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What is Hotwifing?

What is Hotwifing?

What is Hotwifing? It has become really popular in the last few years, but what is it? Hotwifing is when a husband shares his hot wife sexually with other partners, usually men. Hotwifing is not cheating or pimping your wife. It only works when both parties are into it and consent. There are men who fantasies about watching their wife have sex with other men, but their wife is not into it. Reversely, some women would love to have sex with other men while their husband watched, but their husband does not share their fantasy. To begin with, it is a hard conversation to bring up. Read my blog post: How to talk to your partner about Non-Monogamy.

What’s the motivation for Hotwifing, anyways?

The general male instinct, for millions of years from an evolutionary standpoint, has been to keep other men from sleeping with their wives. So why would some men want other men to have sex with their wives? For one thing, after many years of marriage, with only having one sexual partner, couples become bored, lose sexual attraction and excitement. Many couples will resort to cheating and sometimes ruining their marriage.

It’s not cheating if my husband watches.

Hotwifing is one of many forms of consensual Non-Monogamy. Why some wives like being a Hot Wife? First, there is the attention of a new man. Women love getting attention and in being a Hot Wife the attention is on her. Remember when the first time went all the way with your partner, how exciting it was? HotWifing could be a way to bring the spark back. Obviously, there is the excitement, thrill, lust and danger of fucking a new partner, and anyone other than her husband. Unbeknownst to many, some men get sexual gratification from hotwifing their wife from the spects of power-play, reclaiming their wife, 3-D porn, and the pure taboo kink of it.

The Hotwife Power Play.

For some men, having a Hotwife is a power trip. Maybe this is why we don’t see HotHusbanding, do you think? Right, or wrong, for men, having a sexy wife is a status symbol. Men are ego driven more so that women. For a man, the strength and confidence to share his sexy wife with another man is a power play. See what I have and I am so confident I will let you test drive her and not be jealous because she is with me. This is not the only reason men are into Hotwifing, but it’s a reason.

Reclaiming the wife.

Reclaiming the wife can be an enormous turn on. Scientifically, we know that men’s gonads will produce significantly more semen when he knows his mate has had sexual relations with another man, when he reclaims her. There are evolutionary reasons for this. Sex during the post hotwife sharing phase is intense sexual passion. Have you ever broken up with a girlfriend for a month and then gotten back together? How was the post break-up, back together again sex? Intense? Did you talk dirty to each other? For those who like this sort of kink, it can be amazing. But be sure you communicate with your partner about you expect and what he or she expects a hotwife experience should be.

3-D Porn.

There is the 3-D Porn aspect. Porn is everywhere. Being the husband who watches gives you the horniest view of all. Some men consider it a treat to watch porn in real life. The husband may sit in a chair across the room and jerk off as his wife is being taken to pound town, or just watch. Of course, with some Hotwife couples, the husband doesn’t watch the sex act being done with his hotwife. He stays home and lets his mind run wild and waits for her to return to him to tell him all the naughty details.

Pure Taboo Kink.

There is just something extremely taboo about letting another man fuck your wife. It can be a very thrilling, kinky fetish. why? Because we are not supposed to do that. That’s why anal sex has its appeal as well. It’s supposed to be dirty. Things we are told not to do seem more fun when we do them. Let’s face it there are not many things kinkier than watching your wife have sex with another man, or (wives) having sex with another man with your husband’s permission.

Hotwifing Versus Cuckolding?

Hotwifing is similar to cuckolding, but with a minor variance in the definitions. When cuckolding the married couple gets sexual gratification by emasculating and humiliating the husband or male partner. But in Hotwifing, this isn’t done to humiliate the husband, usually. It can even be the opposite. Hotwifing can be a way for the husband to show off his high-value Hotwife.

What is a Bull in Hotwifing?

A bull is the outside man who is invited to please the wife. Bulls are sometimes referred to BBC (Big Black Cock) or BWC (Big White Cock) if they have large cocks. Many times, the husband wants to watch his wife get fucked by a man with a larger cock. It’s a real fetish. A bull doesn’t have to have a huge cock he can just be a sexy man who knows how to satisfy a woman sexually.

Hotwifing is not polyamory.

Hotwifing is not polyamory. Polyamory means multiple loves and insinuates long term partnership with multiple partners. In hotwifing, the couple is bringing on short-term sexual partners. Not starting long-term relationships. I’m sure there are exceptions to this. There may be re-occurring short-term partners, but the hotwifing couple is not looking to bring on long-term partners.

What if my wife falls for the Bull while Hotwifing?

It’s a valid concern a husband or wife could have about Hotwifing. You should talk to your spouse about this before going into Hotwifing. It’s not outside of the realm of possibility that the Hotwife could become romantically attached to the man she sleeps with when she Hotwifes. The risk of having a wife “get feelings” for another man while hotwifing adds to the dangerous excitement and even the taboo of this kinky fetish.

How could we get started Hotwifing?

The easiest way would be to create an account on a legitimate swinger account like SDC. A hotwife couple could easily find single men who want to get it on with Hotwives. Also from SDC you can find swinger parties that have Hotwife theme parties. And the aspiring “Bull” could find potential Hotwife couples on SDC as well.

Hotwifing in summary.

Hotwifing is a legit fetish many couples are into, but it’s not for everyone. It definitely takes two to tango into Hotwifing. A husband and wife should talk about boundaries and where their comfort levels are before they attempt Hotwifing. Will you be playing same room or separate rooms, will the Bull be using a condom? How much time will a session last? Is the Hotwife and Bull allowed to kiss? These questions and many more should be asked before you go forward with Hotwifing. Did I miss anything on this subject please comment? I will respond.

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