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The Gold Super Cycle.

Why is gold poised for an exponential revaluing? The gold super cycle. Why could it be the biggest investment opportunity of our decade? To understand the gold super cycle we are in, you must look at the history of gold, the history of monetary policy, the national debt and inflation. The Gold Spot Price is artificially suppressed. On the Comex […]

How to introduce your wife or girlfriend to BDSM.

Ever wanted to make your sex life more full of leather? Do you want to give or receive spankings? This is: How to introduce your wife or girlfriend to BDSM. A quick, easy way to jumpstart your journey into the kinky world of BDSM. And if you are interested in dominating your woman sexually, the odds are in your favor […]

A Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend.

Believed having a girlfriend had no other alternatives? Think again! Sex-bots are already available.. Here’s a Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend, a tangible cost benefit analysis. To make things simple, we will compare the most popular choice of a Sexbot in 2023 the RealDollx by RealDoll with a human girlfriend. Weighing the pros and cons of a human girlfriend versus […]

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you.

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you. Why build your Financial empire? Why would the women will find you? Most people will say things like; “Money can’t buy happiness,” and “Money isn’t everything,” or “Money can’t buy love.” But unfortunately most people who say that are broke. And being financially independent is one pillar of demonstrating high sexual […]

Why do women always date up and men date down?

Why do women always date up and men date down? Because of social evolution, women want to be led. Cut all the feminist bullshit out of the equation and look at the world as it is and not as you wish it should be. In primitive tribal days, the most eligible females would go with the strongest hunters and mate […]

What Is The Best Value Cigar?

Maybe you are like me and are a new cigar enthusiast and are wondering, what is the best value cigar? A few years ago I found myself working at a luxury hunting ranch as a sous chef. While I had some fond memories of cigar smoke, I was not yet a cigar aficionado. My first memory of cigars was my […]

Is being overweight ruining my sex life?

“Is being overweight ruining my sex life?”  If you are asking yourself, “Is being overweight is ruining your sex life?”. The answer is it ruining your sex life in proportion to how overweight you are. If you want to “Dick Her Down”, the goal is not to give your partner “OK Sex” but mindblowing and unforgettable sex. ADDRESSING THE ELEPHANT […]

The Zombie Apocalypse is here.

The Zombie Apocalypse is here! By Nate Plissken Did you ever think about how it would be like living in a “Zombie Apocalypse” like in the movie “Zombieland” or the show “The Walking Dead,”? Have you imagined walking by mindless masses who are just walking about going through motions, seeking to feed themselves and little else? What if I told […]