationally?

  • Brazil has the most sexually open and sexually aggressive women. In fact, if you do not make a move on a Brazilian woman within the first few minutes of meeting her, she will most likely think that you are not attracted to her. This beautiful country may not have the most beautiful compared to Colombia, nor as low a cost of living, but they make it up in how eager they are to party. Airbnb rates in Sao Paulo, Brazil are actually very affordable even for a nice place. You could rent a loft with a view for $908 a month!

Iceland-How to date Hotter women internationally?

  • Iceland, maybe hit or miss. It’s a beautiful country with a very open sexual lifestyle. The dating philosophy in Iceland seems to be “fuck now and date later”. Most twenty-year-olds in Iceland wouldn’t consider dating unless they fucked first. Of course, the low population means that a lot of the same people have fucked the same people. I’m uncertain how racially diverse Icelanders are. Are they open to interracial dating? It probably depends on the person. This location was not picked for the number of women or the low cost of living, which is not too high compared to the USA, but the unique openness to sex the culture has. Iceland is not as inexpensive to visit as Poland or Hungary. You may have to spend $200 USD a night for an Airbnb rental. The most common language spoken in Iceland is Icelandic. Icelandic ranks as one of the most difficult languages to learn. But you shouldn’t have a language barrier because most Icelanders speak English fluently as it is required in schools. Iceland has had four winners of the Miss world Competition and has a reputation for making supermodels. The culture in Iceland has shame free dating for women. Meaning they don’t get a negative stigma for having one-night stands, but if they are not into you, they are not into you.

In Summary- How to date Hotter women internationally?

A simple way to upgrade your SMV is to travel to foreign countries and meet attractive females and show that you are a high value male. Don’t think that just because you travel to a foreign country that you will automatically go from a dud to a stud. But you have a better chance of going from a 6 to a 7.5 or a 8 to 9.5. The upgrade in value can be felt, but you still have to work on yourself and be that interesting person. Remember, it’s up to you to be more attractive by leveling up your SMV score by becoming physically fit, financially secure, and the most interesting man you can be.

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