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Sex and Pizza Day, is a great day for planned sex.

Sex and Pizza Day, is a great day for planned sex.

Sex and Pizza Day, is a great day for planned sex. After all the greeting card companies’ made-up holidays, isn’t it time we have a fun holiday? I propose that the day after Saint Patrick’s Day be a national holiday called: “Sex and Pizza Day.” A day where you can sleep in and order pizza and have sex all and binge-watch TV series and movies all day from bed in between the sex and sleeping and eating Pizza. 

Why March 18th?

March the 18th would be the perfect day for “Sex and Pizza Day” because the day after Saint Paddy’s day you would be hungover and need to stay in bed anyway. Being hungover makes me horny. But even if you do not celebrate “Sex and Pizza day,” on the same day I observe it, having a planned sex day could be good for your sex life. 

Why Planned Sex is a good idea?

It’s something to look forward to. Planning sex builds excitement and gives you a reason to buy some new sex toys for your partner or buy some sexy lingerie for her. While spontaneous sex is a must in a relationship planned sex is also a great idea.

Why Pizza?

Being a Keto enthusiast, eating pizza is a rare treat for my girlfriend and me. What makes pizza great for this holiday is that it can be delivered! One day a year to sleep in and eat unhealthy but great tasting food can add to the pleasure. So mark it on your calendar for this year and next March 18th is Sex and Pizza Day.

The Little Black Dress could be a way to spice up Sex and Pizza Day.

Check out Micas.

Fun Ideas to Spice up Sex and Pizza Day:

  1. Request off from work in advance.
  2. Buy some pizza-adorned boxer briefs.
  3. Buy Some New Sex Toys to spice it up. (Handcuffs, Paddle for spanking, vibrators, lube, butt plugs, or anything you and your partner find fun and exciting.)
  4. Depending on what your partner likes, try watching  porn that you both would find arousing. Just make sure this turns your partner on during sex.
  5. Try playing a sex game. You can buy one or just make one up. Try writing down sex acts that you individually like and have your partner draw one and act it out for 10 minutes at a time.
  6. Get some BlueChew.
  7. Add a drinking game to Sex and Pizza Day. ( Like take a Drink every time you say the words of the day make a list, like Pizza, Fuck, or Anything you find fun.) Just make sure you don’t get too drunk to get it on lol.
  8. Buy your woman some sexy lingerie beforehand for the day.

Benefits of Planned Sex.

Experts agree that having sex regularly increases intimacy for couples. With busy schedules, the amount and quality of sex for couples may be lower than desired. Planning sex helps make sure you are having enough sex and can be fun for couples to anticipate. It can help bond couples together.

Best Practices with Planned Sex.

Be flexible and give your partner some grace. For instance, if your partner gets her period on Sex and Pizza Day, don’t act like a needy baby but let her off the hook graciously. You can still stay in bed and eat pizza and watch movies.  Maybe she will offer to make it Handjob and Pizza Day, or even better Blow Job and Pizza day if she is on her period.  Or have sex in the shower lol, if she is on her period. The bottom line is always be kind and considerate to your partner and Sex and Pizza Day will be a fun holiday.

If you are single, Sex and Pizza Day can be a great pick-up line.

So imagine you are out and about on Saint Patrick’s Day and you open with, “Tomorrow is Sex and Pizza Day. What are you doing to celebrate it?” Just explaining the holiday could be a fun conversation at a bar with a hot eligible lady.

Sex and Pizza Day could be a group activity!

Just an idea but if you and your partner are open to it Sex and Pizza Day could be a great day to add group sex to your relationship. Sex and Pizza Day could be the conversation opener to having a threesome or a foursome if you and your partner are open. Talk to your partner about your desires and listen to her as well. You may be surprised to find out she is more open than you had previously thought before.

Something for the squirter below…

The Main Thing.

The main thing is always to have fun with your partner and practice safe sex. Use birth control to avoid an unplanned pregnancy and use a condom to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Always be honest with your partner and have fun and enjoy each other.

Has your Sex Life gotten routine and boring?

Why not add “Sex Toys” into your Sex Life? Sex Toys could really nice up your Sex and Pizza Day fun. If you ant to know more about why sex toys read my blog “Girls Just want to have fun with sex toys” CLICK HER.

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