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Is being overweight ruining my sex life?

“Is being overweight ruining my sex life?” 

If you are asking yourself, “Is being overweight is ruining your sex life?”. The answer is it ruining your sex life in proportion to how overweight you are. If you want to “Dick Her Down”, the goal is not to give your partner “OK Sex” but mindblowing and unforgettable sex.


Firstly, yes if you are in any way obese you are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, because of blood flow. And you can treat the symptom but unless you treat the root cause it will only get worse.

Limp, lame, and lonely; you don’t want that. ED can be treated but when you are too overweight other health concerns are raised. ED medication may work now, but what if your heart cannot handle the strain with all the added weight?

Is being overweight ruining my sex life?

Secondly, you’re fat, it’s not attractive to women. Let’s be honest, life is not a participation trophy event. They aren’t throwing hot girlfriends out as consolation prizes. A 2016 study showed that women prefer men with a body fat percentage between 10-20%. Women found men with 16% BFP the most attractive.

Sex is as much a mind game as it it is physical. A friend of mine was telling me a story about a couple she knew. She said, this couple was fighting, but they were both in such great shape physically, that their sex life was fantastic. And they couldn’t think of separating because of that factor.

Who is she thinking of when she is having sex with you?

Does your naked body alone turn her on when she sees you? Women are sexual creatures. They hide that fact from us so well, because they don’t want to be seen as sluts. But women fantasize and think about sex.

She won’t tell you that you don’t turn her on anymore, especially if she loves you. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings but she fantasizes about other men like you think of other women.

Are you relegated to doggie style and missionary position?

Thirdly, if one or both of you are obese your sexual positions are limited. It’s not rocket science but it is physics. With all the extra weight and fat there is a loss of mobility. With enough added belly fat you would need a huge penis just to have average, good sex.

Sex is a mental and physical act as well as an emotional act.

Fourthly, if you are significantly overweight you are going to lack stamina. It’s going to be difficult for you to keep up. Is she going to be fantasizing about the glory days of her youth when she was pounded by athletic studs for marathon sex sessions?

Fifthly, being overweight can cause low testosterone and low libido. You may have lost all or most of your interest in sex because of your weight. Is she wanting sex regularly but you are not? There is no excuse for cheating, but there are reasons why men and women are tempted.

Sixthly, being overweight is killing your confidence and ruining your mojo. Don’t you want to be “The Man”? Instead of feeling horrible about yourself, and bringing that shame and self-loathing to the bedroom, become the change you are looking for.

When you are confident about how you look, you have swagger. It can’t hurt to be physically fit and know it. Even when you start improving your physical appearance, your confidence will start to grow.

What can you do about it?

Nothing, you are fucked! No that’s not true, I’m just being an ass. This is one area of your life you can change. If you really want to change you can create massive results in your physique. Over time by changing a few things in your diet and exercise you can sculpt your body the way you desire.

Decide what you want.

You have to decide what you want and what you’re willing to give for it. Common knowledge of weight loss and bodybuilding states it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and it’s both those things. But before we lift heavy stuff and throw out the sugar and fast foods, consider your mind. Your mental picture of what you choose to focus on is the most important thing.

Create a mental picture of the body you desire to have.

Always frame your goals in the positive not the negative. Don’t focus on not being fat, instead focus on being ripped. Look at pictures in men’s fitness magazines. Cut out pictures of the body type you desire for your goal. Remember women prefer not overly skinny or muscle-bound guys on average. Women seem to be genetically programmed to be attracted to healthy-looking men. That varies and so make yourself happy first.

Create a positive “I am statement about your physique.”

Your statement should begin with I am and sound something like this, “I am now so happy and grateful now that I have a flat stomach and a toned chest and muscular arms and I am highly attractive to the opposite sex.”

Start making this “I am” statement and your subconscious mind will start to work on your behalf and start to make your statement more truthful by motivating you to go to the gym and eat right.

Ideas for Diet and Exercise

The information is all out there online. You have to find a nutritious lifestyle around eating that works for you and you must find ways to exercise that work for you. Seek professionals and people you know who have great results. Get second opinions till you find the routine that works but do something.

Things that have worked for me.

  1. Getting a gym membership and going every day or everyday possible.
  2. Keto
  3. Protein Shakes
  4. Running

Is having great sex important to women?

Why is having great sex important to women? Because men are more openly focused on sex, some men assume having great sex is not very important to women. They are wrong!

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