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Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Many women will go on and one about how size doesn’t matter. The constant line is it only matters if you know how to use it. While other women will blatantly admit that yes, SIZE MATTERS!

BMC Women’s Health.

According to a 2001 BMC Women’s health study, they surveyed 50 sexually active women. They asked if penis size had no effect. No woman in the survey said it added zero effect to sexual pleasure during sex. Of the 50 women in the study, 45 said that width mattered most during sexual intercourse and 5 said that length mattered more to sexual pleasure.

The Average Penis Size.

Science.org states that the average penis size when erect is 5.16 inches long. This is much smaller than what the public believes the average to be. I think disparity in the perceived average and the actual average is because of the popularity of porn. Obviously in porn the most extreme sexual performances will get the most views. Men with large penises are most popular in porn, but men with monster cocks are rarer than they lead us to believe..

According to the team’s analysis, the average flaccid, pendulous penis is 9.16 cm (3.61 inches) in length; the average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long. The corresponding girth measurements are 9.31 cm (3.66 inches) for a flaccid penis and 11.66 cm (4.59 inches) for an erect one.Mar 3, 2015.

Why some women say size doesn’t matter.

While size may make a difference to some women in enhanced sexual pleasure, many women are in happy relationships with men of average size penises. These women and even the men do not know they are average, but perceive they are less than average. But they are having very fulfilling sexual activity regularly. There are many other factors for sexual performance than size.

How to Dick Her Down.

You have heard the old, adage “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” But the premise of living your life to please your wife is a horrible strategy to have successful relationships with women or a satisfying life. In stead I offer you a new one: “Dick Her Down and she will stay around.”

When you know you can absolutely drive a woman wild in bed, your confidence goes way up. And confidence is an enormous factor in attracting hotter women.Why did I write this book?

Simply because twenty years ago, when I married my first wife, I knew nothing about sex and how important it is to have any power in a relationship. It took me many years of study and lots of trial and error to learn some key skills.

  • How much she really wants good sex.
  • How to outlast her every time. So that she has the big O every time.
  • How to get hard and stay hard.
  • What is BDE?
  • How your BMI matters.
  • What is female ejaculation and how to make her squirt?
  • Girls just want to have fun with Sex Toys…
  • How to increase the size of it…
  • The importance of kink in a relationship and much more…

Let me be clear, when you blow a woman’s mind in bed, you gain so much power in the relationship and when you underperform, she will have one foot out the door.

This book is an 18 and up read only! This is matter-of-fact and graphic advice about sexual performance for men with women.

Other factors besides size for sexual performance during intercourse:

  • Fourplay.
  • Oral Sex.
  • Anal sex, being too big, not so desired.
  • Sexual chemistry.
  • A strong emotional or romantic attachment to your partner.
  • Stamina or staying power.
  • Sexual versatility or creativity.

Size does matter, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

Size matters because it gives a man more confidence when he feels sure he can fill her up with his hard cock. It varies from women to women. Some women have tighter vaginas than other women. We are uncertain if it’s more of a physical or psychological reason that makes some women prefer bigger dicks.

Some women, that’s a fact that just as all men are not a like we can see trends and patterns but not all women are alike with their preferences. Some women are obsessed with big cocks as a fetish.

No, not really, as long as he knows how to fuck real good. 



On swinger websites you will see women who have taken the label of Hotwives and they seek with their husband’s permission to have sex with men with large penises. These men are called bulls.

Oh. Size doesn’t matter- effort does. Doesn’t matter what a man has between his legs as long as he’s putting in effort in the bedroom to please. -Angela 

If we are being honest.

If we were being honest, penis size matters, but how much it matters is up for debate. It probably matters more if you have a micro penis. But for most people, other factors matter more than your penis size. Also, if you have never had sex with a woman before, how should she know how big your package is yet? You at least in most cases have a chance of winning her over with your average size penis.

A notable number of women tend to say that those men who believe they have large dicks tend to also believe that all they need to do is show up, while men who don’t believe they have large dicks tend to make up for it by actually trying to learn about what pleases a woman in bed.

Porn Star Kayden Kross

You can make it bigger.

Not from pills and potions, but there are jelqing techniques and pumps that, when used regularly, can make the tissue in your penis stretch to be bigger when engorged with blood-flow when aroused during sex. Check out my blog post on making it bigger.

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