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7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

1. He doesn’t care how much money you make.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

Firstly, ladies of the 7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you, is that he doesn’t care very much about how much money you make or how important your job is. Yes, he is proud of your accomplishments. But that’s not why he picked you. It’s unrelevant to him how accomplished you are in your career or financial success. This is why you see so many doctors and lawyers marrying their secretary. Men want women who will complement their lives. They do not want a woman to pay all their bills.

You may see examples of successful woman who have men that are basically their pets who make way more money than them and boss them around. Unfortunately, this is not what high value men want. And men who demean themselves to be with rich women are not really happy they are just transactional bottom feeders.

A double standard?

This may be confusing to women who want a man who earns or has the potential of ability to earn a large income. They may assume that men also want a woman who is self sufficient and financial set. It may not be a deterrent to the relationship on the surface and seems like a double standard but look closer. High income earning women tend to focus most of their time on their careers and may put certain things last. Things like their health and appearance may suffer and they come off as masculine more often than not.

Relationships are full of double standards.

Women overwhelming want taller men than shorter men. Is that wrong or just evolutionary? Men are happy taking care of women and do not look for women to take care of them. Men are attracted to younger women. While women tend to be attracted to older men. How much money you make is not on the list of what a man cares about.

2. He wishes you would be more feminine.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

Secondly ladies, and not not #2 to any of 7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you; is He wishes you would be more feminine. If you took ten men and asked them if they liked short hair or long hair on women, a majority will always say they prefer longer hair. Studies show that if the same woman has medium or long hair, they are rated more attractive to men than the same women having short hair.

You can scratch your head and ask why, but the simple answer is its more feminine. Men like feminine women because it makes them feel more masculine. Opposites attract. When women act masculine, it puts men in an awkward identity crisis mode. In that case, they have two choices, #1 be more feminine than their partner virtually reversing roles or being more masculine. The latter choice causes problems because if a man’s women is acting masculine, then he will need to act more masculine than her to be the more masculine one. When too much testosterone comes together, conflict is almost certain.

Examples of lack of feminine behavior in women.

  1. Always being the one to drive the vehicle or challenging him to drive all the time. Masculine men do not want to be in the passenger seat.
  2. Bossing him around and giving orders regularly. Talking in a masculine dominate argumentative voice.
  3. Dressing like a man. This should be obvious, because that differentiates the masculine female in a lesbian relationship. Never wearing make up. Wearing short hair.

A word of understanding.

I absolutely understand that in our society, women are expected to be more masculine because of the demands put on them by life and society and then they are criticized for not being feminine enough. I get it. But understand all the reasons that you act masculine do not change the way your behaivor effects your straight male partner negatively.

3. All he needs is sex and respect from you.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

More men than ever wish you understood, that #1 they want sex from you and #2 to be treated with respect as a man. Men don’t even have a need to be loved. This is a misconception. If a man feels respected, he feels loved. They have a need to be respected and honored. And they need sex. The constant text and saying, “I love you” is fine, but it doesn’t mean as much as showing him respect and giving him sexual intercourse and oral sex on the regular.

Ways to show you man respect:

  • Talk politely to him when in public.
  • Talk to him politely in private.
  • Ask his opinion on decisions when applicable.
  • Never dis him (disrespect him) publically, this should be a no-brainer, but many women do it. Do they hate their men? Maybe.
  • Honor him, serve him. Offer him food or a drink when he is thirsty. Bring him a beer. If most women brought their man a cold beer, their men would probably flip out with surprise, thinking aliens took over their women’s bodies. But they would be okay with it.
  • Take his side publically or shut up. Disagree privately.
  • Cook him dinner when he gets home and offer to make him a plate.
  • Bring him a cold beer.

Ways to give him more sex:

  • Fuck his brains out literally every kind of way anywhere and everywhere, as much as possible.
  • Follow Nate Plissken and buy sex toys to surprise him.

4. Make him look good.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

This goes back to respecting him, but also makes him look good by looking good. Men simply want a beautiful feminine woman on their arms. It’s an extension of how the world views him. Some women do not take care of themselves. Go to the gym and eat healthy. Your man will never tell you that it embarrasses him having an obese woman as his partner, but it’s not attractive to him.

We have talked about showing him respect in public and how he longs for that; so let’s focus on how you make him look good by how you act. While the way you dress is not a complete disrespect for him but to yourself and if you have no respect for yourself, it disrespects him. An example of this is showing up to his place of work dressed inappropriately. Every situation is different. You must know the appropriateness of his career. For instance, if he is a manager of business and you show up to his workplace in pajamas, or looking a wreck that disrespects him.

5. He desires to have sex with a lot of hot women.

Every man wants to have sex with hot, attractive women. If your man is saying no to sexual advances or possibilities for sex from more attractive women, he is making a sacrifice for you. Even if you are pregnant or working all the time or raising kids; he is thinking about having sex with hot women. Give the man the consideration of his sacrifice. Most men wish women know how crazy it feels to have so much testosterone running through their brains and body all day. Men think about sex all the time.

Women think about sex too, just not as much.

Some men mistakenly think that women don’t want sex. It’s proven women want sex even more after they reach 35. But if women could imagine how much they think about sex on their most horny day and then multiply that 3 times. I think that would be accurate. Have some sympathy for your men. He is thinking about how much he wishes he could have hot sex with porn stars all the time. But in most cases is not pursuing that desire, cut him some slack.

5. If he is trying to escape reality, it’s because his reality is boring.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

Men who drink too much, or watch sports obsessively, or play video games all the time, are doing that because their reality is not what they want it to be. Most of the time, this is not the woman’s fault. It’s because a man has not found his passion that he wants to chase. And it’s not bad to have hobbies. But life isn’t meant to live in some virtual world. Guys can find just as much fulfillment short and way more fulfillment long term by chasing a goal or quest in the real world.

Has your man sacrificed his identity to get you and keep you? Is your man lost? I am sure it’s not attractive to you either. But instead of nagging, find out what his passion is and why he’s not pursuing it. Obviously, this is not some fantasy world where you can do anything you want without worrying about the cost, but talk about it. Maybe he could find a career path that would be a compromise of money for your family and excitement for him.

6. He is tired of being the only initiator of sexual activities.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

Women are used to men pursuing them non-stop, but in a relationship, nothing should just be one way. Is he the only one creating scenarios for sex? Is he the primary initiator? Eventually, he will stop initiating if he is the only one putting in the effort. The solution is simple. Be proactive ladies. By sexy lingerie from time to time and surprise him. Don’t make it such a rare occasion that if things don’t perfectly, you never try again.

Think about all the times your man expressed a desire to have sex with you, but you said you were too tired. Percentage wise it may only be 5% of the time. Let’s hope and hopefully he was understanding. But imagine how rarely women express a desire to have sex? If a woman’s expressed desire is not met with immediate acceptance and speedy action, she may get offended and the fight is on. But it’s not the same for men. We are used to being turned down. But what if you initiate sex on a night that he is mad at you or you treated him poorly for some reason? He should want to condition you to feel good about initiating sex whenever and as much as possible. But that’s not how emotions work. It’s hard to turn them off and on.

Maybe men will always be the instigators of sexual activity, but we wish you would be more often.

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7.He wishes you would be more sexy.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

This is the bottom line, to the 7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you. We don’t care how awesome you are at your career, yes we love that you are a great mom, but that is not why we got with you. Guys get with terrible women because they are sexy. Ladies, your SMV is primarily based on your sex appeal as a woman. So why wouldn’t you start working out? And why not watch your eating patterns more carefully and dress to attract your man even after you get him?

Men are simple. Why do women act differently after they get a man than when they are looking for one? It’s simple. On the other hand, men do the same thing. They stop doing the things that attracted you in the first place, maybe its human nature. The moral to this is never stop improving. Life is an adventure RPG never stops leveling up. Obviously, nothing is ever equal. On rare occasions, a man gets a woman who is very sexy and attractive. Well he better be working on himself or she will get bored, eventually. Life hates unbalanced accounts, it always settles them somehow. This is not about what your man doesn’t know about you but instead, 7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you. So this can go in reverse, but I guarantee the points are different from what men want and what women want.

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