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Out Last Her every time.

Because the size of your penis is not nearly as important as making sure she orgasms during sex. And If you can give her the big “O” it doesn’t matter if you have a big pecker. Let me explain and don’t get me wrong, having a large penis doesn’t hurt. Especially since if nothing else it boosts your confidence. And what is big? It’s all in the eye of the beholder, just ask an Asian woman.

The T in Timing stands for TerrificSEX.

Now let’s talk about timing. You can make almost anyone cum by giving her constant and pleasurable clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Constant doesn’t mean without pauses or changes in speed and intensity of the stimulation. But the problem is that inexperienced or unenlightened men have no self-awareness or concept of timing.

Give Her The Big “O” every time NMW.

99% of women do not need a huge penis to experience an orgasm. Most women only experience an orgasm clitorially and not vaginally although the vaginal orgasm is very important to cement you in her mind as her sexual master. But on a regular basis, you should be giving her multiple orgasms a week. If this is your first time with her you should definitely be giving her multiple orgasms. NMW stands for “No Matter What” BTW.

How do you give her the big “O” every time?

The simplest way is to outlast her in bed. You can outlast her in bed by becoming self-aware of your orgasm. You can become so attuned to knowing where you are at in your rate of sexual copulation that you can stop yourself from coming and regroup all the while giving her more continuous stimulation.

Giving Her Continuous Stimulation.

It’s so simple, she does not require constant penetration by your penis to have an orgasm. But you can use oral and your hands in delicate pleasing ways to keep giving her pleasure and building her up to a state of orgasm while not blowing your load.


Edging can be a useful practice to stretch out how long you last in bed.

Webmd describes edging as:  “Edging is a method of stretching out how long it takes to reach orgasm, for one or both partners. Though it’s usually thought of as a technique for men to last longer, anyone can benefit from edging. Partners learn to communicate and completely stop sexual stimulation before orgasm.”

How to Practice Edging.

Try watching porn not to bust a nut but to get hard and to the point of climax and then stop and go do something else. For instance, you could get really hard and turned-on and then go do push-ups or stop and make a protein shake or even a sandwich, and then watch more porn and get hard again, get very turned on and do something else.

Get close to losing it and back off.

For men during intercourse one of the best practices is when the sexual stimulation is too intense from intercourse, switch to giving oral sex before resuming intercourse. Another variation could be the use of toys on your partner or use your fingers.

Why does this actually work?

Men who experience premature ejaculation have statistcally found that practicing edging during sex and masturbation will cause sex to last longer. Edging can cause partners to experience a more intense orgasm because of delayed gratification and prolonged stimulus to their genitals.

Know Yourself.

By practicing edging you can get very good at knowing your body and when you may be getting close to orgasm and stopping. This may drive her crazy at first but if you continue it will build her orgasm evenmore. Practice controlling your breathing. If you can control your breathing during sex and are present you can learn to control your climax during sex too.

When in doubt go down south.

I have found that oral sex is a great go-to in many situations. I love giving a woman head and I know when I do I never fail. It’s about being comfortable and knowing what to do.

Just the other night.

 I was with my girlfriend and she surprised me with very aggressive sex and I came sooner than I expected. And I knew I was going to if she kept stimulating my cock with her mouth the way she was. I came before her! I committed the cardinal crime for men with their girlfriends or wives. And I said to her, give me fifteen minutes and I can finish you. I went back to work on one of my books. Then it hit me like a brick. I don’t need to wait fifteen minutes. My mouth works just fine.

The results were that she had a big orgasm, and I looked like a stud. I even got hard again watching her get so turned on that we had intercourse again and I came a second time that night.

Seriously afraid you will cum and she will go?

If premature ejaculation is a problem for you in the past, why not be proactive and plan ahead? There are desensitizing sprays and even now meds you can take to stop premature ejaculation, and you do not have to go to a local doctor and have an awkward conversation. BlueChew offers an online service where you can get the meds prescribed over the internet or on the phone very discretely.

In Conclusion.

Firstly, learn to last as long as you need to, by practicing edging. You can practice edging alone with your computer or with your girlfriend,  or any sexual partner you may have. Secondly, learn to give good head as a backup or as a change of pace when edging.

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