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Develop an Abundance Mentality to hot women.

Develop an Abundance Mentality when it comes to hot women. Because there is no shortage of beautiful women in this world.

Have an abundance mentality about beautiful women. Never think that there is a shortage of beautiful women. The universe and nature do not respond to need. Nature responds to cause and effect. Because the fact that you need something does not make it manifest into your life.

Learn to attract beautiful women by being attractive to them. One aspect that is not attractive to beautiful women is needy men. What you lack will run away from you as surely as what you chase will flee.

“Out of abundance, they took abundance and still abundance remained.” -Upanishads.

Don’t get stuck on one woman, develop and abundance mentality to hot women.

Do not set your sights on any one woman. Having one-itess is a tragic blunder. You cannot control people. Each individual is complicated and has had a host of unique personal experiences. You cannot change what one woman may be hung up on. But you can change your odds with the majority of women.

By not being stuck on one woman you will develop a world of possibilities. When you set your sights on one woman you are in a state of lack and wanting. How you talk to yourself is important in changing your mindset. Have you met a guy who seems to have no problem finding a new girlfriend after a breakup?

Do you have a friend or possibly yourself that was so taken back by a break up that you couldn’t find another girlfriend or date for months or even years?

Desire but never want, a key to abundance mentality with hot women.

When you need something you lack it. You will never have what you want. What you want is what you lack. You can have what you desire. But desire is not lacking, because you can have what you desire and still desire it.

There is no “One Person” for each person, only multiple millions, maybe billions of possible relationships for each person.

Are you hung up on one girl that you met? Are you stuck on an ex? Do you think there are only a few beautiful women out there? Did you know in some countries there are far more women than men? In some cities in the USA, there are far more women, particularly in college towns.

They’re more fish in the sea and more fish you will never see, and more hot women.

I do not recommend watching porn as a point to masturbate. I believe from what I know it can damage your self-esteem in some bizarre, psychological, and emotional way. Your aim should be to develop self-confidence, and that is not found by spending time jerking off in front of a screen. Although masturbation to porn can be a good thing sometimes.

But I recommend creating a self-hypnosis message to your subconscious mind. A message like: “I have an abundance of beautiful women who desire me sexually.” Say this statement as often as you can. Create other statements about hot women that align with your values. If you desire a relationship with a beautiful woman, state something like: “I am now so happy and grateful I have the most beautiful woman of my heart’s desire as my partner and soulmate.” You may even add: “And she is submissive to all my sexual desires.”

Visualize yourself surrounded by beautiful women.

Next, I recommend visualizing the beautiful women you want in your life. I like using a site called Chaturbate dot com. Again do not use this site to masturbate but instead find dozens of hot models that are baring it all for free and put them on as many screens as you can on multiple computer screens and say your affirmations.

Realize there is no shortage of beautiful women. “Say often I have an abundance of beautiful women who desire me sexually.” Develop an abundance mindset. Become the most chill relaxed guy around beautiful women.

Even if I was wrong and there is a shortage of beautiful women in this world. By being carefree and relaxed around beautiful women you would be one of those few men who will attract beautiful women if you follow my other steps in this book.

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