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Attract Hotter Women By Leveling Up.

Become more attractive to women by doing the work and leveling up! Remember in a previous blog, when I talked about forgetting about what you want (Momentarily) and focusing on what she wants. This is not a contradiction from being on purpose and not chasing women and having an abundance mentality with women. But merely awareness of reality. High-value women will always seek out the highest value men. Hot women will always seek out hot men.

Attract Hotter Women by doing the work and leveling up.

Wax on Wax off!

Do you feel a little bit like Ralph Macchio in karate kid when Mr. Miyagi kept telling him to “Wax on wax off,” after reading the other blog post? You may be saying I know already I need to become a higher value man to get hotter women, but how? 

I actually am giving you the good stuff in those first blogs if you internalize it. High-value men have an abundance mentality with women. So much so that they don’t focus on finding them, they focus on their goals and they find them in abundance by accident. Because high-value women are drawn magnetically to high-value men.

Let’s be honest and cut out the bull shit.

If your attraction level with women is 4 meaning that 4’s are attracted to you that means you are probably a 5 or 4.5 in sexual marketplace value. That is your SMV. If you are a 5 in the sexual market place you can change that in the next 6 months you can become a 6 and start attracting women who are 5 out of 10 on the SMV scale. You could do this faster if you work exceptionally hard and do  all the right things but anybody can increase their SMV by one level in six months.

In another six months, you could be attracting 6’s if you started as a 5. Women want to be led; they will always seek a man with a higher SMV level till they are tapped out at 10. But there are so few men who qualify as 10’s there is a massive shortage of high-quality men and an abundance of high-quality, hot women out there.

You are going to be living a year from now, why not choose not to suck.

You want to have sex with hot women right now! But you in one year will want to have sex with hot women right now too! And to reiterate, change takes time. It can be fun, it can go by fast but it takes time. Success in life and with hot women takes time but failure takes your whole life. Meaning you can put in the work now and for the next six months to a year and see progress in your SMV or you can just say it doesn’t matter and eat a pizza, drink a 12 pack of beer, watch porn and get fatter and poorer. Or wake up today and start making incremental changes. Also FYI, you can still eat pizza and drink beer or watch porn once in a while and still make progress. But it can’t be your standard operating procedure.

5 Areas of Attraction with Women

  1. Financial Independence
  2. Confidence and Charisma/Personality/Sense of Humor
  3. Drive and Purpose
  4. Physical Attractiveness
  5. Relationship Skills ( Marriage Material and parenting Skills)

All roads lead to Rome!

The crazy thing is that all of these attributes and skills and character traits all feed into each other. Physical Attractiveness builds self-confidence and Charisma, Confidence and Charisma can help you succeed better in the workplace. Succeeding in the workplace can lead to more financial independence and power. Financial independence can give room to pursue your drive and purpose. Being fulfilled with your Drive and Purpose makes you happier and happier people are better in relationships. All of these 5 core skills and traits feed each other.


In fact, you can level up in any and every area of the five areas of attraction and we are going to go over each one in depth. But Firstly let’s discuss confidence and charisma.

Real Confidence comes from knowing.

Knowing that real confidence comes from an awareness that you leveled up. You can never fully talk yourself into confidence. Confidence comes from many battles fought and foes defeated. Fighting the good fight for your financial freedom, your physical fitness, your emotional freedom, and following your dreams.

Confidence comes from incremental progress. When you know you are successful you will be confident. Confident with women and confident in life.

Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” – Earl Nightingale

Confidence comes from progress not perfection. And remember women are attracted to confident and charismatic men.

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