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Investing in troubled times.

Investing in troubled times could have alternately been titled “Investing during Stagflation” or “Investing in times of Market Volatility”. What do you do when you find that the investing world is not a safe place to park your money in 401ks and sit it and forget it? How can you be sure that when you are putting your hard earned […]

How did Bob Proctor get Rich?

How did Bob Proctor get rich? This is a story about a guy named Bob and how he got rich. He got so good at getting rich that he taught a lot of others how to do it too. But Bob wasn’t always rich. Bob’s Early Life. Born during the great depression, in 1934, money was in very short supply […]

Four Easy Things To Do To Get Wealthy Systematically.

Here are four easy things to do to get wealthy systematically; these four things do not directly have to do with inflation but with trading and investing. Also, they have to do with living a good life. Because, if you do not have money to invest you can never get wealthy. That being said, think about it, if you research […]