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Do men want sex more than women?

Do men want sex more than women?

Do men want sex more than women? Or do women want better sexual relationships? I recently watched a TikTok video where a grown man was explaining how demoralized it felt to have his girlfriend or wife stop wanting to have sex with him. This disturbed me. Do men want sex more than women? Or do women want better sexual relationships? A certain segment of men complain about their partners losing the desire for sex after a few months or years in the relationship. Honestly, I experienced this with my first marriage when I was 21, but have never had this problem ever since.

It’s not me, it’s you?

Do men want sex more than women? Or do women want better sexual relationships? It seems that the blame is put on the women who aren’t wanting sex from them. But do these women not want sex? Or could it be they just don’t want sex with those men who are turning them off?

Fifty Shades of bored.

Women want men who turn them on and lead them on sexual adventures. They also want men who know what they want and do not have to be told what to do. Sex is not just a series of mechanical movements with a woman, it’s a mind fuck. If she is bored, take responsibility, because you are the one who has bored her. This leads back into our question, Do men want sex more than women? Or do women want better sexual relationships?

Baring Life-Events.

This is not to say there are no life events that have made her lose interest in sex. Postpartum or pregnancy and a new child will cause her emotions and hormones to be thrown off, or worse a death in the family, some things cannot be helped. But barring major life events, there is an underline reason she does not want to have sex.

Lost attraction and Lost respect.

Is she no longer attracted to you? What has been the factor? Has she been the primary income earner and has taken more responsibility in the relationship than she wanted? Have you become a fat and flabby beta-male? Why are you not turning her on anymore? If you cannot arouse her anymore, then you must get to the root of the problem.

My Personal Experience with Sexual relationships in the last 16 years.

My marriage to my first wife was a tragedy. We had two wonderful children together but no connection in our relationship. It ended in divorce. During the marriage, there was very little sex.

If you make sex exciting and fun for her, she will want it more and more. That’s what I found in my preceding relationships.

The Power Structure of Sex.

My first wife never seemed to want sex from me but I wanted it all the time. She could have sex whenever she wanted to but I had to wait till she was in the mood. Something was off. What it came down to was I was not what she wanted. Consequently, I wasn’t getting my job done in the bedroom. I could make her cum with my mouth but rarely if ever with penetration from sex. But it wasn’t just that, I wasn’t earning very much money and we rarely ever talked. 

We were not in love but I just wanted sex from her. There was no romantic playfulness, and no give and take banter. I was not providing a fun sexual experience. Wake up, it’s the man’s job to supply the fun sexual experiences. You must compose and orchestrate a symphony of pleasure and adventure. She will play her role if you direct her well.

Never a shortage of desire.

After that first marriage in my twenties, I never experienced a lack of desire from a woman who was my sexual partner. Partly because you have to date when you are single and you shouldn’t settle with a woman who is not highly attracted to you. That being said, my first wife when we were dating was horny all the time. After we were married and had a child we experienced some financial hardships and she lost respect for me and rarely wanted sex from me. But it was more than that.

A hard lesson.

It’s a hard lesson when you realize the woman you are with has lost respect for you. Also, there were other factors. If not for her becoming pregnant and we possibly may have broken up. I did not make her a priority in any kind of way after we were married, I stopped pursuing/leading her, she was just a necessary evil. I needed to get laid every once in a while and she was there.

Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday made up by greeting card companies to make money. But Valentine’s Day is a good example of how a woman will behave if she feels loved and led intelligently. You must dominate her heart, that is part of “Dicking Her Down”. Trying to explain something so intangible is difficult to do. But being thoughtful and planning things for these important days is a symptom of where you are at as a leader of your sexual relationship.

Make Her Feel So Good.

You make her feel so good physically and emotionally that she can’t bear to think of waking up without you. When a woman is feeling in love she will wake you up to suck your dick, that is a true statement. She won’t just have sex with you, she will dress up for you, she will initiate sex. Your actions are causing this or causing an opposite effect.

Sex is just part of the adventure together.

I can’t imagine a scenario anymore where the woman I am with isn’t constantly wanting it. But that happens because we are so active together, doing things we both love together. Taking trips and adventures. You find a woman who compliments your life. She doesn’t make your life; she joins your adventure in progress.

Most men who complain their significant other doesn’t want sex anymore are just boring. These men have no purpose, direction, or drive. They are not providing exciting new experiences, and they stopped being warriors. Be like Conan the Barbarian, don’t be like Marty McFly’s Dad on Back to the Future. You must realize life is the octagon, except it’s not a zero-sum game. We are fighting against ourselves.

What version of you are you?

Are you the dangerously active and achieving version of yourself? Or are you the passive, lazy version? What part of your life is holding you back, your finances, your fitness, your ability to communicate and be spontaneous with your partner? Do you respect yourself? Do you have low self-esteem?

It’s not natural.

If a woman doesn’t want to have sex with her man, it’s simply abnormal. That means there is a problem. Usually, that means you are the problem but not 100% of the time. Sometimes there are hormonal imbalances some women have. Get it all checked out, do not settle for sexless relationships. Are you the problem or something else? Be brave and figure it out and make the changes that you must. Email me at nate@nateplissken.com and comment on this. I want to help you get the results you desire.

Want to spice your relationship up?

I hope you can better answer the question: Do men want sex more than women? Or do women want better sexual relationships? Maybe you want to spice your relationship up with your wife or girlfriend, but don’t know how. Read my blog post “Girls just want to have fun with sex toys.” Let this blog give you some ideas that you could enjoy with your partner.

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