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Getting into a woman’s end zone.

Getting into a woman’s end zone means getting into the scoring range for sex with her. You want everything else working in your favor first. First you have to meet her, and secondly you should be attractive to her to start. And before we move past safety and comfort, let’s dive a little deeper. She wants a man who can […]

Acres of Gold is not a good deal.

I wrote a blog post about Acres of Gold last year about this new way of buying physical gold. The service automatically deducts money from your bank account until you reach a certain threshold and you purchase fractional gold bars like 2.5 grams, 5 grams and larger sizes. I wanted to like Acres of Gold. I liked the idea of […]

The path to making her want to take it all off.

As men, we all know that glorious moment. After one or several great dates, and everything has gone right; she is kissing you and giving you the green light. “The Panty Drop” may be the moment that she says: “I want to fuck,” or “Do you have a condom?” or she literally may just start taking off her clothes, including […]

Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Many women will go on and one about how size doesn’t matter. The constant line is it only matters if you know how to use it. While other women will blatantly admit that yes, SIZE MATTERS! BMC Women’s Health. According to a 2001 BMC Women’s health study, they surveyed 50 sexually active women. They asked if penis […]

Red-Pill Harem King by Nate Plissken.

Red-Pill Harem King by Nate Plissken, is about a guy named Harold. Harold Abercrombie’s life was falling apart, but somehow things all magically changed. Was it the hypnotist, or some magic tacos, or a mystical video game that changed his life? Now Harold is a Red-Pill Harem King with the world at his fingertips. He found the magical secret to […]

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you.

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you. Why build your Financial empire? Why would the women will find you? Most people will say things like; “Money can’t buy happiness,” and “Money isn’t everything,” or “Money can’t buy love.” But unfortunately most people who say that are broke. And being financially independent is one pillar of demonstrating high sexual […]

7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you.

1. He doesn’t care how much money you make.7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you. Firstly, ladies of the 7 things your man wished you knew but won’t tell you, is that he doesn’t care very much about how much money you make or how important your job is. Yes, he is proud of your accomplishments. […]

The importance of kink in a relationship.

Why is there the importance of kink in a relationship, anyway? Each person making up a relationship is different. So what one person considers kink compared to another person may be considered as vanilla. But women’s fantasies about sex would surprise most men. The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported: Women think about sex. While men think about sex more often […]

How to date hotter women internationally?

So how do you date hotter women internationally? There isn’t a faster life-hack in the dating world than dating in a different country, if that puts you in a higher social status and financial bracket. It would do you know good to visit a country where all United States citizens are hated or where the cost of living is higher. […]

How to invest in a Bear Market?

So you want to know, How to invest in a bear market? Like it or not, the US Stock market and much of the world’s markets are in a Bear Market. So How do you invest for profit in a Bear Market? Cash is trash. The US dollar may be doing better than other currencies in the world right now, […]

Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation?

Why not Bitcoin? With the risk of offending my readers, Bitcoin has no history of being a hedge against inflation. Nor has any other cryptocurrency been proven to protect wealth in times of inflation. But why? First of if Bitcoin is a store of value, what is its utility? Not a very useful currency. The volatility in Bitcoin and other […]

Is Masterworks A Good Investment?

This is an alternative investment class that I did not consider because it has traditionally only been for the uber rich. But if you follow the theory that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, it would make sense to capitalize on this. Wealth inequality is a terrible thing. But that being said—if you can’t beat them, join […]

Investing in troubled times.

Investing in troubled times could have alternately been titled “Investing during Stagflation” or “Investing in times of Market Volatility”. What do you do when you find that the investing world is not a safe place to park your money in 401ks and sit it and forget it? How can you be sure that when you are putting your hard earned […]

How to Micro-Farm like a Samurai.

How to Micro-Farm like a Samurai means having a clear focus and making decisions with your garden. But most amateur gardeners get very little yield out of their gardens when they grow a little of everything. Instead, recognise what you like to eat and plan your crops accordingly. Grow what you like to eat—schedule your crops. I would rather grow […]

Why do women love men with BDE?

Ever asked yourself: “Why do women love men with BDE?” They seem to be drawn to these confident secure men with swagger. Big dick energy—is it a real thing? And if so, what is it? For one, it is a calm confidence. Think about it? If you know you have the biggest dick in town, you don’t have to go […]

How to tell if you are Beta or Alpha in your relationships?

How to tell if you are Beta or Alpha in your relationships? Ask yourself what is a Beta Male or and Alpha Male? The Urban Dictionary defines a Beta Male as: “A Beta Male is a man who lacks masculine energy and adopts feminine characteristics, often faces problems or confrontations passive aggressively. A beta male is often taken advantage due to his “nice guy” persona. […]

What is better Vino Vest, Vint, or Cult for Fine Wine Investing?

Why Wine? Why wine? What is the intrinsic value of wine and the history of wine investing? Fine wine dominated historically by vineyards in France and other Mediterranean countries has shown real appreciation in value over the years. Finite and tangible, once a vintage has been recognized as high rated to peer vintage its scarcity is real. Unlike fiat currencies, […]

Does watching porn boost your testosterone for good workouts?

Does watching porn boost your testosterone for good workouts? Have you heard of The Mystery of the sex transmutation? First I recommend you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In Chapter 11 Napoleon Hill wrote about “Sex Transmutaion”. The Mystery of The Sex Transmutation. The concept of “The Mystery of the Sex Transmutation” went over my head for […]

Why do women always date up and men date down?

Why do women always date up and men date down? Because of social evolution, women want to be led. Cut all the feminist bullshit out of the equation and look at the world as it is and not as you wish it should be. In primitive tribal days, the most eligible females would go with the strongest hunters and mate […]

Sex and Pizza Day, is a great day for planned sex.

Sex and Pizza Day, is a great day for planned sex. After all the greeting card companies’ made-up holidays, isn’t it time we have a fun holiday? I propose that the day after Saint Patrick’s Day be a national holiday called: “Sex and Pizza Day.” A day where you can sleep in and order pizza and have sex all and […]