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10 Unexpected places to meet hot women.

Before we get into 10 unexpected places to meet hot women, you must know there is no shortage of beautiful women but beautiful women have no shortage of opportunities for attention from men. So one of the important reasons to have a real abundance mindset with women is that the opposite will destroy you. Scarcity mentality is not your friend.

When you focus on one-ites.

When you get “one-ites”? It usually means your focus is on one woman you want and not your goals. This is not about having a committed relationship with one woman but the pursuit of one woman. Obsessive focusing on trying to get one woman’s attention, callbacks, text message response, because she’s the one! It’s a fool’s game. Never chase women.

What happens when you have one-ites.

She has all the power and loses interest in you. What is going on in the world of “Beautiful AKA Hot” women’s lives? They get constant attention from men, attention on social media, attention at work, if they dress up, they get attention. Save the doggy slobber, they don’t need more attention from men. It’s not what will attract them.

What happens when you have an abundance mentality with women?

How do you feel when someone is desperate or seems to be wanting something from you? There is an awkward feeling, a psychic wall, an inner knowing that this person wants something. Again want is synonymous with lack. But what if you have an abundance mindset about beautiful women? You are relaxed around her because you are not desperate. The Count Dracula fangs are not showing. You can be that 2% male who is not chasing her.

Expand your social network of beautiful women.

10 unexpected places to meet hot women is just a reminder that just getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things is what you need to do to meet more women. More of the type of attractive women you desire to be with. But when expanding your social network to meet more beautiful women, remember to stay unattached to the outcome.

Staying unattached to the outcome keeps you in your power.

When reading the list of places to meet more beautiful women do the activity to meet more women giving you more experience in approaching them, but do not get hung up on the outcome. You never know what will happen when you successfully enter a woman’s social network.

10 Unexpected places to meet hot women.

  1. Out of town. One of the best things you can do to break out of a scarcity mindset around beautiful women is getting out of your area code. You don’t have to go far, even 45 minutes down the road to a nicer nightclub scene to meet women you have not seen before at the local meat market and they haven’t seen you either. Long-distance relationships are not what I recommend but just getting out of your paradigm can change things. Are you pigeonholed in your town or have you gone through the roster already? Moving to expand your social network is a great idea in many cases.
  2. Community Theater. From a straight male perspective, there are more females in theater than males and fewer heterosexual males in theater than the average population. Community theater is a social activity. You get to interact with different people in your community that you normally would not and you have opportunities to meet more women. Some will be pretty and some will not but this is a good place to develop social skills. * Side story: I had a crush on this younger woman who worked at the local grocery store. We had some banter at the checkout counter and I followed up with her but got shut down. Then I joined a community theater production, with no prior experience. I did not know that one of her friends was in the production. She saw me in the dinner theater show and we ended up at the same party later and then later she ended up on my couch and we lost her black panties in my couch. Social proof happened because her friends liked me and I was doing something cool.
  3. Somewhere doing something awesome. Somewhere may not seem like a finite place but if you are doing something awesome it will be. Think of the semi-pro bull rider in the rodeo, he’s at rodeos, he has the opportunity to meet cowgirls. The upland coming musician doing gigs at local or regional bars and festivals. The dirtbiker, going to meets and events. The artist, selling his art at his exhibition or a street fair. Somewhere doing something awesome is vague but you see how having purpose comes back to creating new opportunities to meet hotter women?
  4. Join a Meetup Group with the interest you have. The concept of a meetup group is great for expanding your social network because you are going on activities with other singles who have similar interests. Hiking, photography, film, food tours, pub crawls…
  5. Take a wine tour or brewery tour, optional idea is to bring a good wingman or wing girl. Again it’s just  about getting out of your usual social network.
  6. Private parties. Take every opportunity to meet women when they are in relaxed social settings outside of public bars and nightclubs. It can be difficult to be invited to private parties if you have a dead social network from high school or if you have been stuck in a small town. So one strategy is to make friends. Do not just focus on only  picking up hot women but who are your friends who value you? Who do you value for support and encouragement? Who inspires you and pushes you forward for greatness? Your friends can introduce you to more friends who can open doors for social network expansion.

8. The Grocery Store

The grocery store, what a chill place to meet a woman. You are both checking the carb content on the back of the bag of almond flour and you start to talk. Any place where there is not high competition for a beautiful woman’s attention, like a bar, will be a good place to meet a beautiful woman. 

9. Dog Park

Dog park, if you have a dog and that is something you are into. There is no guarantee that beautiful women will be walking their dogs at the same time that you are at the dog park but if you love your fur baby chances are you could form a strong bond with a woman who has a similar connection to hers.

7. Yoga Class

Yoga classes are predominately taken by women and women who care about being in shape and beautiful. And they are a great way to get in shape too. If you have a desire to try yoga for yourself, do it. In fact, do whatever you can to get your body in a peak state because it will boost your confidence and boost your SMV. You could add spin classes and cross-fit classes, extreme body boot camp classes, and things like that to the list. Develop confidence talking to beautiful women because some of them will be at these places.

10. On the job

Hire her, I’m not talking about prostitution. But if you have a business, DJ or Live music,  or hobby that needs models for advertising, hire hot models for small gigs like promotional photography and public appearances and stay in touch and invite them to parties and events. Hot girls tend to know other hot women. DO NOT hit on them or Harvey-Weinstein-them instead befriend them. Once you are friends, maybe even ask them to introduce you to some new people. Drop hints that you are wanting to expand your social circle. Hot women will feel more comfortable talking to you when you are friends with hot women.

Expand your Social Network of Hot Women.

Do not have a scarcity mentality with beautiful women. These women are being bombarded with attention from men, getting stuck on just one is a bad idea. Be allusive, mysterious, and exciting by having options. Click Here to develop your consciousness and become self developed.

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