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Ways to make your penis larger.

Ways to make your penis larger.

Just because there are ways to make your penis larger doesn’t mean you need to. Because not every guy is obsessed or unsatisfied with the size of his wang, this is not for everyone.  But just because you want your penis to be bigger, it does not mean you have a small penis. Some men who are very sexually active, with many satisfied women, still want a larger penis. Why would you with an average or larger than average penis, want to find ways to make your penis larger?

Bigger is Better.

Studies have shown that, although not as important as body shape, women do find men with larger penises more attractive. At the Australian National University, post-doctoral researcher Brian Mautz conducted research that showed women prefer tall men with broad shoulders and narrow hips but penis size was almost as important. When women in the research study graded men from 1-7, men with longer and thicker penises scored higher.

“As you increase penis size, the amount of attractiveness scores get bigger,” said Brian Mautz, key researcher.

Something we all know but women are afraid to come out and say it without sounding like nymphomaniacs or sexist.

What is the average penis size?

Most men believe that the average penis size is over 6 inches but that is not scientifically accurate. The data from a 2013 study of 1661 sexually active men revealed the following.

Men everywhere should be relieved to know that the average penis size is between 5.1  and 5.5 inches long according to Pubmed.gov.

What is worse than having a small penis?

If you are worried about your penis size and you want to attract a woman just think of some other handicaps you could have. Women overwhelmingly prefer taller men. While there are outliers, many short men are very successful with beautiful women while being shorter, think of that disadvantage.

Besides the fact that some women talk in social circles about which men have the biggest dicks or the smallest ones, no one knows just by seeing a man in public that he has a small penis. On the contrary, every woman can size up every man based on how tall he is. Consequently, besides wearing boots there is not much you can do to make yourself taller.

Penis Envy.

What about transgender men who have no penises but yet have a hot girlfriend? How many of those trans men wish they had a penis at all? I do not know the percentages but I would like to hear from trans men and their opinion on the subject. Have you read the Hemingway Novel “The Sun Also Rises,”? It is about a guy who lost his penis in a war, so be glad you have one; that is if you think yours is small.

Not the size but how you use it.

Unless you have a very small micro-penis this is true, women care more about the way you use your dick than the size. Consider two scenarios: John has a big dick but he cums too fast blowing his load within a few minutes of penetrating his girlfriend and gets sleepy and falls asleep leaving Betty unsatisfied. Joe has an average size penis but fucks his girlfriend hard for as long as she wants, giving her two orgasms or more a night regularly. Which guy has “Dicked Down ” his girlfriend and which one has failed in bed, John or Joe? It’s not even a difficult question to answer! Obviously, Joe with the average dick is the Sex King in this scenario.

Why would having a big dick even matter?

Firstly, it sure as fuck doesn’t hurt to have a bigger dick, all things considered. Women do prefer taller men and men with big dicks but that is not all they go for. Short men can become rock stars with women. Secondly, It boosts your confidence when you know your dick is bigger. Women are attracted to me with confidence. Thirdly, if you do have an above-average johnson, she will have to think about it if she ever thinks of leaving you.

How can you make your penis bigger?

Extension surgeries for penis enlargement are expensive and dangerous. Reportedly penis extensions only make your flaccid penis longer but do not actually make your erect penis any longer or thicker.

Derma Fillers.

The FDA has approved Derma Fillers (MEDF) just like women who inject fillers into their lips, men can inject them into their dicks. Sexual intercourse can resume in 2 days to 2 weeks. Results can be seen almost immediately in the girth of the penis. About a fifty percent increase in girth can be expected. Off the record, I have been told that men should expect to repeat the process every 6 months to keep the gains. Is it safe? It’s approved by the FDA but who can know the long-term effects of this treatment? Men are awake during the procedure and only topically numbed.

Tugging and Weights…

Numerous men online have reported gains in length and width with tugging devices. Do they work? My answer is probably. But the results do take time. Tugging advocates say treat it like a marathon and not a sprint. Tuggers and weighted devices work by stretching the skin and tissue in the penis and over time allowing more blood flow to fill the erect penis causing it to be larger when it is erect. These devices should not be used to the point of pain but gradually increase the stretching tension. I have not used them but they must be mentioned to be fair in this discussion.


Probably the simplest method of increasing the girth and possibly the length of the penis is jelqing. It’s an exercise that you can do using your hands. Full disclosure, I have tried this and it works over a period of time. It takes time to see results.

Key points about jelqing:

  1. It takes about 20-30 minutes a day.
  2. Use lube, stay away from using soap or shampoo found in the shower. You will get chafed skin and irritation if you do not use proper lubrication. Try baby oil or coconut oil or cocoa oil if nothing else but you can buy products specifically made for this. That will help you from getting stretch marks or skin irritations.
  3. Effects can be seen in a few weeks but if you quit your jelqing routine in a few weeks gains will diminish.
  4. Gains can be increased over time of continued use.
  5. If it is causing pain you are doing it wrong.
  6. Recovery time is important. Like exercising your muscles, you stretch and tear down the tissue and then give the area time to heal and repeat the process.
  7. You could see gains that cause the baseball bat effect where your penis is larger at the end of the penis resembling the shape of a baseball bat. But your penis will be bigger in that case.


Bathmate is a hydro-pump that can be used in the bathtub or shower for privacy. Because It uses water you do not need to use lube. Like Jelqing you will need to use the product for 6-20 minutes a day to see results. It takes time to see real results. But I saw almost immediate results in length and girth. The girth is something that is affected almost immediately. Bathmate has a lot of accessory products like a strap that holds the hydro-pump in place for standing in the shower and is an absolute must if you use it in the shower.

Key Points about using Bathmate Pumps.

  1. Use it 5 days a week to see gains. Consistency is the key to seeing the progress in the enlargement of your penis girth and length.
  2. Expect gains in girth before gains in length. That was my experience but I did see gains in both.
  3. Gains will gradually dissipate without continued use.
  4. You may see tiny hickey-like irritations on the head of your penis after intense sessions of use of the bathmate pump but the marks do fade away. This is caused by the suction from the pump on the tender skin of the tip of your penis.
  5. Even the head of my penis was larger after continued use, not just the shaft and I like that because with other techniques or procedures only the girth of the shaft was noticeable but not with Bathmate.
  6. A suction ring around the penis could be seen at the base of the skin around the penis from the suction of the pump. This was unsightly but like the hickey marks on the head of my penis, this faded away after less than an hour.
  7. It takes about 20 more minutes in the shower, just like working out every day – it takes time.
  8. You must clean the pump after every use. You are using water in this pump and if it is not dried properly it will get funky.

In conclusion, ways to make your penis bigger?

There are ways to make your penis larger if you want to. It can be fun to see progress in making your penis larger but it takes time and work. No pill that I know of will make your penis larger. Yes, you can make it harder but you will only be making it as hard as it normally will be when fully erect with pills such as sildenafil. But with exercises or even derma fillers, you can make your penis larger. At least girthier for sure. And women for the most part want more thickness when it comes to filling up their hungry pink playgrounds. Do you want to make your penis bigger? You can if you want to but you don’t have to please a woman. But it may be fun and give you more confidence in bed if that is what you want.

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