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How to Be Lonely Forever and Never get laid?

How to be lonely forever and never get laid? Well, I know how. So I have this friend I lost touch with but recently reconnected on Facebook with. He’s very lonely and depressed. I could help him with but he will never take my advice. He’s too blinded by his situation that he has no self perception. And he’s unwilling […]

How to talk to your partner about Non-monogamy.

So many people live in differing states of sexual frustration and unhappiness. How to talk to your partner about Non-monogamy. Many men find it easier to cheat on their wives than sit down and talk openly and honestly about their sexual desires. Over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Sexual infidelity seems to be one of the biggest causes […]

Kinky Sex Idea #99 Toy your Partner in Public

So I have a naughty idea. Call it Kinky Sex Ideas #99 Toy your partner in Public. If you are lucky enough to have a kinky partner, please share this blog with him, her, or them. Toys are fun but isn’t it even more fun to play with toys together? And some toys you can wear underneath your clothes. So […]