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Attract Hot Women by becoming a physical beast.

Attract Hot Women by becoming a physical beast.

Become a physical beast. Attract Hot Women by becoming a physical beast.

How to Attract Hot Women by becoming a physical beast. A lot of things in life are not fair. Some people are born with money being passed down to them by their parents on varying levels. While other people are born with less than nothing because of the state of poverty in their birth. And likewise, some people are born with good genetics and others with poor genetics.

But if a debilitating disease does not handicap you, physical fitness is one thing you can have more control over if you want it bad enough. By becoming physically fit, you separate yourself from a lot of men in varying degrees of success.

Does being a physical alpha male matter?

Well, think about this scenario: Two men of equal financial status are interested in the same woman, LOL it could happen (It happens). One man is slightly more rich than the other but he is overweight and the other man has almost the same financial status as the other but is ripped, toned and healthy. Which guy has the highest probability of getting the girl? If all things are equal, it’s the ripped guy. Why? Confidence for one. The physical alpha will be more confident in that scenario.

What do women want from a man physically?

They want a man to be dangerous. That means strong and capable. If you were in a physical struggle of life or death, she wants to know that you could defend her. Some women have expressed to me that they want their man to weigh more than them and be strong. Most women do not find bulky bodybuilder physiques of men to be ideal.

Women love abs.

If you look at the cover of romance novels, you will find that women fantasies over abs. I had a friend of mine tell me how much women love abs once and I didn’t believe him, but I do now. You don’t even have to have a six-pack to get their attention. A two or four pack of abs can make an impression.

For most men just lose the gut.

But let’s talk about real life. For most men, if they could lose their beer bellies and have a flat stomach with no abs, that would be an improvement. When you are 18 years old, having abs is exciting, but a lot of men who are in their forties are so far out of shape they can’t see that goal at first. You need to realize that if you are obese; you are handicapping your potential to attract hot women. That doesn’t mean you can’t at all, but why make it hard on yourself?

Beautiful women, 10s want it all.

Some men mistakenly only focus on making money or working out and having a great body, but the real truth is women who score very high on the SMV scale want it all. They want a man who has financial independence, and is a physically fit and has great communication and relationship skills and has a very interesting and exciting life. Unfortunately, there are some things you can’t change. Like how tall you are. Some women want a man who is 6’2″ or taller if you are 5’8″. Then that is something you can’t fix but there are plenty of fish in the sea.

What stops men from leveling up physically?

Most men believe that if they had sexier bodies, they would be more attractive to women. So what stops them from leveling up their physiques? Hopelessness or the lack of faith that they can change their own physicality stops most men from improving. If you knew you could change things with your physical body and that it would be worth it, then you would more likely to take action.

But unfortunately, many men are in varying states of hopelessness. Not to mention the stress of earning a living and leveling up financially may take priority and leave this one essential factor on the back burner. If you knew your effort would produce results and make a difference, you would take action.

Everything in your life spills over.

In reality, everything you do in life spills over. If you have bad eating habits and are obese, it will affect your ability to be dominant in business. Consequently, the reverse is true: if you take control of your physical body, it will affect your mental and emotional state, which will cause you to be more effective in your business or job and cause you to be more successful financially.

Even small improvements make a difference.

I think this is what stops people from making the changes they need to. They just look at the big improvements as too far removed. But if you can level up physically by one degree, that changes things for you on your SMV scale. Maybe before only women you attracted were like 5s and 6s but now by improving your physicality, maybe 7s will be interested in you. That matters, and as you build your physique, you can improve more, and your attraction factor improves, too. No one goes from 2 to 10 overnight. If your SMV is a 2, get to a 3 and keep climbing.

Ways to level up Physically and Attract Hot Women by becoming a physical beast.

  • Get a gym membership.
  • Drink more water.
  • Change your diet.
  • Buy workout clothes.
  • Walk.
  • Run.
  • Get rid of all the junk food in your house and never buy it.
  • Pick up heavy things and put them down and repeat the process. 
  • Play a sport.
  • Have sex.
  • Do a cleanse.
  • Join a bootcamp challenge.
  • Drink apple cider vinager.
  • Keto.
  • Paleo.
  • Martial Arts.
  • Do something every day to break a sweat.
  • Get a workout partner. Another guy or even a woman who works out to improve him or herself. 
  • Ask a friend of yours who is a woman what looks sexy to her as men are concerned. This can give you motivation.
  • Stop watching YouTube and go for a walk; move and keep moving.

Don’t despise small beginnings.

Something my grandmother told me a long time ago was do not despise small beginnings. That is significant to you because leveling up most of the time is going to be like grinding on a video game. It means you level up over-time. You probably didn’t get your beer belly in 3 months but in 3 years. But it doesn’t have to take that long to level up physically and become more attractive to women. Just realize that if your physical prowess on the SMV is a low 4, getting it to a 5 is a big deal. But it may not seem like you have made that big improvement yet—don’t get discouraged. You can’t jump from a 4 to a 6 in physical SMV.

Becoming a Physical Beast will benefit you in multiple ways.

We attract women by being physically fit men. But also by being a physical beast it will boost your confidence and women love men with confidence. Even the act of working out can clear your mind mentally and relieve stress. Being mentally strong and clear-headed will help you in your quest to become a financial beast. These are some of the clearest shortcuts to attracting women. Working out and eating well treating your body with some respect will give you something no one else can. That is self-respect.

In Summary–Attract Hot Women by becoming a physical beast.

This is not an ultimate workout guide to getting sixpack abs, but a simple reminder of what you can do to attract hotter women. If there is a hot girl who has put you in the friend’s zone, nothing could make her rethink her dismissal of you than getting ripped. Getting ripped may take some time, but do you want to date hotter women? Keep in mind because of social media, this one thing is easy to prove and show off once you attain it. Hot women like to have a hot guy holding their hands. Because they are superficial. And having a hot partner or date makes you look more desirable and they want that too.

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