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Dating Hotter Women Part 1

Introduction to dating hotter Women

What does Dating hotter women, as a man, comes down to? What do you really desire, if not to date and or be with a highly attractive woman, AKA a hot woman? Well, some would say companionship and that they do not care about how attractive their girlfriend and or wife or sexual partner is as long as they are compatible and enjoy each other’s company. While that, of course, can be true, many of those men who make such statements have just given up on dating a more hotter or attractive woman because they have been denied access to the warm soft moist oasis that is hot and or attractive women.

But what is the source of frustration? If you desire something that means that on some primordial level you have the ability to attain it. Why then is dating a woman you would classify as a 9 or more out of 10 so difficult?

What is Your SMV and how does it matter when Dating Hotter Women?

Why does it seem difficult to even date a woman you believe is on the same level of SMV? What is SMV? (Sexual Marketplace Value) We will talk more about the SMV in the proceeding blog post for sure!

Some pickup artists and masters of the game will tell you that you do not need to worry about your social status, your SMV, your appearance and fitness, or your wealth to attract hot women but I disagree. Confidence is good and even necessary in all aspects of life but overconfidence and unrealistic expectations will leave you sad and depressed in the end.

True Confidence when Dating Hotter Women.

True Confidence comes from knowing. Knowing you have high value will give you the confidence to approach hot, attractive women, They will see it (Certainty) on you and sense it in you. True there are psychological things you can do to use quantum physics and NLP, Neurolinguistic programming, to cause you to be a higher-performing person so that you will be able to put in the work.

Pick Up Game or High Value Attraction Factor more important for Dating Hotter Women?

Some pickup artists will tell you that you need to only have the right words to say, they used to just sell scripts. Scripts and focusing on using the right smooth lines have fallen out of favor and for good reasons but I will say this, there is a reason why good copywriting works! Having the right vocabulary and selling yourself in the right way matters. But again you could have all the right words but without the confidence that comes from being high value, it will seem and be fake.

A Key to Dating Hotter Women?

Ask yourself: Is there a key to dating hotter women? In short, yes! But the answer comes from knowing the truth, the truth of where you are in SMV and what you desire to attract, and what you are willing to become in order to get what you desire.

In most of my client studies they can get what they desire but many times they are not willing to do what it takes to get what they “say” they desire. In fact, what do you really desire? I do not say “want”. You may say: “Doesn’t want mean desire?”, no it does not.  Want means lack. To want means you lack that thing you say you want.

One can argue that you desire the thing you lack but once you get it do you still lack it? You can also desire a thing you have. You can say I desire my wife and be in a state of having your wife. Want is a poor word. If you desire to get the things you lack you must become clear in what you desire.

Be honest with yourself if you want to date Hotter Women.

An average guy may say I want a hot girlfriend, and he may think that means a perfect “10” in beauty and other qualities but in reality, you may desire and are willing to put in the effort to have a “7” and there’s nothing wrong with that. But be clear in what you desire and it will be easier and faster to get it.

#1 Quick introductory tip for Dating a Hotter Woman: Know what your ideal definition of hot and or attractive goal woman is.

#2 Start affirming that you are now the kind of person who is attracting and or has that type of woman already in his life now.

Later, I will explain the reasons for this strategy in one of my next blog post, but in the meantime start writing down what you consider hot and or attractive in a woman you desire to be with. Secondly write down a statement starting with: “I am now so happy and grateful now that I have ( Fill in the Blank here withe a description of the woman you desire to have in your life.) woman in my life.”

This Blog is not just about mind hacks only but practical strategies but I do not want to leave anything on the table in giving you the tools to date Hotter Women.

Become a man of greater Purpose and Ambition and Attract Hotter Women!

Read my blog about how men with purpose and ambition and goals attract beautiful women and by definition Date Hotter Women.

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