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Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Many women will go on and one about how size doesn’t matter. The constant line is it only matters if you know how to use it. While other women will blatantly admit that yes, SIZE MATTERS! BMC Women’s Health. According to a 2001 BMC Women’s health study, they surveyed 50 sexually active women. They asked if penis […]

Ways to make your penis larger.

Just because there are ways to make your penis larger doesn’t mean you need to. Because not every guy is obsessed or unsatisfied with the size of his wang, this is not for everyone.  But just because you want your penis to be bigger, it does not mean you have a small penis. Some men who are very sexually active, […]

Honest Review of Bathmate Penis Pumps.

This is an honest review of Bathmate Penis Pumps. I’ve personally used the product. I have found good results and can tell you about a few bad things about the product and experience. You can decide for yourself if it is worth it to try this product. BTW– Warning: seek a licensed medical professional, not a crazy blogger on the […]