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Is having great sex important to women?

Destroying the myth that women do not care about great sex.

Why is having great sex important to women? Because men are more openly focused on sex, some men assume having great sex is not very important to women. They are wrong!

Men base almost all their value on women initially based on sexual attraction. That is not up for debate really except by some blue-pilled men maybe. We know that men base their (SMV) sexual marketplace value on women based on their physical sexual attraction.

For women especially very beautiful women physical attraction is only one of #5 factors for SMV.

  1. Financial Independence and Power
  2. Confidence and Charisma/Personality/Sense of Humor
  3. Drive and Purpose
  4. Physical Attractiveness
  5. Parenting Skills/Relationship Skills 

Some of the above attributes overlap, most of them do actually.

For Men SMV is 90% the following:

Physical Attraction.

And 10% of all the other 5 things. Now a man may be happier with an unattractive woman with great relationship skills and Financial Power and Independence but it is not what we are driven to attain in a woman. It’s not how men are wired.

But that is not what this chapter is about. It’s not about what makes a woman want to be with you initially but a powerful factor once she is with you. This area of sex will determine in many ways if she is the dominant one in the relationship or if you are.

Fifty Shades of Great Sex…

Do women really care about having great sex, or is that just a guy thing? Well, consider that one of the all-time best-selling books that women read is “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which sold over 70 million copies in the US alone.

Yes, women want to have amazing sex and be Dicked Down by their men.

Yes, women want to be Dicked Down, AKA have Great SEX.

Do you dominate her sexually? Is she Dicked Down and out of her mind happy in the bedroom? If she were to think about leaving you, would she have to consider, if it would be worth giving up the great sex? Would she have to wonder if she would ever find a man who would fulfill her sexually again, as you do?

These are the emotional questions you want her to be asking herself all the time. You want her to think, “I want to keep him happy because I never want to lose him.” Great SEX is part of that.

Her Friends Already know…

Women are open with their friends about their sex life. They will talk about it when they are unsatisfied or if they are having the best sex of their lives. Why do women talk about it with each other? Well, because it is important to them.

Highly Attractive Women have a high SMV. These high-value women want it all. They want  all of the 5 categories, in the highest levels they can get. Sexual power comes from three of the attributes that she wants and a little knowledge. Sexual dominance comes from confidence and charisma and personality #2 and physical attractiveness #4 and it is part of relationship skills #5

Happy Wife Happy Life.

This book is not about how to get a wife or girlfriend or how to pick up a beautiful woman but how to blow her mind once you get her and keep her begging for more. Remember the old phrase? “Happy wife, happy life.”?

Though I don’t usually agree with the logic behind the statement but in the context I do. Are rocking her world in the bedroom and keeping her “Dicked Down”? If so she is going to be so much more accommodating in other areas of your life. And this doesn’t just go for your wife or even girlfriend. This applies when initially dating a woman and she comes home to your place for the first time.

Not surprisingly when you have mastered the art of Dicking Her Down, she will be so ready for seconds the next time you see her.

Become a highly coveted sexual partner.

You can become so good at this that you are the guy that women seek out when they want to get laid, just for sex. I am not saying that is good ethically or bad but it seriously can happen because it happened to me.

Don’t just be the provider.

Women, in general, want either a provider and father for their children or the exciting adventurous superhero-type man of their dreams. Why not be both? Not the provider in the sense of buying her dinner all the time and sugar daddy behavior but the type of man that well put together financially that they wish they could be in a relationship with.

 But if you only work on the attributes of your life that are your finances and whether or not you are a caring partner and parent she will get bored. That doesn’t mean she will cheat but it increases the possibility.

Women prefer bad boys to weak men.

I have many female friends, beyond the ones I have slept with who have confided in me who stayed with bad boys who treated them like shit but the sex was great, so they stayed for months and years in a terrible relationship just for good sex. And many of those same women will confess breaking up with the nicest guy just because he was clingy and not meeting her need to be dicked down.

Yes, it is a female need, once in a relationship. Every woman is a little different from one to the next but in general, this statement is very true: If she is not getting her’s in the bedroom at a moderately high level she will start to stray.

She wants to be desired.

Women want to be desired by men. They want to be the object of your sexual appetite. SO if you are not rocking her world in bed, she will wonder what is wrong with her. The lack of great sex could even be partly her fault too, but you can change her you can only influence her and motivate her to step up her game as you step up yours.

Don’t make her feel bad about herself.

Lame sex will make her feel bad about herself which makes her unhappy and this is just a negative spiral. You feel great when you get a great blow job from your partner or when she is into it. So does she.

But before we get into how to excel at rocking her world let’s just eliminate the problems first.

Here is a quick list of problems in the bedroom that are the general cause of poor performance in the bedroom. The list is not in any order of importance, one can be as bad as any other factor.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Premature Ejaculation
  3. Small Penis Size
  4. Low Testosterone
  5. Ignorance and Lack of Experience
  6. No Confidence
  7. Lack of Romance
  8. Lack of attraction for you based on your SMV

Everyone one of the problems on this list can be attacked and the problems defeated enough so that you can have much more fulfilling sex and rock her world in ways she never expected from you.

We are going into each one of these problems in detail next one by one.

Want to know how to Get Hard and Stay Hard?

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