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Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you.

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you.

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you. Why build your Financial empire? Why would the women will find you? Most people will say things like; “Money can’t buy happiness,” and “Money isn’t everything,” or “Money can’t buy love.”

But unfortunately most people who say that are broke. And being financially independent is one pillar of demonstrating high sexual value as a man. And if I had to choose one to work on, if you lacked all of them it would be money.

(As a man.) Can you be sexually attractive and broke?

Yes and no, here’s why:

  1. Yes, in the case of perceived future financial potential. Examples of this, college star athletes who are broke but have a likely promising, and lucrative sports career after college. Another example would be Medical students, Law School Students or being a student at with high potential earnings. And even more common, young attractive musicians, rappers or almost pop stars with promising careers that look like they are on the cusps of success but still broke.
  2. But, if he has potential but fails to achieve that potential in a reasonable time, his SMV will plummet. A college football player that fails to go pro, or Pre-Med Student who flunks or a College graduate who fails to pass the Bar Exam, or fledgling musician that ages past his prime and still living in his parents basement will soon lose all the credit his chosen profession has given him.
  3. No, because only women with low SMV would be interested in a broke or poor man. High value women want extremely high value men. Women’s expectations on the high-side of the spectrum are ridiculously high. Low value women have low expectations. It’s not to say if you have everything else going for, you can’t get laid; it’s just more challenging. But we are interested in attracting hotter women. Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you.

Why should you focus on solving the money problem first?

But I know a guy who is broke and has a hot girlfriend, so why should I focus on this first? I just explained in a few previous paragraphs why some men have attractive women and are broke, but I want you to know that is an outlier. Even if a guy can get a hot girl pregnant while being broke and keep her around for a while, it’s not likely to last. Money answers all things.

“Money isn’t everything, but it ranks up there with oxygen.” – Zig Ziglar.

Reading the “Mystery Method,” a pickup artist step-by-step approach, that claims you don’t need money to get lucky with attractive women, it shows a major contradiction in the book. Namely, Mystery claims you should go out four nights a week and practice hitting on women, using his method. But think about the obvious problems with this. You need a good wardrobe to go out on these four nights, a little drinking money or money for dining out, gas for your car or money for Uber. The average working stiff would be going broke and be distracted from his real concern, becoming excellent at his career. Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on building your war-chest before going into battle?

Money can’t buy love, or can it?

Although it won’t buy love, and yes, it will buy sex-workers, but it will buy pickup game or approach coaching, a wardrobe, a nice home that creates an environment or set up, it can buy a luxury car that demonstrates status, and it can give you mobility to travel all around the world to where more dating options for men exist.

Money can’t buy love, but it can damn sure give you more options for meeting women. Financial security ranks high on women’s hierarchy of needs from an evolutionary standpoint.

Are there lonely rich guys?

Yes, of course there are. But they have other blind spots that they haven’t worked on yet. A wealthy man who cannot pick up attractive women is as much an outlier as a poor man who has an attractive girlfriend. You can’t be physically obese, socially inept, and boring while rich and expect to attract more than prostitutes and gold-diggers. But I would rather be all of those and rich than all of those and broke.

Financial Independence means mobility.

Because, being able to go out and do what you want when you want where you want give you freedom and options. Not just being paycheck to paycheck broke living in a rented house and an over leveraged car loan, but financially free. This means being able to create an adventurous life, where you build your financial empire and women will find you.

“Money doesn’t make the world go round, but it pays for the trip.” – Jim Rohn

To be completely clear, chasing women is a waste of time. That way to get all the women you could ever handle is to attract women. You attract women by becoming attractive to women. Highly attractive women are attracted to men that women find highly attractive. It’s simple! Women are attracted to independent men. The clearest way to be independent is through making money your bitch.

Women want men who are financially independent leaders.

This means they want a man at or above the current financial status and this goes double for high-value women. Women scoring low in SMV may compromise here, but high value women do not. Guys, its clear, build your financial empire and women will find you. You got to become Batman before you can fuck Catwoman. Save yourself some pain and injury to your ego. Or not, go do the opposite of this and see how fun it is…SMH

But I can’t find any super-models who want to play on my yacht!

Said no millionaire ever! But you don’t even have to be a millionaire to be attractive to beautiful women. Women can smell success. And they want to be with the horse that is winning. As you begin to get good at making money, it will build your confidence with women, as it should.

Honest advice-Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you.

If your car and your apartment look like pieces of shit, your chances of landing a hot girlfriend are slim to none. God forbid you have no car, and live with your parents or sleep on your friend’s couch. If any of these are the case, your only concern should be hustling. And learning how to create, aka “earn”, more money.

“Fuck women and stack currency.” -Some Frat-boy told me this, but it’s worth repeating.

Chasing women is always a bad idea. Let them come to you. But’s not even a good idea to bother trying to seduce women correctly when you are broke. You should use your limited resources to build your financial empire.

Build Your Financial Empire First and Women will find you.

You want to be treated like a king? Build an empire. You will meet a lot of pretty girls if you carry yourself like royalty. I know a lot of people will say I am being narrow minded and a lot of guys who are broke get women. Yes, gang members, con-artist and almost famous people, but it never ends well.

Become exceptional at earning and multiplying money.

All you need to do is get bad-ass at making big money. This isn’t too complicated. There are only a few ways to do this. 

  1. Get a job that has initials at the end of your name: CFO, CEO, MD,DO,ATTY and many more. This requires a full college education and working your way up the rat-race, but for some people who like corporate drama, it works.
  2. Owning your own business.

Making Money Multiply.

Once you get good at earning money, you got to get good at making your money work for you through investing. Don’t let anyone lie to you. This is where the generational wealth has the advantages. People with generational money know the importance of investing, how to pay the least in taxes,managing credit, the importance of lawyers and estate planning.


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