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Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you.

Build your Financial Empire and Women will find you. Why build your Financial empire? Why would the women will find you? Most people will say things like; “Money can’t buy happiness,” and “Money isn’t everything,” or “Money can’t buy love.” But unfortunately most people who say that are broke. And being financially independent is one pillar of demonstrating high sexual […]

Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation?

Why not Bitcoin? With the risk of offending my readers, Bitcoin has no history of being a hedge against inflation. Nor has any other cryptocurrency been proven to protect wealth in times of inflation. But why? First of if Bitcoin is a store of value, what is its utility? Not a very useful currency. The volatility in Bitcoin and other […]

Is Masterworks A Good Investment?

This is an alternative investment class that I did not consider because it has traditionally only been for the uber rich. But if you follow the theory that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, it would make sense to capitalize on this. Wealth inequality is a terrible thing. But that being said—if you can’t beat them, join […]

Black-Gold Investing in hated energy sectors.

Learning how to invest in Black-Gold, hated energy sectors, this is value investing 101. Firstly it will challenge you to buy when the market seems to hate this energy sector and wait for the blackness of the sector to turn to gold as the real demand and profits compound. Supply and Demand Two factors that move the price of any […]

The Gold and Silver Inflation Trade

The Gold and Silver Inflation Trade Strategy Investing in Gold and Silver to profit off of the coming inflation crisis or to protect yourself from the risk of losing everything. Buy Gold and Silver Low and Sell it High.  The basic rule in investing and speculating is to buy low and sell high. When the cost of everything you want […]

Inflation Trades/ Your first defense against inflation is: Inflation Proof Income

Inflation Trades 101 By Nate Plissken Inflation Proof Income, the Essential Investment For The Middle-Class During Inflationary times.   Inflation may not be transitory but your income could be. The working-poor and the middle-class and the poor and elderly on fixed incomes are the groups of people that are hit the hardest by inflation. Investments like, gold and silver, and real […]