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Deep pleasure zones—One more reason why size does matter!

I thought I knew it all when it came to the female body, specifically the vagina. Deep pleasure zones—One more reason why size does matter! It turns out I learned something new and tested it out too. So let’s review the power points of her ladybits. Well, just beneath a woman’s perineum (that short bridge of tissue between the vaginal […]

How to introduce your wife or girlfriend to BDSM.

Ever wanted to make your sex life more full of leather? Do you want to give or receive spankings? This is: How to introduce your wife or girlfriend to BDSM. A quick, easy way to jumpstart your journey into the kinky world of BDSM. And if you are interested in dominating your woman sexually, the odds are in your favor […]

Kinky Valentine’s Day’ gift ideas.

Kinky Valentine’s Day gift ideas depend on your relationship with your partner. You have to make the judgement call on what is the right level of kink. When choosing a kinky gift for your partner. Maybe you should give a gift that is a mixture of naughty and nice. An example would be candy, flowers, and lingerie. But this article […]

How to go down on a woman.

How to go down on a woman. Of course, I’ve never met a woman who didn’t like good oral sex. And what man doesn’t love it performed on himself too? But how do you become a punani eating master? Here’s your mini-master course on cunnilingus. Don’t be scared. I remember vividly the first time I got close up and personal […]

How to Be Lonely Forever and Never get laid?

How to be lonely forever and never get laid? Well, I know how. So I have this friend I lost touch with but recently reconnected on Facebook with. He’s very lonely and depressed. I could help him with but he will never take my advice. He’s too blinded by his situation that he has no self perception. And he’s unwilling […]

Some Girls Like Anal Sex.

Some girls do and some girls don’t, but some girls really do like anal sex! In this article, we answer all the questions about anal sex. The questions that you were too embarrassed to ask your mother about. But before we go into why, some women like having anal sex. Let’s talk about why guys like having anal sex with […]

Sex Toys For Men.

Sex Toys For Men. Some men are too intimidated to use sex toys. But they shouldn’t be. The reason for the insecurity is that they believe that using a sex toy means that they alone are not enough. But even sexual beasts, who are experts in bed, can add spice to the bedroom by occasionally using a toy. A sex toy is […]

Kinky Sex Idea #99 Toy your Partner in Public

So I have a naughty idea. Call it Kinky Sex Ideas #99 Toy your partner in Public. If you are lucky enough to have a kinky partner, please share this blog with him, her, or them. Toys are fun but isn’t it even more fun to play with toys together? And some toys you can wear underneath your clothes. So […]

A Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend.

Believed having a girlfriend had no other alternatives? Think again! Sex-bots are already available.. Here’s a Sex-bot Vs a Human Girlfriend, a tangible cost benefit analysis. To make things simple, we will compare the most popular choice of a Sexbot in 2023 the RealDollx by RealDoll with a human girlfriend. Weighing the pros and cons of a human girlfriend versus […]

Confidence is the ultimate panty dropper.

Confidence is the ultimate panty dropper. But over confidence and self-deluded arrogance is not. So how do you use self-confidence correctly to win women over? Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. Henry Ford But belief comes from knowledge. Your self-worth comes from hard work. That’s why it’s best to not chase women but […]

Keep Her Wanting More.

Nothing is harder than winning back a woman’s lust and attraction. It’s much easier to find a new woman and seduce her than to jump-start a love affair that has fizzled out. That’s why it’s important to keep her wanting more. You do this by moving things forward at a pace that keeps her interested and feeling comfortable and safe […]

How to get sexual with a woman?

So things are going well. How to get physical with a woman? You attracted her, and you made her feel safe and comfortable. How do you know when to move things forward sexually? “Knowing is half the battle.” GI-Joe Before we go into how, it’s important to know when. Let’s cover the basics for how. Sexual escalation is about building […]

The path to making her want to take it all off.

As men, we all know that glorious moment. After one or several great dates, and everything has gone right; she is kissing you and giving you the green light. “The Panty Drop” may be the moment that she says: “I want to fuck,” or “Do you have a condom?” or she literally may just start taking off her clothes, including […]

Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Many women will go on and one about how size doesn’t matter. The constant line is it only matters if you know how to use it. While other women will blatantly admit that yes, SIZE MATTERS! BMC Women’s Health. According to a 2001 BMC Women’s health study, they surveyed 50 sexually active women. They asked if penis […]

7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

1. He doesn’t care how much money you make.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you. Firstly, ladies of the 7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you, is that he doesn’t care very much about how much money you make or how important your job is. Yes, he is proud of your accomplishments. […]

The importance of kink in a relationship.

Why is there the importance of kink in a relationship, anyway? Each person making up a relationship is different. So what one person considers kink compared to another person may be considered as vanilla. But women’s fantasies about sex would surprise most men. The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported: Women think about sex. While men think about sex more often […]

Why do women love men with BDE?

Ever asked yourself: “Why do women love men with BDE?” They seem to be drawn to these confident secure men with swagger. Big dick energy—is it a real thing? And if so, what is it? For one, it is a calm confidence. Think about it? If you know you have the biggest dick in town, you don’t have to go […]

Does watching porn boost your testosterone for good workouts?

Does watching porn boost your testosterone for good workouts? Have you heard of The Mystery of the sex transmutation? First I recommend you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In Chapter 11 Napoleon Hill wrote about “Sex Transmutaion”. The Mystery of The Sex Transmutation. The concept of “The Mystery of the Sex Transmutation” went over my head for […]