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Dating Hotter Women – Part 2

Hot Women want to join Men who are on a Mission and or a Purpose.

Dating Hotter Women part 2: This means, women do not want a man who will join them in their awesome life. They want a man who already has his own mission, passion, purpose, and adventure going on. Consequently, the confusion militant feminism have done to the male/female relationship cannot be overstated.

Dating Hotter Women

Are you on an adventure?

Your dream girl does not want to be the catalyst to help a man find his purpose. Why is Indiana Jones an attractive male protagonist? Do women find the archetype of that hero, Indiana Jones in The Raiders of The Lost Ark, attractive sexually? You bet they do! Is it because he has a lot of money? No! But he has passion and purpose. He is on a mission to find The Lost Ark of The Covenant.

“Boys chase Women, Women chase Men, and Men chase Purpose.”

Nate Plissken

This is why young, broke musicians, going full speed towards their passion, can many times pull very attractive females into their lives. Learning this at a very early age. Because I loved music and loved playing guitar and loved performing live. And so I noticed a strange phenomenon accrued in my twenties and even thirties — women who otherwise normally may not have shown me any interest but when seeing me on stage playing music, they became very interested in me sexually.

What is Your Mission?

Mission: an important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel.

What is your Passion?

Passion: an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

What is your purpose?

Purpose: an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.

Not wishfull-thinking, nor idol day dreaming. Women can smell fakers and phonies and wanna-bees. It’s not about just saying I’m a video-game-tuber but not putting in the work to be that, or just saying I am a personal trainer (When you are overweight). You can be at varying degrees of success on your goals but have you put in the work? More importantly, are you making progress on You-Inc.?

This is important because, women also love social proof, and some women more than others. The more success you have in your field of study equals more social proof that you are a high value man. Hot Women want to be with a “Bad Ass” man, this doesn’t mean a martial arts expert, but it could mean a martial arts expert if that was your passion and purpose. Maybe you are building a martial arts Youtube channel and seriously making progress. Or maybe you are a Bad-Ass at flipping Houses or investing in Real Estate.

What is your purpose? What are you passionate about? And what is your mission? What are you trading your life for?

Thou Shall not be boring.

Hot Women hate boring men. Having a real passion and mission in life is exciting on its own. When you are passionate about a worthy ideal you are progressing towards its infectious. It’s no wonder why women find you more attractive when you are building your empire

Back to the statement “Boys chase Women, Women chase Men, and Men chase Purpose.” Chasing women is one of the poorest uses of your time. In reality what you want to do is attract beautiful, hot women into your life. Make your life interesting and you will have opportunities with women and the more interesting your life, the more opportunities with hotter women will present themselves to you.

By the way, chasing women doesn’t work, chasing phone numbers or chasing Snapchat followers doesn’t work. The name of the game with dating hotter women is attraction. Women know when your life is firing on all six cylinders and when it is not. So get your fucking life together and stop making bitch ass excuses as to why you are not pursing your dreams. Make your fucking bed, do your fucking dishes, read the books you need to read in your field of study, go to the damn conference on whatever it is that you are passionate about but be passionate about something.

Reasons Having a Mission in Life makes you more attractive to women.

You will be happier and have more fun.

  1. Because, following your vision, passion and purpose, you will be happier and have a more fun life. But if you are not living your life with a passion, your life will suck. You may have a job or even a career that is not your mission, only a means to an end. Perhaps you fell into being a plumber and you make really good money but it’s not a mission, passion, or purpose but perhaps it funds your mission, passion, or purpose. Perhaps you are a very good plumber and because you are you make great money and you use that money to be a Bad-Ass Hunter, or Surfer, or to do humanitarian work around the world. All of those things require money to do, money to buy firearms to hunt and money to travel to hunting destinations, money to buy professional surfboards and travel to surfing locations, or money to travel around the world and donate your time to orphans in third world countries. But when you are living your life with passion and purpose you are happier and life is more fun and fulfilling. People want to be around happy, fun people, people who are fulfilled. We admire these people. We want to be around these people. We want our lives to be full of these types of people. And it is rewarding to be that type of person. 

Women want to be lead.

  1. Women want to follow leaders not lead followers. The hero’s journey is exciting to them. Women admire the man who is living his passion and purpose. Hollywood is trying to change everything with sexual role-reversal but do women want to save their men? Do women want to save their prince charming? Ideally, a man and woman meet as they are both moving forward in life and help each other on the way. But how many female executives marry their male secretaries or personal assistants? Women generally do not date down economically, men do. How many female doctors marry the janitors? Leading can include leading financially. It’s rare when you find a woman who doesn’t care that her man is not leading her financially but there are outliers. You will have a better chance of making better money at something if you are the expert on the thing you are doing. You will generally only become the leader or expert by being passionate about something in line with your purpose and mission in life. 

Women want Safety and Comfort.

  1. This is because, having your own goals takes the pressure off a woman and makes her feel more comfortable. Women need to feel safe and comfortable with a man to be intimate with him. Think about this scenario, A woman meets a physically attractive man and she enjoys his witty banter. They hit it off and she asks him what he does for a living? And What his passion in life is and he says: “I’m working at XYZ retail or company but I don’t like it too much. My Passion, hmm, I like having sex drinking beer, and playing video games.” (LOL That is a great passion to pursue, having sex, drinking beer, and playing video games.) But if this guy doesn’t have a vision of how he is going to pursue that passion, or if that is just a joke and he doesn’t know what he is passionate about in life, the woman will feel discomfort. Does this guy know what he wants? Does he even have the balls to go for what he wants? These are some stressful thoughts a female may have in his situation. Now fast forward two years if this woman was going forward in her career and she somehow got attached to this guy and his passion in life never developed into a purpose and mission, she will feel pressure to be more masculine in the relationship.

Stake Your Own Claim!

In conclusion, it used to be clear in life that women domesticated men and men domesticated the wild frontier. Men went and took the wild west and settled it, men explored frontier lands and domesticated it making the land livable, providing food and shelter, that was a worthy mission. Now men have become too tame.

Many men have no mission and purpose, they sit and watch youtube and Netflix For hours and play video games for hours, becoming a Beta-Male. Women do a lot of the working and going to college now, more so than men. Women are fastly out-performing men economically in our society. But it’s not just about economics. If the woman feels like she has to be the masculine one in the relationship she’s not happy. The same goes if she thinks she will have to be if she dated you. Very Hot women want very passionate and motivated goal-oriented and mission-driven men. They want to join you on your adventure not ask you to join theirs.

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