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Some Girls Like Anal Sex.

Some Girls Like Anal Sex.

Some girls do and some girls don’t, but some girls really do like anal sex! In this article, we answer all the questions about anal sex. The questions that you were too embarrassed to ask your mother about. But before we go into why, some women like having anal sex. Let’s talk about why guys like having anal sex with women.

Why some men like fucking girls in the butt?

It’s the taboo hole, the backdoor, it’s dirty and most of the time off limits. And naturally, whatever is forbidden, people tend to want. I have heard some women and men say, “Why would you want to fuck a girl in her asshole when she has a perfectly good vagina?”

The answer is: variety, it’s kinky, and it’s tighter. Depending on the woman, it could be much tighter. Especially women who have had multiple child births naturally. Another reason is it is sexually dominating her. When a woman gives her man permission to fuck her asshole, she’s giving him complete submission over her body. It’s a big turn on in the moment.

There are 3 types of men. One category is guys who like fucking women in the ass sometimes, secondly, men who prefer fucking women in the ass all the time. The third category is men who think fucking a woman in her butt is disgusting. I don’t know any guys in this category who really think this, but I believe they could exist.

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Why some women like or even prefer anal sex?

Some women like being dominated by men and like all aspects of BDSM lifestyle and relationships. Anal sex is just another way they can be submissive to their man, and it gives them a lot of pleasure. Also, many women have a difficult time orgasming from vaginal penetration anyway and rely on clitoral stimulation for orgasms. During anal sex, a woman can play with her clitoris and achieve an orgasm while her partner penetrates her anal sphincter. Anal orgasms for women? I will have to do more research on this, but from purely personal experience, I don’t know of any women who achieved orgasm from only anal penetration without clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

  • It makes her feel more submissive.
  • It’s an option for when she’s on her period.
  • She can’t get pregnant.
  • She can impress her partner with her super tight option.
  • It’s kinky.
  • Can be a prominent part of a BDSM fetish.

DP, Double Penetration.

One thing double penetration does for a woman is to make her vagina feel tighter because of the pressure from the neighboring hole. You can achieve this with a butt plug during intercourse. Butt plugs are great simple sex toys that can be a great way to ease into anal sex. And they can give a woman’s vagina a feeling of fullness when she is fucked vaginally.

Toys make Anal Sex better.

This is one of those fetishes that is really made better by using sex toys. The asshole is a sphincter that needs to be gently stretched before anal sex. By using butt plugs and other anal sex toys, you can gradually stretch her back door so it’s more enjoyable for her and possible for you. You can even use multiple butt-plugs during a fuck session.

A first time anal sex scenario.

So you want to try anal sex with your partner but she’s never tried it before and is nervous or tried it but has had a negative experience. What do you do?

  1. Talk to your partner. Is she into trying it? Express why you want to have anal sex with her.
  2. Plan a night to try anal sex. The emphasis here is “try”. If she says stop at any point, she needs to know you will stop.
  3. Buy the right kind of lube. Use plenty of lubrication. The vagina will self lubricate when aroused but the back door does not. Make sure she doesn’t have any allergies to lube. They make specific lube for anal sex. I found this really cool toy, which is basically a turkey baster for her ass hole. The concept of this toy is that you can get lube deeper into her ass hole which makes anal sex much easier. Also lube your penis as well.
  4. Buy an anal lube syringe if you can find one from your sex toy retailer. Use it to srriously lube her ass hole up. Fill it up with lube!
  5. Use a butt plug during foreplay and earlier. You can ask her to wear a butt plug hours before sex if you want to get her prepped really good.
  6. Get her turned on with foreplay and go down on her. You want to get her in a high state of arousal before attempting to penetrate her ass.
  7. Go slow. It’s better to have a good first experience with Anal sex that takes time than to be too enthusiastic and make her put on the breaks. When she says just the tip, guys just the tip.

Porn is not reality.

A lot of porn videos are misleading because they do not show the preparation for anal sex. The female porn stars do a lot of preparation with enemas and special diets before anal sex to make sure their anal cavity is clean or at least empty during anal sex. You may find that fantasy isn’t reality. Even find difficulty staying hard while penetrating her back door, which is necessary. No matter what happens, stay calm and patient with your partner.

Praise your partner.

If she is giving up her ass for the first time, be complimentary. Let her know how special she is and how much you appreciate how she is sharing this with you. You can still be complimentary from a dominate point of view.

Cons of Anal Sex.

Anal sex can be a lot of fun. But you need to know the risk of anal sex as well. I am not a doctor. Consult your doctor for medical advice when trying anal sex, but here are some footnotes.

  • Going from Anal to Vaginal Sex can cause a serious infection for her.
  • Be careful, the asshole is a sphincter and if not properly lubed, you can cause painful tearing.
  • Too much anal sex could be a cause of fecal incontinence.
  • It could cause a higher risk of rectal prolapse.

Other Best Practices.

  • Use condoms for easy cleanup.
  • Talk dirty, it’s more fun.
  • Be an adult. You may see some fecal matter on your penis or the condom covering your penis. Don’t make a big deal of this, making her uncomfortable. Have a towel or wipes handy.
  • Slap her ass.

When everything goes right with Anal Sex.

Here’s the best-case scenario of having anal sex with your girlfriend. After she agrees to try it. You have a pleasant night where she wears something sexy and a sexy butt plug underneath. You flirt with her, giving her plenty of foreplay. Sexual tensions start to rise as you kiss her and touch her body sensually. You go back to your bedroom and spank her ass as she climbs onto your bed.

“Bend over and arch your butt,” you say and she eagerly complies. You lick her pussy, bring her close to completion, but you stop before she climaxes. Then you slap her ass and tug on the butt plug. The one you had her insert earlier with lube. You use a Hitachi vibrator on her pussy while you inject more lube deep inside her asshole. Next, you toy her pussy while you slowly insert your penis inside of her. SLOWLY! She toys herself until you eventually are completely inside of her ass and she comes from clitoral stimulation from a toy and you cum inside her ass. And you slowly pull out of her tight asshole. Home-run everyone is happy. You kiss and eat pizza or smoke cigarettes.

Next Best Scenario.

You try everything in this scenario, but she says, “Ouch—stop,” so you stop, and take off the condom, rinse your dick off and resume foreplay and have vaginal sex with your partner. Be cool and you will be a cool guy.

Some girls love anal sex.

You will find some women who like anal sex all the time and will be easy participants. They may just spit on their hands and lightly lube their asses and say put it in my ass. Just use good judgement. A lot of lubrication and safe sex is the best policy.

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