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What is the NO BS—best soap for strong, sexy men?

What is the NO BS—best soap for strong, sexy men?

What is the NO BS—best soap for strong, sexy men? Like many men for years, I did not care about what soap I used to wash up with. But I didn’t want to smell like my girlfriend, wife or mother. Women use all kinds of flowery smelling soap and shampoos. I can’t pen-point when buying my own, manly body wash or soap became a thing.

What is the NO BS—best soap for strong, sexy men?

Axe Body-Wash.

Axe body wash was probably the first brand spearheading manly soap and deodorant products that I can remember. Some of their fragrances are not bad smelling. But Axe is no match for Davidoff Cool Water, or Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

Unfortunately, what chemicals they use in their soaps are not good for your skin and arguably not even health chemicals to put on your body. Chemicals like SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These soaps actually dry out your skin. Leaving your skin looking older and crusty.

But their marketing is so good. 

They have cool ads. Remember the clean your balls commercial with hot actresses and models talking to men about how to clean their balls. It was hilariously a great advertisement for Axe. But sadly, it’s just great advertising.

Great Branding.

Old Spice body wash falls into that same category. With significant names, AKA cool Branding, for their body wash products like Swagger, Krakenguard and Bearglove. But even with cool names, they still don’t give you better clean or hydrated skin.

I remember when Old Spice was just an outdated cologne that somebody’s dad wore. So their rebranding was an incredibly good idea.

So, what is the No BS—best soap for strong sexy men?

What I found was that Duke Cannon makes the No BS—best soap for strong sexy men! I love the Buffalo Trace bourbon. This soap is so good that my girlfriend and her daughters started stealing it and using it for themselves. Duke Cannon does not dry out my skin and it smells great. 

The Branding is pretty cool too.

They have soap styles such as Busch Beer Soap, Gun Smoke, Accomplishment The Secret Weapon, Victory is in your hand. But it’s not the branding, it’s the quality that matters. And the soap is fantastic. As they say: “It’s a big a big ass brick of soap.”

“It’s a big ass brick of soap.”

-Duke Cannon

Is Duke Cannon good for you?

Skin safe products dot com rated Duke Cannon soap a 91 out of 100 in their Top Allergen Free Soaps. I would think that is pretty good. Very few soaps reached that level and Old Spice and Axe Body wash did not. You can’t even trust the term hypoallergenic any more.

What is Top Allergen free soap?

Top Allergen Free is the new standard for hypoallergenic, backed by science and real patch testing data.

The problem with ‘hypoallergenic’ as it’s used today, is that the term can mean whatever a particular manufacturer or brand wants it to mean. There is no federal standard that governs the use of the term. The word is used mostly used to make a product more marketable. Top Allergen Free is the new standard for Hypoallergenic. It’s tied to real research data from thousands of skin allergy sufferers. A ‘Top Free’ product excludes the top most common allergens, which produces fewer allergic reactions than other products and is gentler to your skin. In fact, research shows that over 45% of contact skin allergies can be avoided simply by using SkinSAFE’s ‘Top Free’ rated products.

10 out of 10 women prefer their men use Duke Cannon Soap.

We asked a panel of women and we got unanimously favorable responses when asked if they would want their husband or boyfriend to use Duke Cannon soap. One woman said she would prefer that both her husband and her boyfriend use Duke Cannon soap for obvious reasons.

Buy the soap you want to buy, but if you want to buy, the best, my recommendation is Duke Cannon Soap.

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