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The Zombie Apocalypse is here.

The Zombie Apocalypse is here!

By Nate Plissken

Did you ever think about how it would be like living in a “Zombie Apocalypse” like in the movie “Zombieland” or the show “The Walking Dead,”? Have you imagined walking by mindless masses who are just walking about going through motions, seeking to feed themselves and little else?

What if I told you the Zombie Apocalypse has already happened? Just not the way we thought it would happen, with actual blood eating physical mindless people biting and eating people, but what if I told you mentally and emotionally and spiritually it has already happened.

Realize now, that most of the world’s population is asleep, willingly ignorant of their higher consciousness. The media and the government and the elite ruling class wish to keep us in a state of sedated consciousness and  fear and confusion.

Let me explain, for example, News-Headlines and Click-bate are all designed to grab your attention using fear and anger to keep you in an emotional state of overwhelm, keeping you susceptible to mass marketing and distracted from the real questions. 

The real questions are thoughts like “Why am I here? What is my greater purpose? What do I want out of life?” Earl Nightingale’s famous self-help audio said that Albert Schweitzer was quoted as saying when asked, “What’s wrong with men today? Men simply do not think.” And it is still very true today men do not think.

The wealthy and so-called elite of our society are not being distracted by news headlines and social media devices that are created to occupy our minds. The very elite oligarchs who made fortunes off of creating social media websites, like Instagram and Facebook, know that these constructs have been created and are designed to be dopamine-addictive mind-traps.

The 1% are not on social media interacting with social media but instead are marketing through social media to the consumers. Consumers are like the batteries in the Matrix. Consumers are Zombies!

It’s not that buying things you desire is inherently bad. But what is bad is when you are incepted by marketing and media propaganda to think and behave the way they want you to. To buy things that you do not desire or need.

Most people live lives of quiet desperation. They are not going for what they want. They do not even believe it is possible to get what they truly want. So they spend their time in the matrix with stress-relieving activities, instead of goal-achieving activities.

Isn’t it ironic that during the government-mandated lockdowns of 2020 that liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries were considered essential and kept open for business? I like a good buzz as much as the next guy but let’s be honest, the purpose is to keep us sedated.

What if you could be empowered and self-realized? What if you didn’t have time for social media because you were living your best life now? What if nothing was holding you back from getting what you wanted from life but stepping out of the Matrix, or awakening from the Zombie pack?

It is a herd mentality. Do you see that the lies they have told us do not work? Go to school, get a good job, save your money in a 401K and retire. Trust the government and experts they know best.  Even now we know that doesn’t work anymore. Companies have no loyalty to the workers. Saving money is a thing of the past with high inflation rates devaluing cash and savings accounts, the government just prints more funny money, 401K’s have so many fees. This is not financial advice, get with a trained professional to tell you how to flush your money down the drain.

But it’s all herd mentality. What if there was a better way? What if you could write your own story? The wealthy already know this secret, you can. Instead of being a walk-on role in the movie of your life, be the star of your life, you are writing the story. If you do not write it someone else will write your story for you and you will probably not like your role.

Did you know that there are strategies and tactics you can learn to achieve even your wildest dreams? In my book “The Surest Way To Wealth,” I talk about the key to wealth is production. Production also equals value. And to have massive value or wealth you must have massive production. Guess what you, you are probably now, as a cog in the machine producing production for the system now but not for yourself.

For years I was skeptical about this kind of talk. I thought it was hype or propaganda from another source. But then I learned so many examples of successful people who unplugged themselves from the Matrix and found they were all doing these same things. They were writing their own stories, not taking marching orders from the borg.

In what ways do you think the system of the media and social media and marketing is designed to keep us dumb and in the dark and passive?

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