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How to get sexual with a woman?

How to get sexual with a woman?

So things are going well. How to get physical with a woman? You attracted her, and you made her feel safe and comfortable. How do you know when to move things forward sexually?

Knowing is half the battle.”


Before we go into how, it’s important to know when. Let’s cover the basics for how. Sexual escalation is about building physical contact and making it more intimate as you go along. It’s important to work on creating a sexual tension between both of you, as this will help build intimacy and connection.

How do you know she wants to get sexually physical?

How do you know if a woman is in to you? First, you should pay attention to her body language. If she’s leaning into you, touching your arm or playing with her hair, these are all signs that she is interested and in to you. Her facial expression will also tell you a lot—if she looks happy when she talks to you and if her eyes keep meeting yours, this usually indicates attraction and interest.

The best way to know if a woman is in to you is simply by listening. Does she ask questions about your life? Does she show genuine interest in what you have to say? Is there some flirtation involved? If yes, then chances are that this girl likes you.

How to get sexual with a women? Don’t misunderstand niceness for attraction.

This is so true because women are trained to be nice. To seem like a bitch, but at the same time, they are guarded. You don’t want to mistake a bartender’s kindness for sexual chemistry. But correctly reading her signs will mean the difference between being labeled a creep and getting laid.

Sexual escalation relies on both parties feeling attracted and comfortable with each other.

Learning how to escalate physically can be one of the most powerful tools in your pickup game.

This actually is very key in scoring or not.

“Success is when opportunity and preparation meet,” Author Unknown.

Author unknown.

Here are some bullet points to know if she is in to you:

She maintains and keeps eye contact with you.

– If She smiles warmly, laughs at your jokes, and shows genuine interest in what you have to say.

– She touches you lightly and often (e.g., on the arm or shoulder).

– When She leans into you when talking or listening to you.

– She asks questions about your life, family, hobbies, etc.

– There is some flirtation involved in conversations.

If she shows a few of these signs, proceed. And stop if she indicates any discomfort. If she has not demonstrated, at least two of these signs do not try to escalate.

When it comes to physical escalation, ensure that she is comfortable with all progressive steps as it will make her more likely to go further down the sexual path with you. Sexual escalation should always be a mutual decision between both parties, as this will make for an enjoyable experience.

One honest note is that the first move is the scariest. If you make a move to hold her hand or to kiss her, or to hug her and she does not reciprocate it, the emotional effect can be negative to your game personally.

She will let you know.

But understand if she doesn’t help escalate the sexual contact, then you have misread the situation, and she is not that in to you.

That’s why understanding how to Attract Hotter Women first is more important than just gaming them. Read my book: How to Attract Hotter Women.

We live in a real world. If I lied to you and said you can have any woman you want by saying particular lines, I would be just another charlatan.

The key is to get her to want you. Once you do that, the social intelligence that you need is to know how to move that forward.

Gradually Increase the intensity.

The key is to gradually increase the intensity and level of physical contact with each other. If done right, it can take things from flirty banter to a full-on make-out session!

Start off with light touches such as gentle strokes or brushing your hands against hers during conversation. Once she feels comfortable with this level of physical contact, move closer to her and be more intimate in your touching.

The human mind is very universal. We have a desire to be right. If she feels like she is safe and comfortable with you touching her hand. She wants to believe that she is right in doing that. And further small escalations are the way to go.

How to get sexual with a woman? Timing and Situation.

Timing depends on the situation. Are you on a date? Or are you approaching her at a bar or at the grocery store?

Sometimes with holding the first kiss can be beneficial to you on a date. You must respect your environment and the situation.

Honestly, when a woman wants to be taken, she is easy to get. This doesn’t mean she is a slut. It means she feels so good about you she can’t say no. If you have done your job attracting a woman, she will lead you to her bed. But sadly, some men need to be taught about physical escalation.

Obviously, when a woman looks you in the eyes and then looks at your lips, she is saying: “Kiss me.”

Women respond to physical touch while men respond to visual stimulation. Why do women respond to physical touch?

That is a mystery but, my personal experience is:

“A man can remember the body of a beautiful woman forever, and a woman can remember her first kiss, forever.”

The fact is that women are not stimulated as much by sexting as men are. But every physical touch that is wanted is more stimulating to women that men. That is why sexting a woman with dick pics is usually not a good idea unless she asks, and then it should still be done with caution.

Best practices for physical escalation.

  1. Touch her hand.
  2. Hold her waist.
  3. Touch the curve of her back.
  4. Touch her face. Even if you pretend to take something off her face. Like a nat.
  5. Kiss her cheek.
  6. Kiss her on the lips. This should not be done timidly. If you are going to kiss her, it should be a modest, full kiss with a hint of your tongue.

Advanced phyical escaltion.

If you have already made out and kissed her with a passionate kiss. Move her hands and place hers on your crotch, your manhood, your dick. This is only after several progressive escalations. But this move is more gradual than you grabbing her crotch. If this get’s positive reinforcement by her, it’s on.

At this point, you shouldn’t need any more coaching. Hopefully everything will be a green light from here.

If she puts up resistance, apologize and , realize you missed some signs.

Personally, I have never been to that point where that has happened because physical escalation is gradual.

You will know when you are in.

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