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Nate Plissken’s Predictions for 2024.

Nate Plissken’s Predictions for 2024.

Nate Plissken’s Predictions for 2024. Could 2024 be the year the world goes into a dystopian apocalypse? Will Trump be elected the 47th President of the United States from a prison cell? Is another Pandemic, or Global disaster coming before Election Day? Will Aliens from outer space or illegal aliens make a bigger impact in 2024? I may not be a prophet, but I have a sixth sense that some baffling things are going to happen in 2024. Here are my top 4 predictions for 2024. Disclaimer, this is my opinion and not a guarantee. I think these events are highly probable, but I hope I am wrong about these predictions.

1. There will be a stock market crash in 2024.

The U.S. economy is weaker than they make the public believe. See how the bond market has fared. Consumers feel the crunch and are feeling poorer. Look how most people feel they are doing worse, even if some politicians try to say they are doing better. All it will take is a black swan event. This black swan event will act as a catalyst to send the markets crashing.

The severity of the crash will be 40% or more across the board. There will be a small bounce in the market. But the market will not immediately return to its prior highs for a long time. The crash will be mostly global, with some countries suffering less or even benefiting from the decline in the U.S. Stock Exchanges.

2. Inflation will rise higher.

After the stock market crash, the Federal Reserve Bank will lower interest rates. The Federal government will try to stimulate the economy with direct payments to its citizens and possibly any residents of the USA. This will weaken the dollar and cause food, housing, transportation and all necessities to go up in price.

One reason they will do this is because the Federal government can no longer service the interest on their debt. Their debt is our debt and they will pass on the hidden tax of inflation back down to us. By raising inflation, income will go up for businesses, GDP and tax revenue will rise, but only nominally.

It could get as bad as hyperinflation, but more probably just higher inflation. This will be devastating to the average consumer.

3. There will be a Black Swan event before the 2024 Presidential Election.

This could be many things including but not limited to:

  • A new more deadly pandemic. In this situation, strict lock downs will occur. There will be major opposition to lockdowns causing civil unrest. They will mandate mail in ballots everywhere saying it’s not safe to vote in person. A certain party will use ballot harvesting techniques and try to influence the election.
  • World War 3. This one is ugly. I hope I am wrong. In this situation there will be nuclear conflict. The Biden or Harris administration will declare martial law and tell the public it is not safe to hold an election. There simply will not be an election. Nuclear bombs would devastate the United States by this point. We would be at war with Russia and China and their allies.
  • Cyber Attack on our power grid. The United States would lose all power. The lights and the internet would be down. Only people with generators would have any electricity at home. This would send the population into a panic and violent crime would be rampant. This could be used to delay or stop the Presidential Election. They, the reptiles running the Deep State, would use this event to take away more personal privacy rights and liberties.
  • They incarcerate President Donald J Trump. One of the politically based prosecutions will result in a quick guilty verdict and speedy incarceration. This will spark civil unrest and possibly a civil war. We could end up electing him while he is in prison.
  • Pressident Donald J. Trump is assassinated. If this happened, it would cause massive civil unrest and near civil war. He would become a martyr. The next best Trump, like Republican, would be elected as the next Presidential Election.

4. Aliens Appear.

The aliens will say they are from a distant galaxy and that they are our creators and have come to save us. They will say that they are here to complete our evolution as a species and help us save our planet. There will be a massive push to reprogram and purge people from the earth who cling to old traditional ideas.

The aliens will have one leader who will declare that he was Jesus, and he has returned. He will try to bring about a one world order and bring about a temporary peace in the Middle East.

Israel will accept him as their Messiah. Every religion will be joined together into a universal religion. This alien will require everyone to take a microchip implanted in their hand or head in order to buy or sell. And if that wasn’t plain enough, every human on the planet will be required to view a live image on their electronic devises tablets, computer or TV and to bow down before the image and worship the alien or beast.

My belief is that the aliens are not from outer space, but fallen angelic beings or demons. And the leader alien is the Beast as mentioned in the book of the Revelations.

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