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What Is The Best Value Cigar?

What Is The Best Value Cigar?

Maybe you are like me and are a new cigar enthusiast and are wondering, what is the best value cigar? A few years ago I found myself working at a luxury hunting ranch as a sous chef. While I had some fond memories of cigar smoke, I was not yet a cigar aficionado. My first memory of cigars was my uncle Larry buying me one on my 12th birthday and secretly smoking one with me.  But back to my story, at the place I was working I met a man who owned a large seafood distribution company and he was pleasant to talk to and he offered me a box of cigars.

Falling in love with smoking cigars.

After taking those cigars home I found I  enjoyed pairing my drinking with the pleasant taste of cigars. I enjoyed the flavors. After a few weeks, I found myself enjoying cigars daily. Why do I love cigars? The flavor of a good cigar is like nothing else.  I do not enjoy smoking cigarettes, they just don’t taste good to me.

Maybe I am just lucky.

Not long after I found my love of cigars, I met my wonderful girlfriend and she has been such a delight. She has the most wonderful habit of giving. She loves to surprise me with cigars regularly and I love her for it. At her job, she was given the task to throw out cigars left out and unwrapped and she even found some Davidoff cigars for me and she buys cigars for me regularly.

The predicament.

After enjoying high-quality cigars given to me by that millionaire who owns the seafood company and my girlfriend, I started to enjoy an expensive hobby or habit. Some of these cigars I love are easily costing 10-15 dollars and up. Now on an average writing night, I easily smoke 4 cigars. Can you see how expensive this could get?

My quest to find the best value cigar.

I have tasted the cheapest and the best and I decided I wanted a go-to value cigar. A value cigar in my mind was something cheaper in price but still a good value. I even tried the pseudo cigars like swisher sweets and I found quickly they were not what I was looking for. 

A bad cigar versus a good cigar.

In my humble opinion, a good cigar is one that firstly, holds up and smokes evenly. Secondly has a good flavor profile not too bitter but with a warm and rich tobacco flavor. Thirdly, it doesn’t smoke too fast. Fourthly it doesn’t have tobacco fill that falls out in my mouth.

#59 Factory Throwout Cigars.

As the name says, Factory Throwout Cigars, in my opinion, have some quality issues that make them sell at a lower price. Factory Throwout Cigars are not all terrible but I found usually the fill would fall out in my mouth or they did not burn evenly. The taste was alright but after smoking really good cigars they did leave something to desire.

Quorum Cigars.

These cigars had a general pleasant taste not too bitter and typically they are on the smaller sizes of cigars. But again the tobacco fill would fall out in my mouth. Seemingly they used a lot of pieces of tobacco leaves and not whole leaves. These cigars are usually priced at Specs under 3 dollars. Full disclosure I have a Specs Liquor store a block or two from my house and when I need some cheap cigars and I can’t get my favorites I will buy these sometimes as a last resort.

Factory Smokes.

Made by Drew Estates, Factor Smokes are the value cigars that I was looking for. The flavor profiles in these cigars are far superior to any of the before mentioned cigars or any that I have found in their price range. Drew Estate hand rolls them at La Gran Fabrica de Drew Estate Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. 

Drew Estate uses premium leftover mixed filters and not the leftover shavings off the factory floor.

Factory Smokes are my go-to “Value Cigars”.

Davidoff’s and Roja’s and Henry Clays and other premium and mid-tier cigars they are not but Factor Smokes make for a great value for an everyday Cigar. If you are not a billionaire yet and want to have an everyday cigar to add to your mix check out factory smokes. Please comment below and let me know what you think about these Cigars. Did I miss a better “Value Cigar” please comment below and let me know?

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